Wa-Daisho Power Armor Commando O.C.C.

By Edward A. May

      The power armor commando of Wa-Daisho draw their roots directly from the power armor commando of the New German Republic. During the travels of Nyan Tamya, he personally witnessed the effects of such commando in action and was very impressed. Years later then, when Wa-Daisho began construction of her own military forces, it was nearly insisted upon that they take a page directly from German training and adapt it to Wa-Daisho's purposes.

      Training for the Wa-Daisho Power Armor Commando begins with a standard 12 week boot camp that molds the body into a near perfect athletic form. Over the entire period of training, there is a attitude and sense that is displayed that changes a Cadet from the average grunt of a military force, to something more. A sense of honor that was lost to many cultures seems to have been returned to this upstart Republic to the West, thus many come to feel and act much like the famed Cyber-Knights. The only exception to this analogy, is that unlike the Cyber-Knights - Cadets of all the armed forces of Wa-Daisho are taught to respect, and serve the Republic and her Allies first and foremost. During this first twelve week training period, all Cadets are expected to show dignity, and display a respect for their superiors - those who do not, quickly wash out. Selection of which Cadets are to become power armor commando, is made by observation looking for traits of agility, mental strength, and intelligence. Of those Cadets only a select few are given the option of entering the famed ranks of the Delta Special Battalion.

      After selection is complete, prospects are put through an equally grueling (some would say brutal) training period of 36 additional weeks, in which they learn to use powered armor, all systems involved, survival techniques, and all the related skills of operations to a degree matched only by a few military forces in the world. Although not standard training, skills in stealth and camouflage are also encouraged.

      After training, like the Samurai Trooper, the Power Armor Commando are expected to hold their positions with pride - perhaps with even a little more pride than the Samurai Trooper. They are trained with the same series of beliefs as the Samurai Trooper, but they realize that they are a head and a half above any Samurai Trooper, even if not in rank. Very few Commando prospects make it through the training course unscathed. Those who wash out, typically take up a position as a Military Engineer or a Samurai Trooper. These wash outs, tend to be a bit resentful of their lesser positions, but are proud to serve the Republic of Wa-Daisho any way they can.

      After training, in operations the Commando operate in a number of different fashions. Of course the most common being Power Armor Operatives, operating oftentimes in hostile territory in small units, utilizing stealth and teamwork to achieve whatever goals necessary with as little combat time as possible. Missions common to the class, are forward recon, rescue, sabotage, precision strikes/ambushes, forward artillery spotting, ground spotting, and similar. Due to their multi-role classification, they oftentimes do find themselves operating as heavy infantry as well, supporting both Infantry and Armored units. Although most missions will be performed in powered armor, this is not always the case when maximum stealth is required.

Attribute Requirements: IQ: 12, ME: 12, PS: 12, PP: 14, PE & Spd of at least 10.
O.C.C. Bonuses: +2 vs Horror Factor, +1 Initiative, +10 SDC, +3 PS, Spd, & PE.
Starting Rank: Cadet. (After 3 months, they qualify for a review to become a Soldier.) For details on rank see; Wa-Daisho's Military Structure.

OCC Skills:

    Radio Basic (+10%)
    Language: Native: 98%
    Literacy: Native (+20%)
    Language: Japanese (+10%)
    Language: One Other of Choice (+10%)
    Math Basic (+15%)
    First Aid (+5%)
    Navigation (+10%)
    Wilderness Survival (+20%)
    Pilot: Robots & Power Armor (+25%)
    Robot Combat Basic
    Robot Combat Elite: Kamiken, Stingray, or Copperhead (if A.N.F. assigned.)
    W.P. Daisho
    W.P. Energy Pistol
    W.P. Energy Rifle
    W.P. Heavy Energy
    Read Sensory Equipment (+10%)
    Weapon Systems (+10%)
    Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

OCC Related Skills: The character may also select 6 other skills. The character may also select two more skills at levels 3, 7, 11, and 15.

    Communications: Any (+15%)
    Domestic: Any
    Electrical: Basic only
    Espionage: Any (+15%)
    Mechanical: Basic or Automotive only
    Medical: Paramedic only
    Military: Any (+10%)
    Physical: Any (+5% where applicable)
    Pilot: Any (+10%)
    Pilot Related: Any (+5%)
    Rogue: Any
    Science: Math Advanced only
    Technical: Any (+5%)
    W.P.: Any
    Wilderness: Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: The character may also select 4 other skills representing the characters hobbies or past times, from the list above plus an additional skill at levels 4, 8, & 12.

Cybernetics: Due to the diversity in the races of Wa-Daisho this is not a required feature, but those who wish to, may have either a headjack & an optic nerve video implant, OR Amplified Hearing with Sound Filtration.

Standard Equipment: The Wa-Daisho Power Armor Commando receives the following equipment for use while in service in Wa-Daisho;

Republican Industries Type 6 GPMEBA General Purpose Military Environmental Body Armor
Republican Industries Type 7 VSPLR Variable Spectrum Pulse Laser Rifle
Republican Industries Type 9 HLP Heavy Laser Pistol
12 Short Energy Clips
Vibro Knife (1D6 M.D.)
Vibro Katana (3D6 M.D.)
Vibro Wakizashi (2D6 M.D.)
3 Grenades (2 Plasma, 1 High Explosive.)
3 Signal Flares
Utility Belt
Gas Mask
Air Filter
Walkie-Talkie Style Radio (5 mile range.)
Multi-Tool (Nano-tech item attained through Phase World Trade, that morphs into different tools merely by selecting it on a series of dials on the handle.)
Portable Language Translator (With update disk.)
First Aid Kit
3 Weeks Rations
Multi-Optics Band
Sleeping Bag
Water Purification Filter
Geiger Counter
Silver Cross
3 Wooden Stakes
Wa-Daisho Samurai License
Concealed Weapons License
RI Type 9 HLP Licensing (For duration of Service)
RI Type 7 VSPLR Licensing (For duration of Service)
Alliance Bank Credit Account Card & ID
2 Sets of Military Fatigues - Marine Green, with low visibility markings.
1 Dress Uniform - Black, with red and gold markings.
Personal Items

Additional Equipment Available on Assignment: A suit of power armor of either Kamiken, Stingray, or Copperhead type is assigned to the Commando for use in the field. This suit is always reserved for this particular Commando due to it's custom formed pilot's compartment. When the Commando is removed from service the custom formed pilot's compartment is then simply replaced with a new one molded to the new Commando.

Note: Under most circumstances, the body armor, side arm, & Vibro Daisho (Katana & Wakizashi) are allowed to be kept by the Commando after his/her service is complete. They are considered symbols of their noble service to the Republic of Wa-Daisho. In regards to these items, most former Commando, if Wa-Daisho were ever endangered, would again don their weapons and armor and would report to the Republican Guard Division for assignment. During such time, it is likely that These Commando would likely be granted unassigned power armor units, of their specialization type, or of a different type as per availability. With these power armor units, they would likely serve, as guards, or in support of defensive Infantry or Armored units, rather than in the traditional Commando role.

Money: Starts with 1D6+1 months worth of Cadet pay, which would be 2,500 credits a month.

Wa-Daisho Power Armor Commando Experience Points Table:

1     0,000-2,200
2     2,201-4,400
3     4,401-8,800
4     8,801-17,600
5     17,601-26,400
6     26,401-36,400
7     36,401-51,400
8     51,401-71,400
9     71,401-96,400
10    96,401-131,400
11    131,401-181,400
12    181,401-231,400
13    231,401-281,400
14    281,401-331,400
15    331,401-391,400

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