Silk, is the name of a mysterious figure that appeared In North America around 102PA. Afterwards he made a name for himself as a vampire hunter, vengeful and liberating hero, but most significantly as a feared assassin - feared most by the people of the Coalition States. This article is an outline of Silk's known history in North America. While it can hardly be considered a complete and concise article on the topic as it is based on a mysterious figure that remains a living legend in many circles, and in some cases it is doubted that he even exists at all.

Silk - The Beginning of a Legend

      In 102PA a mysterious individual appeared on the scene in Ft. Reid. He was a noteworthy martial artist, a skilled gunfighter, and a very deadly vampire slayer. He quickly fell into league with the then Reid's Ranger of low rank, Nyan Tamya. Side by side they quickly developed a name for themselves as great vampire hunters. Hundreds would fall before their' collective martial prowess - until even the most powerful Vampire Intelligence of Mexico, THE Intelligence of Mexico City fell before an attack led by these two hunters.

      After a torture and sex scandal in Ft. Reid regarding Doctor Reid and a teenage girl from Ciudad Juarez, in which Doc Reid was exonerated despite apparent guilt, Nyan and Silk left their ranks. From there they dropped out of the world's eye for a time - until they would turn up a few months later in Tolkeen for the Wells Conflict.

      The Wells Conflict was one of the first border skirmishes prior to the war with Tolkeen. Before the Wells Conflict the Chi-Town State Northern border commander, General Thorumar Todd, had grown bored with his assignment of watching the then quiet borders. After seeking council with General Cabbot, advisor to the Emperor, he was given the go ahead to invade the lower reaches of Minnesota. The first step in the march towards Grand Alamar was the Kingdom of Wells, a small independant Kingdom south of the southern borders of Tolkeen, and an ally to the magic kingdom. The Emperor was curious of the strength of Tolkeen and though he had no disillusions that General Todd would succeed at conquoring Tolkeen, he expected it to be a bold thrust into the sphere of Tolkeen - and would likely ferret out the strength of *Grand Alamar.

      The initial engagements with the defenses of Wells were a virtual walkthrough. Wells was weak - helpless against Chi-Town's 112th Mechanized Division, then assigned to General Todd. It was not until he had nearly encircled the walled capital city of the Kingdom that Nyan Tamya and the enigmatic warrior Silk appeared on the scene. With their appearance problems began.

      First a dozen soldiers watching the walls from a forward guard post were found dead one morning. Then two more posts were found that way. Then a quartet of SAMAS on patrol turned up missing. Then a mysterious explosion in the base camp's main mess killed two dozen of General Todd's officers, including his executive officer, and twice that number of enlisted men. Then General Thorumar Todd himself turned up dead in his tent - a CS issue vibro survival knife in both of his eyes. On his chest lay a perfectly cut two inch square of black silk.

      Though Wells was conquored a couple of weeks later, the entire division was demoralized and scared. What new attacks would take place? Who was doing this - and how? Then word broke out from the prisoners captured in Wells that the attacks were conducted by a lone man - an assassin called Silk. When a search of the captured city revealed that Silk had left the city a day prior to the official surrender, orders came straight down from the Emperor for the 112th to fall back to Chi-Town's northern border. While Wells was incapable of defeating the 112th Mechanized Division - the black shadow of the assassin called Silk apparently did, or so it appeared in the public eye.

      Afterwards Silk and Nyan apparently parted ways. Nyan began building on his career as a demon slayer and dimensional traveler, taking up company with dragons, supernatural heroes, cohorting with gods and kings alike, and himself becoming a great hero. Meanwhile Silk's reputation from the Wells Conflict catapulted his career as an assassin into high gear. He established relations with a representative and agent in the form of an eccentric underworld figure named Rob Zombie based out of Kingsdale. Within the first eight months of 103PA Silk took up a dozen different contracts, seven of which were high profile targets within the Coalition States government and military.

      Terror reigned throughout the empire who's symbol is the white skull on a black background. Now they were terrified of one who dealt out death with terrifying skill and proficiency - who's calling card was the same type of 2 inch black silk square found on General Todd's chest.

      The Emperor himself grew nervous and established a unheard of bounty of 50 million credits for the capture or proven death of Silk. The result was a series of well known Coalition bounty hunters turning up dead, flung on the doorsteps of paymasters offices throughout the Coalition States. Despite the bold gesture no witnesses were ever found. Several important businesses in the Coalition States, families of bounty hunters, and the families of Silk's past victims raised the bounty. By 107PA the bounty had climbed to a staggering figure of 75 million credits. The result of that increase was the death of several of the financers, their families, even their children. It was a vicious cycle that led to complete terror in the Coalition States. For a time, the name Silk was more feared in the Coalition States than the name Alistair Dunscon.

