S-Mart Ares

      This is another of S-Mart's fast civilian motorcycle designs - a thoroughbred with a purpose. Although the previous types may have been developed for racing and the like, the Ares was developed as a civil defense model - a police cycle. In this design S-Mart combined the fuel efficiency technology commonly available in vehicles designed for wilderness operations, the high performance of S-Mart's series of racing motorcycles, with a .22 Cal. Mini-Gun, a net gun, and a light laser. Combined this makes the Ares an ideal design for it's purpose - efficient and effective.

      Since it's initial design conception a pure racing version has been developed from the Ares, where it's fuel efficiency makes it more than a match for other designs in some cases. The only drawback to both versions is that the handling is mediocre at best. Despite this fact the range and modest armament of the original version has made it a favorite among mercenaries and adventurers looking for a little more speed than what is commonly found in bikes like the Highwayman.

Model Type: Ares-A (Civil Defense model) and Ares-B (Racing model).
Class: Civilian Racing Motorcycle/High Speed Interception Motorcycle.
Crew: 1.
M.D.C. by Location:
    Wheels (2) - 2 each.
    *Main Body - 120.

* Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will completely destroy the vehicle.

Maximum Speed: 215 mph.
Maximum Range: 360 miles.
Handling Capabilities: As mentioned before, the handling is mediocre, which places it half way between the Strong Eagle and the Blade;
    At 01-110 mph handing is excellent.
    At 101-150 mph handling gets a little tricky; -4% to control rolls.
    At 151-175 mph handling gets a little tough; -8% to control rolls.
    At 176-200 mph handling grows difficult; -12% to control rolls.
    At 201-215 mph handling takes extreme concentration; -16% to control rolls.

NOTE: These negatives are cut in half if the users piloting skill is maxed at 98%, or if the user is either a Phaeton Juicer or Turbo Jockey. Quarter the negatives if the driver/pilot is both, one of those O.C.C.s and maxed out. Dodges may be made at a +3.

Statistical Data:
Height: 3' 8".
Width: 4'.
Length: 8' 6".
Weight: 675 Lbs; 700 Lbs for the police cycle - this extra weight on the front of the bike decreases it's handling capabilities by -2%.
Cargo: Can effectively carry up to 250 Lbs, including the rider without being slowed down, and then it slows down 10 mph for every additional 20 Lbs.
Power System: Multi-Fuel Only.
Market Cost: 70,000 credits for the racing variant. 100,000 credits for the police version.

Weapon Systems

1. Tri-Barrel Anti-Evasion Weapon: This triple barreled weapon is designed mainly to detour people from evading the city guard, BUT if need be the three different weapons can be used to take down suspects on the run. It is mounted on the front of the bike, and can swivel 45 degrees to either side.
Primary Purpose: Evasion Deterrent.
Secondary Purpose: Criminal Immobilization.
Damage/Mega-Damage: Net Gun: No damage, entangles on a successful strike, and requires a P.S. of 40 or greater to break the strands, will keep the victim entangled for 2D6 melees. .22 Cal. Mini-Gun: 2D6x5 S.D.C. per 10 round burst. Light Laser: 2D6 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Net Gun: Fire single shots only. .22 Cal. Mini-Gun: Fires ten round bursts. Light Laser: Fires single shots.
Maximum Effective Range: Net Gun: 500', .22 Cal. Mini-Gun: 220', Light Laser: 500'.
Payload: The magazine within the front of the bike contains 5 nets, 100 .22 Cal. rounds, and a short E-Clip with enough energy for 10 laser blasts.

2. Systems of Note:
    1. Short Range Radio: The police version comes standard with a whip antenna and short range radio with a range of 20 miles.
    2. Rifle Boot: The police version carries a built in rifle boot which is mounted on the very tail end of the bike that can carry most any full sized rifle.
    3. Voice Actuated Ignition: The police version comes standard with a voice recognition program that will start the bike. At the end of each day, if desired, this memory ignition can be wiped, and reprogrammed in the morning when the bike is assigned to a new user.

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