S-Mart Strong Eagle

      The Strong Eagle was one of the first motorcycles produced by S-Mart. While initially intended to be an alternative to the Highwayman, so common in North America, it eventually came to find it's most popular niche as a racing motorcycle. While it bears a passing resembalance to the old fashioned Highwayman, the Strong Eagle is better armored, and is 40 mph faster than the old motorcycle. While it does enjoy these benefits, it has two sore spots, as compared to the old fashioned type - it handles poorly, and it has half the range of the Highwayman. With a good, skilled rider, and with an experienced pit crew, however, the Strong Eagle is undoubtedly one of the best racing bikes on the market. Aside from this market, the Strong Eagle is growing in popularity among teens and adventurous young adults, but very few true traveling adventurers or mercenaries will buy this bike, due to it's short range. Production began back in 113PA, with new models being released annually.

Model Type: Strong Eagle-A.
Class: Civilian Racing Motorcycle.
Crew: 1.
M.D.C. by Location:
    Wheels (2) - 2 each.
    *Main Body - 75.

* Depleting the main body M.D.C. will completely destroy the vehicle.

Maximum Speed: 220 mph, with slight variations from year to year.
Maximum Range: 197 miles, with slight variations from year to year.
Handling Capabilities: As mentioned before, the Strong Eagle is a bear to handle, and if you aren't a good rider, it will take you down in no time;
    At 01-100 mph handing is excellent.
    At 101-150 mph handling gets a little tough; -5% to control rolls.
    At 151-175 mph handling grows difficult; -10% to control rolls.
    At 176-200 mph handling takes extreme concentration; -15% to control rolls.
    At 201-220 mph handling becomes nearly impossible; -20% to control rolls.

NOTE: These negatives are cut in half if the users piloting skill is maxed at 98%, or if the user is either a Phaeton Juicer or Turbo Jockey. Quarter the negatives if the driver/pilot is both, one of those O.C.C.s and maxed out. Dodges may be made at a +1.

Statistical Data: Slight variations in the dimensions and weight occur, from year to year, due to added or deleted features.
Height: 3'7".
Width: 3'.
Length: 7'.
Weight: 420 Lb.
Cargo: Can effectively carry up to 200 Lb., including the rider without being slowed down, and then it slows down 10 mph for every additional 20 Lb.
Power System: Multi-Fuel Only.
Market Cost: 30,000 credits.

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