      Silk continued his trade as an assassin through to the summer of 108PA, conducting assassinations of more than 60 high profile targets, and more than twice this number of lesser targets. Then without explaination his number of assassinations dwindled. In late 110PA & throughout 111PA his assassinations began anew and ran for a terrifying eleven months throughout the Coalition States - then without warning stopped entirely disappearing off of the radar for several years. Rumor has it that Silk resumed traveling with Nyan Tamya during his period of dimension hopping and adventuring in far flung corners of the megaverse - yet he eventually returned to his profession of choice. His thirst for credit wealth apparently slaked, he began conducting business for magical items, artifacts, and information - far more frequently than for credit wealth. In January of 118PA a Tolkeenite operative, and agent of the Tolkeen M.M.I. (Mystic Military Intelligence) hired Silk to conduct assassinations for the Kingdom of Tolkeen. Payment agreed upon were archeological artifacts of the alleged First Race of the Three Galaxies. (Incredibly difficult to acquire artifacts for an Earth based power.) Silk's first targets are tactical commanders in theatre - afterwards is anyones guess. Of this fact the Coalition States are presently completely oblivious, as of February 2nd, 118PA.

Silk in Desert Star

      Silk's involvement with this Kingdom stretches back to the very founding of Desert Star in 104PA. Silk was Ace Ripley's alleged contact in Kingsdale, through which he gathered the mercenary army King Ripley coined The Royal Hired Army of Desert Star.

      Afterwards on several occasions, someone who appeared to be King Ace Ripley, called himself Silk. This was not only conducted in private with various individuals but also in public appearances. It quickly grew to be common "knowledge" that Ace Ripley was in fact the true name of the assassin with the codename Silk. Some were uncomfortable with the idea of living under the banner of such a notorious figure, others were comforted. Ironically those who were comforted by the knowledge would grow - even while this common "knowledge" became blurred and/or debunked.

      When the Coalition States special forces invaded Desert Star in 110PA, while King Ace Ripley was away, the entire community suffered. Large numbers of citizens were killed and business came to a complete hault. When King Ace Ripley discovered this tragedy he allegedly contacted two of his friends from times past - Nyan Tamya, then the Regent of Wa-Daisho, and Supreme General of the Tenzan Elite, and none other than the assassin Silk. Together, with the Tenzan Elite at their backs, they made their way into Desert Star and conducted a savage attack on the unsuspecting occupational forces liberating Desert Star in a single night of action. Witnesses reported seeing not only King Ace Ripley but an entirely different figure who identified himself as Silk.

      In the aftermath, King Ace Ripley made a public announcement that he was in fact NOT Silk. He alleged that the man who proclaimed to be Silk in his visage in times past was in fact a body double, who had hidden crazy implants, and had become delusional. He did admit however that he had traveled with, worked with, and hired Silk for various tasks in the past. He did not elaborate on what exactly their relationship was.

      Meanwhile rumor indicated that King Ace Ripley hired Silk to avenge the dead of Desert Star through his trade. Though never proven a flurry of assassinations within the Coalition States special forces community seems to back this claim, and stunned the North American juggernaut Coalition States. Within a year thirty individuals responsible or remotely affiliated with the invasion would perish, each found with a black silk square at the scene. What stunned the Emperor most was when **Colonel Antonio Pesh in command of CS Special Ops, and a personal friend of the Emperor, disappeared entirely. With Pesh out of the picture a complete restructuring of CS Special Forces took place, with the moderate Colonel David Underhill (Nephew of General Ross Underhill) being placed in command of Coalition Special Ops. Silk's bounty was raised yet again to a staggering 150 million credits, a sum that had every bounty hunter in North America salivating at the thought of a cheap shot at Silk. (Hundreds, perhaps thousands, would die in the pursuit of that bounty - before no bounty hunters remained that would dare to even attempt such a contract.)

      Meanwhile in Desert Star, King Ace Ripley launched his new business - one which he coined with the name S-Mart, named after his acquaintence and the bane of the Coalition states, Silk, calling it S-Mart.

      Despite King Ace Ripley's official pronouncement that he is in fact not Silk, the debate continues to rage in Desert Star. Evidence points in both directions in a confusing blur of details, so much so that there may never be a final determination in the matter.

Silk - The Rumor-Mill

      There are many rumors floating about concerning Silk and his origins and appearances.

Appearance: According to some who claim to have seen his face, they claim he is a caucasian of medium build with hair pulled back in a tight braid. They claim he wears clothing with odd, long forgotten slogans such as, "I Feel Smurfy" or "Aids Cures Fags". Others claim he is a purple skinned D-Bee with silver hair, very similar to King Ace Ripley. Others yet still describe him as a bald headed oaf with almost ogre like features. One of the most pressing rumors is that King Ace Ripley is indeed the famous assassin Silk.

