King Ace Ripley

      Ace Ripley began life, or so it is told, as a business owner in some remote corner of the magic zone, living a peaceful life of dealing in weapons, vehicles, armor, and providing repairs for all of the above. It was a fruitful business, and coupled with his significant inheritance from his family, who themselves were nobles in this Kingdom, landed Ace Ripley a nice nest egg of close to a billion credits. Then, as it is told, the Coalition States came in and destroyed everything - his family, his home, his business, and his life. How Ace escaped was pure luck - and a bitter pill it was.

      Previously Ace had no ill feelings towards the Coalition States as they'd never harmed him or his family - despite the fact that he was a D-Bee, the Kingdom he was born to was far from their borders. Often he sold weapons to their enemies - but their feelings were their own, not his. At this point though, he hated everything they represented. Ultimately - he just wanted to get away from them and set up shop somewhere far away from their borders, far enough even that they will not trouble with him or his kind. He became a wanderer, a traveler who adventured both on this world and others, but he always returned to this world just looking for a place of solitude and peace where he could start over again. It was during this wandering that he met the famed hero Nyan Tamya, and struck up a lasting friendship. They both shared similar feelings regarding the Coalition States, though Nyan's anger towards their kind was focused upon their leadership, and not their people. Ace was uncertain on these feelings - he felt that the people allowed themselves to be duped into hatred. Also in these travels he met the dreaded assassin Silk, and actually employed his services for a time.

      Chance it seemed was on Ace Ripley's side - as he stumbled into the middle of the greatest archaeology find since the discovery of the Lone Star Complex. While visiting a small wilderness town in Utah, he discovered that there was an old run down concrete building with a few pre-cataclysm American language letters on the door - though the actual words were illegible. At the side of the door the keypad appeared to have been melted, and fused into the wall - as though by great amounts of heat. Indeed the door appeared warped and the handle was hardly what could be called such. The door opened easily, however, as the locking mechanism was cut through by a vibro-knife sometime in the recent past. The people of the wilderness town informed them that ancient evil slept beyond it, and none that entered ever returned. Ace, and his companions did not heed the warning, and so they entered. Soon afterwards they found themselves under fire from odd maintenance robots equipped with makeshift weaponry such as laser torches, plasma torches, and even the odd tool here and there. They battled their way through - 40 levels of offices, supply rooms, and similar before they found themselves in a computer room at the very bowels of this complex. The vast wall terminal suddenly lit up and informed them that it was an artificial intelligence, and that it was the heart of Project Archive, a depository for Documents & Technology, and a Research & Development Center for the United States Government and that they were trespassing on United States Military Property. It also told them that in all of the 300+ years the complex had remained vacant, none had ever managed to defeat it's army of robots. When told that the United States was long dead and buried, it then told them that to protect the knowledge of the American States it would self destruct before handing it's secrets to a foreign power. It gave them fifteen minutes to escape - before a massive explosion destroyed the whole of the complex and a mile radius around it. At that warning all retreated - except for Ace Ripley.

      Ace remained there and reasoned with the A.I. and promised it that he would not misuse the wisdom of the ancients, and promised also to give the A.I. new data from the outside. He quickly ran through the quick and dirty of post-cataclysm history, and told it of the despot leader of the Coalition States. At these offers and these brief details the A.I. paused the count down and asked what he would do with the knowledge of the American Government. His response was simple - he would build a fortress city and use the technology contained within to protect it. This response pleased the A.I. - and accepted the terms. Project Archive would fall to him to protect it - and in turn it would provide him with technology long lost to the world of Man.

      Ace kept true to his promise, and began the task of building a fortress city, crowned at the center with a castle of great strength. This would become Desert Star, and later the capital building at the center would come to be known as Shaquela Castle - named after the wife he took a short time after the founding. He crowned himself King, and his wife Queen.

      King Ripley did not fully understand the responsibilities of being a King however. As a King you are subject to great work loads, and against his better judgement his Queen quickly took on most of the responsibilities of ruling over his new homeland. She ruled in favor of founding the Desert Star Senate, a collection of Quasi-Nobles and social elite, which would voice the opinions of the people to the Royals, and lord over most minor matters that need not concern the Royals. In doing so, and through her steady and careful leadership, the Kingdom flourished and grew at a phenomenal rate - attracting all manner of peoples attempting to get away from the Coalition States.

      In 110PA King Ripley and his Queen were away visiting Queen Shaquela's homeworld, Dalmir, when Desert Star was invaded and taken over by CS Special Forces literally overnight. Returning King Ripley left his Queen in Wa-Daisho, while he gathered friends to help liberate his Kingdom. He fought along side of such noteables as Nyan Tamya, Silk, and the Tenzan Elite and won the day - also overnight.

      This event in Desert Star's history polarized it's people against the Coalition States forever, and made them all equally hatefilled of it's warmongering ways. King Ace Ripley was no different from they - for they had done considerable damage to the corporation he had struggled to build from the ground up, Capos Industries. In response King Ace Ripley used what was left of the mercenary defenders of Desert Star of the Royal Hired Army of Desert Star and created a new military arm called the N.O.M.A.D. Military, and then poured the last of his nest egg into repairing Capos Industries and into a new venture he named S-Mart - after Silk, the assassin.

      King Ripley and his Queen Mahelian Shaquela have been through a great deal, including assassination attempts. His Queen was supposedly killed once in a gruesome explosion, but it turned out to be a body double, a changeling disguised to be his wife. Another major event they have faced is the incredible story that King Ace Ripley himself is Silk. According to King Ace Ripley this rumor began when a body double with hidden crazy implants became dillusional towards the end of his service and began making the outlandish claim that he, in fact, was the dreaded assassin Silk. He did admit, however, to having met and asked the services of Silk in the past. Despite the official pronouncement to the contrary, it remains a raging debate among the people of Desert Star.

King Ace Ripley

Aliases: None known, possibly Silk.
Appearance: A purple skinned humanoid D-Bee with silver hair and a supernatural resiliance to damage. He is very intelligent and attractive - more than a few women have swooned just over a brief smile and a wink from this debonaire King.
Alignment: Scrupulous.
O.C.C.: Level 15 Operator, but displays incredible skills with an energy rifle, skilled in operating an anti-gravity pack, and some martial arts.
Equipment of Note: King Ripley typically uses S-Mart and Capos Industries equipment, and is hardly ever seen outside of Shaquela Castle or S-Mart without an HPL-7B slung over his shoulder.

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