S-Mart Skanda

      The Skanda was designed in 115PA to compete in the ever more popular sport of motorcycle racing. It is dangerously fast, durable in construction, and murder on the straight aways. If there is but one flaw to this sleek bike, is it's poor turning radius. It has an odd low profile with it's front end being lower than the rear, and possessing a cone like nose. This layout prevents the forks from turning a great deal, or it will flip the bike. In it's initial appearances it was a novel type, but did little on the track to speak of. However, while other racers were refueling, the Skanda was gaining a lead on the packs, due to their exceptional endurance. In time, and with experience, some racers have managed to make a name for themselves using the Skanda, but the Skanda remains less popular than the Blade and Strong Eagle. The Skanda is a special order bike only, with only around thirty having been produced to date.

Model Type: Skanda-A.
Class: Civilian Racing Motorcycle.
Crew: 1.
M.D.C. by Location:
    Wheels (2) - 2 each.
    *Main Body - 100.

* Depleting the main body M.D.C. will completely destroy the vehicle.

Maximum Speed: 230 mph!
Maximum Range: 270 miles.
Handling Capabilities: As mentioned before, the handling at high speeds is relatively good despite it's poor turning radius, however sharp corners at high speeds are a no no for the Skanda, as it just isn't meant to be able to handle those turns very fast;
    At 01-120 mph handing is excellent.
    At 121-150 mph handling gets a little tricky; -2% to control rolls.
    At 151-175 mph handling gets a little tougher; -4% to control rolls.
    At 176-200 mph handling is a bit difficult; -8% to control rolls.
    At 201-230 mph handing is a bit difficult; -12% to control rolls.

NOTE: These negatives are cut in half if the users piloting skill is maxed at 98%, or if the user is either a Phaeton Juicer or Turbo Jockey. Quarter the negatives if the driver/pilot is both, one of those O.C.C.s and maxed out. Dodges may be made at a +5.

Statistical Data:
Height: 3'2".
Width: 3'4".
Length: 6'2".
Weight: 375 Lb.
Cargo: Can effectively carry up to 210 Lbs, including the rider without being slowed down, and then it slows down 10 mph for every additional 20 Lbs.
Power System: Multi-Fuel Only.
Market Cost: 42,000 credits.

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