Origins: According to some he is a traveler from pre-cataclysm times or an alternate reality even, in which he was a deadly assassin or trained special forces operative, with extensive disguise skills, long forgotten martial arts training, and an in depth knowledge of high tech weaponry. According to some he is a long forgotten Japanese god of death, destruction, and infiltration with a godlike skill in martial arts and abilities to change his shape and appearance. The various appearances of Silk, his displayed martial arts skills, and some accounts of amazing displays of strength support this theory. Some ancient Japanese lore tells of such gods - but few of their names remain known, but no known lore refers to an individual named Silk. According to others he was a Coalition Special Forces operative who went rogue and made a pact with the Egyptian god of assassins Anhur. The appearance of Ramen, known heralds and servants of Anhur, around Desert Star and Kingsdale tends to support this theory. Mystic knights claim that Silk is none other than a Knight of the Order of the White Rose who takes jobs that he, with his own twisted code of honor, can accept. Some accounts of Silk using magic and associating with other individuals with a code of honour tends to support this, but some of his believed past jobs including the assassinations of entire families does not. Others believe that Silk is merely a code name an underworld assassins guild uses for all of their jobs, and that the black silk square used is merely their calling card. This would explain the varied appearances and abilities Silk has displayed in the past. Others yet still believe that Silk is a robotic operative of Naruni Enterprises. Evidence of Plasma cartridge shells, great displays of strength, and rumors of the use of a superheavy Naruni force field all seem to support this theory. Despite this fact, these rumors do not match up with his long standing association with Nyan Tamya of Wa-Daisho.

Equipment: Silk is known to use a vast array of weaponry. Conventional S.D.C. firearms, high tech explosives, high tech energy weapons, and even magic items and equipment. A few are universal in appearance however. In many accounts a silver plated 44 Automag Pistol has been referred to. In several others a strange Naruni Enterprises rifle composite of a heavy pulse laser and a plasma cartridge gun of some sort are reported. In almost every case combat was reported from onlookers, security cameras, or the like - Silk appears to use a variety of the Naruni Super-Heavy Personal Force Field. The difference, however, being that it seems to have some sort of auto-loading mechanism that automatically changes out the E-clip when it is depleted. This force field appears to be built into a suit of body armor that strongly resembles a suit of N.O.M.A.D. Environmental Body Armor with stylized changes, colored a dull gray and antique bronze color. Also built into the body armor appears to be some sort of flight device that some visitors claim to be an anti-gravity pack of some sort, something well beyond the technology of Earth. Also reported are some sort of pulse laser pistols that do comparatively great damage - exceeding even the dreaded NE-4 Plasma Cartridge Pistol in damaging capabilities. The bladed weapons weilded by Silk are varied to great degree - some claim he uses vibro-swords of great power, from the magic line developed by L & N Vibro Weapons early in it's production history. Some claim he weilds powerful rune swords of great power, weapons like those only a god would carry. Stormspire proudly touts that a Battle Fury Blade and a Deathbringer blade are both weilded by Silk, as his weapons of choice. S-Mart reps, speaking strictly in hushed tones and in secrecy, claim that Silk prefers the use of S-Mart's Death Star line of exploding throwing stars. In terms of vehicles Silk has been known only to fly two different vehicles. One appears to be a heavily modified Northern Gun Sky King or perhaps even a Bandito Arms equivalent such as the Fighting Falcon. Another appears to be a bizarre mockery of the Coalition States APC V with an additional segment behind it, no wheels, and flies using - it is presumed - some sort of anti-gravity propulsion system. Reportedly Silk refers to this vehicle as "The RV From Hell". Two vehicles, reportedly borrowed from Rob Zombie whenever Silk is in Kingsdale, is a bright cherry red Ferrari, and a black Lamborghini. Whether these are authentic or reproductions is anybody's guess.

Known Accomplices & Contacts:
Rob Zombie of Kingsdale, an underworld figure heavily involved with gangs, the black market, and mercenaries of Kingsdale. He is a well informed individual that seems beyond the law - and has many friends in the Kingsdale Senate.

Nyan Tamya of Wa-Daisho, vampire slayer, demon slayer, and hero of great renoun. He was the Regent of Wa-Daisho until February of 112PA - afterwards becoming the Speaker of the Republican Council. He is also the Supreme General of the Tenzan Elite.

King Ace Ripley of Desert Star, President of S-Mart & Capos Industries. Prior to the founding of Desert Star Mr. Ripley was a businessman somewhere in the magic zone, but the business and Kingdom he was from, was destroyed by a Coalition raid. He wandered a bit as an adventurer, developing contacts off world, as well as meeting his wife Queen Mahelian Shaquela of Desert Star, formerly the Queen of the Kingdom of Capos.

Maddigan Morgan of Wa-Daisho, gunslinger, bounty hunter, formerly a Colonel in the N.O.M.A.D. Military, and presently a Major in the Tenzan Elite. He resides on a ranch north west of the City of Wa-Daisho.

El Tigre of Kingsdale, a well known mercenary and bounty hunter of the Tiegraen race.

Wode Odinson aka Haywood "Hay" Hoofhearted a wilderness scout turned demolitions fanatic, and illegitimate son of Odin. He is a well known enemy of the Coalition States, and presently has a bounty of 50 million credits on his head for crimes against the Coalition States. Wode, as he prefers to be called, thoroughly enjoys killing the stooges of the Coalition States, for personal reasons. In this, he and Silk developed a strong bond, but little else.

* The Capital city of Tolkeen is called Grand Alamar. Tolkeen, it seemed, had guessed the Coalition State's intentions with this invasion of Wells and chose not to intervene, completely foiling the plot of Emperor Prosek.

** In 116PA it was discovered that Colonel Antonio Pesh had not been killed, but ran avoiding the wrath of Silk, changed his name, and had been living in Ishpeming ever since.

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