Titan Type 10 Hachiman Robotic Vehicle

      In 110PA 30 Custom Titan TR-003 Recon Robot Vehicles were built to accommodate the special needs of Wa-Daisho's military forces. These modifications included, a strengthened chassis capable of greater physical labor, a strengthened integral structure to permit it to operate as a true combat type, and to permit deep depth operations. Additional Weapons were also added, in an effort to bolster this vehicle type's performance. Appearance wise, it looked almost identical to the stock TR-003, with the exception of being a bit more bulky, having a larger, Naruni Nomad Scout-like head with sensors contained within, and having no sensor turret to the side.

      Having been in service for a little over seven years, only two of the type were lost in action. The type, although wonderful for it's purpose, has become a relic and is outdated when compared to newer robot vehicle types - despite it's modifications. With new models being developed all the time, Wa-Daisho was forced to update their arsenal as well, and as of February 2, 118PA the remaining 28 Hachiman were lend-leased to Tolkeen to assist them in their war against the Coalition States.

Details of the TR-003 may be found on pages 216 & 217 of the Main RIFTS Book, with the following modifications;

M.D.C. by Location:
    Waist Pulse Turret - 50.
    Head - 120.
    Main Body - 370.
    Reinforced Pilots Compartment - 100.


Swimming Speed: 12 mph.
Maximum Depth: 1 mile - 5,280'.

Statistical Data:
Height: 14'.
Weight: 14 tons.
Physical Strength: Equal to a PS of 40.
Market Cost: These are custom vehicles, that cost 15.2 million credits to have built.

Weapon Systems

1. Waist Laser Turret: The waist laser turret was replaced with a main central pulse laser turret the equivalent of a Republican Industries Type 7 VSPLR.
Primary Purpose: Anti Personnel.
Secondary Purpose: Defense.
Mega-Damage, Rate of Fire, & Range: See Republican Industries Type 7 VSPLR Variable Spectrum Pulse Laser Rifle.
Payload: Unlimited, thanks to the nuclear power supply.

2. TX-41 Pulse Laser Rifle: These weapons were acquired through a network of contacts in New Camelot, by Wa-Daisho's founder Nyan Tamya. They are equipped as standard weapons to the Hachiman - with a power feed cable that attaches them to the nuclear power supply. See RIFTS World Book 5 Triax & The NGR, page 145 for details on the weapon type.
Primary Purpose: Assault.
Secondary Purpose: Defense.

3. Systems Note: Essentially the same as the Titan Recon Robot, TR-003 on pages 216 & 217 of the RIFTS Main Book, with the following additional systems;
    1. Sonar: The Hachiman was outfitted with a sonar system early on which permits the robot vehicle to detect, track, and analyze foreign objects in the water. It has a 5 mile range, and can track up to 10 targets at once.

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