S-Mart Thor

      The Thor was designed early in 112PA by Capos Industries engineers, seeking to create a personal all terrain vehicle of high performance. The result was a three wheeled motorcycle, much like an oversized ATV. This vehicle with it's 36" high and 12" thick tires can traverse rough wilderness trails with ease. The tires even contain enough air to float a slightly encumbered Thor. Although not very graceful in appearance, it will get you from point "A" to point "B" without too much trouble regardless of the terrain. After S-Mart came online in 113PA, production of this type was turned over from Capos Industries. Since then every year a new model of the Thor has been produced, usually with a few cosmetic differences. In 115PA though S-Mart unveiled an all environment, all terrain version of the Thor called the Thor-B. This version includes a plastic-canvas composite crew compartment with clear plastic frostless windows, and a steering wheel inside of the compartment connected with a link chain to the steering forks. A small heater and air conditioning unit is included in this package, hooked right into the bike's power supply or alternator.

Model Type: Thor-A & Thor-B.
Class: All Terrain Motorcycle.
Crew: 1.
M.D.C. by Location:
    36" All Terrain Wheels (3) - 25 each.
    Thor-B Cab - 25.
    *Main Body - 175.

* Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the vehicle down completely, making it useless.

Maximum Speed: 105 mph.
Maximum Water Speed: 15 mph. So long as the total weight of the Thor is kept under 1,300 Lb., including the rider, cargo, and the weight of the bike, the Thor can perform fine on water. IF 100 Lb. over the engine will be flooded and will quit, but the Thor will not sink entirely. Anything over 1,400 Lb. though and the Thor sinks like a rock.
Maximum Range: 410 miles.
Handling Capabilities: Although excellent in handling terrain, it is by no means a speed demon, nor is it designed with high speed maneuvers in mind, your' best bet? Don't do 'em;
    At 01-60 mph handing is excellent.
    At 61-80 mph handling gets a little tough; -5% to control rolls.
    At 81-105 mph handling is a bit difficult; -10% to control rolls.

NOTE: These negatives are cut in half if the users piloting skill is maxed at 98%, or if the user is either a Phaeton Juicer or Turbo Jockey. Quarter the negatives if the driver/pilot is both, one of those O.C.C.s and maxed out. Dodges may be made at a +2.

Statistical Data:
Height: 4' - 5'1" for the Thor-B.
Width: 5'6".
Length: 10'2".
Weight: 900 Lb. for the Thor-A, the Thor-B's cab and modifications boosts the weight by 190 Lb. increasing the total to 1,090 Lb. in weight.
Cargo: The Thor-A can carry up to 500 Lb., including the rider without being too terribly encumbered. Cargo may be accomodated in the spacious trunk and/or strapped down to the top of the aft deck of the Thor. This feature makes the Thor popular among cyborgs, large D-Bees, and independant merchants. The Thor-B can carry only 310 Lb., including the rider, without being too terribly encumbered. Encumberance slows the vehicle down by 10 mph for every additional 20 Lb. carried.
Power System: Multi-Fuel or Electric. (Both the Thor-A & Thor-B pictured are electric.)
Market Cost: 24,000 credits for the Thor-A; 25,500 credits for the Thor-B with the cab.

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