S-Mart Hovercraft

      These are several of the hovercraft produced by S-Mart. It has come to my attention that some of these are among the VERY FEW true air cushion hovercraft upon the RIFTS world. For simplicities sake, among these listings the hovercraft will be called one of two types, the Air Cushion Hovercraft or Vectored Thrust Hovercraft. The Air Cushion Hovercraft are those which rely upon fans or jets which push air down into a rubberized skirt, which gives the hovercraft lift and also contains between it's walls, the actual "air cushion". The second type is the vectored thrust hovercraft which rely on jet thrusters much in the same way as a Harrier Jump Jet used through the turn of the 21st century. The advantages to a vectored thrust hovercraft are it's higher altitude, higher speed, and general all-terrain capabilities. The disadvantage is the sound - they are audible for ten miles or more, shrieking like a jet aircraft. Air cushion hovercraft are cheaper, more easily produced, and while audible from a half mile or so, are comparatively quiet. The disadvantage is it's limited performance envelope, permitting travel over only flat ground or water, and their well known maneuverability problems.

S-Mart Firecracker Air-Cushion Hover Transport

S-Mart Dustfish Air-Cushion Hover Car

S-Mart HoverTruck Air-Cushion Hover Transport & APC

S-Mart LeBaron Vectored Thrust Hover Sedan

S-Mart Banshee Vectored Thrust Hover Jeep

S-Mart Zipper Air-Cushion Hover Tank

S-Mart Stonewall Vectored Thrust Hover Tank

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