Wa-Daisho's Infantry

      The term Wa-Daisho's Infantry is a rather broad term that refers to three different elements of Wa-Daisho's Army. These elements are; Republican Guard Division, Tamya Infantry Division, and finally Delta Special Battalion.

      The Republican Guard Division, originally called the "City Guard Brigade", until 110PA, is a LARGE unit, wholly dedicated to the defense, and protection of the city of Wa-Daisho. They rarely leave the city unless supporting other military units in a near by campaign, that may soon involve the city itself. Fortunately, there have been no such large scale battles of this sort, and the few opportunities the Republican Guard has had to enter combat, have only been small skirmishes.

      From 107PA to 110PA these soldiers operated on foot, or patrolled the city in S-Mart Dustfishes, or Northern Gun Patrol Cars (See page 166-167 of the CS War Campaign.). Their equipment was supplemented a number of times after this time. In 110PA they took delivery of a handful of modified Titan Recon 'Bots, called Hachiman, to assist in protection of the Western Harbor then under construction. Then in 115PA, the Kamiken was beginning to replace the Stingray in it's role of combat power armor unit with the Delta Special Battalion (company then), and thus the remaining Stingray power armor units, were sent to the Republican Guard Division to operate in policing duties. In November of 117PA they also took delivery of 22 Gauntlet Main Battle Tanks, formerly of Red Armored Company, that were retained after retire, to provide additional protection to the City of Wa-Daisho.

      During the rearmament process taking place in the mid to late 110s, The Hachiman was finally cut from service in February, 118PA, when it was replaced by 35 Titan TR-004 Rapid Strike Robots. The old Hachiman were then lend leased to Tolkeen for use in their war against the CS. It is further expected that the Stingray will be next on the chopping block, to be replaced with Kamiken in September of 118PA.

      The Tamya Infantry Division, originally having just been called "The Infantry Division", until in 112PA it was named Tamya Infantry Division in honor of Nyan Tamya - founder of Wa-Daisho. These have always been the standard ground pounders of Wa-Daisho, and are the standard infantry troops. They are oftentimes supported by both elements of the Delta Special Battalion, and/or by elements of the Armored Units. An unglamorous though essential role in any military.

      Delta Special Battalion, is considered an elite unit in Wa-Daisho's Red Devil Army. It is composed of a mix of Power Armor troops, in addition to Sorcerors to create a truly deadly mix and combination. They are used in a variety of different tasks, which can be broken down into two separate mission profiles; Special Forces Operations. The troops of Delta Special Battalion are trained experts in use of stealth, and magic in such circumstances. A squad of Delta Battalion oftentimes can slip in behind enemy lines, severely damage a lot of enemy equipment, and then sneak back out, or lead enemy troops right into a trap. The second mission profile, is that of Infantry Support. Their expertise in the use of power armor, and magic together allows them to support the infantry very effectively on the field of battle.

      Delta Special Battalion, when it first began as a Company was originally outfitted with a mix of NG Sampson, Flying Titan, and S-Mart Stingray. This provided a nightmare in logistics in acquiring replacements, and spares for everyone involved. Finally, in 115PA these varying types were retired, having been replaced by the multi-role S-Mart Intercepter-B, or Kamiken as it was known in Wa-Daisho. The Stingray was the only type handed over to the Republican Guard Division, while the Sampson and Flying Titan armor suits were simply sold off. (Over a dozen of which are still in Wa-Daisho, owned by private citizens - one of each suit is in the great hall of Nobunaga Palace.

Troop Numbers - 118PA: 2,454. (Supreme General Hef Williams)

Troop Allocation

Republican Guard Division: 1,104. (General Iso Tomasu)
Tamya Infantry Division: 1,104. (General Francis Webster)
Delta Special Battalion: 246. (Vice General Tek Nussen)


Republican Industries Type 6 GPMEBA General Purpose Military Environmental Body Armor

Republican Industries Type 7 VSPLR Variable Spectrum Pulse Laser Rifle

Republican Industries Type 9 HLP Heavy Laser Pistol

Royal Armory of Desert Star Type 84 & 84/86 LGC Light Gauss Cannon


S-Mart Type 14 Stingray Power Armor
Number in Use: Originally 58, 40 in use with the Delta Special Battalion, and 18 retained as spares. By the time they were handed over to the Republican Guard Division, only 34 were remaining, 30 in use, with 4 retained as spares.

S-Mart/Republican Industries Type 14 Kamiken Power Armor
Number in Use: 315, 150 in use with Delta Special Battalion, 100 in use with Red Marine Battalion, 50 in use with Delta Special Company of the Tenzan Elite, and 15 retained as spares.

S-Mart Type 13 Dustfish Hovercar
Number in Use: 82, 22 in use with the Republican Guard Division, 50 in use as officer's cars/transportation around the island, and 10 retained as spares.

Northern Gun Type 15 Patroller
Number in Use: 10, 8 in use with the Republican Guard Division, and 2 retained as spares. (See the CS Patrol Car on pages 166 & 167 of the Coalition War Campaign.)

Titan Type 10 Hachiman Robotic Vehicle- The Titan TR-003 Recon Bot in Wa-Daisho service.
Number in Use: Originally 30 in service with the Republican Guard Division, with no spare. By February of 118PA, only 28 were left - when they were lend leased to Tolkeen to assist them in their war against the CS.

S-Mart Type 14 Gauntlet Main Battle Tank- The S-Mart Harvey-A Main Battle Tank in Wa-Daisho service.
Number in Use: 22, 20 in use with the Republican Guard Division, and 2 retained as spares.

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