S-Mart LeBaron A & B

      In 115PA S-Mart introduced a new class of luxury hover sedan named after the pre-cataclysm class of luxury car called "LeBaron". In external appearance the LeBaron looked very much like a Lincoln Towncar of the early 21st century, but with a few distinguishing features - most notably the lack of wheels. The grill of the Towncar functions as an air scoop for the twin electromagnetic turbines that provide the LeBaron with power, through articulated vectored thrust nozzles on the underbelly of the LeBaron. Inside, the LeBaron is the epitomy of luxury and class. Leather upholstery, silk lining, with gold trim throughout, dash view monitors for rear, underside, and blind area sight. A heads up display indicates the speed, total weight, coordinates, wind speed, distance from an object ahead of, behind, or to the sides of the vehicle, collision warning, and potential speed available at the present state of conditions. The smart system of the LeBaron will even indicate when maintenance is necessary. Since it's introduction the LeBaron has become very popular among the social elite of Desert Star, Wa-Daisho, Lazlo, Hope Barony, and scattered elite members of society throughout North America. In 117PA a more powerful limousine model of the LeBaron was introduced as the LeBaron-B. The new model provides more powerful thrusters, heavier armor plating, and a variety of new luxury accomodations. The LeBaron-B is the official means of transportation in the territory of Desert Star for Queen Mahelian Shaquela. A wide varieties of colors are available though black, silver metalflake, gold metalflake, blue metalflake, and ghost gray appear to be the most popular.

Class: Civilian Vectored Thrust Hover Sedan.
Type: S-Mart LeBaron A & B.
Crew: 1 driver with up to five passengers.
M.D.C. by Location:
    Front & Back Windshield (2) - 30 each.
    Side Windows (A; 4 & B; 6) - 10 each.
    *View Camera Lenses (4; Covered with flush body colored lenses) - 5 each.     **Articulated Thrust Vectoring Nozzles (4) - 35 each.
    ***Main Body - 55 (125 for the B variant.)

* Destroying one of these cameras is difficult as they are small and hidden, requiring a prior knowledge of their location, and even then they are small targets providing a penalty to strike of -6.
** Destroying one of the four articulated thrust vectoring nozzles is difficult as they are for the most part sheltered and located in a position where they are only reasonably easily struck from underneath. Penalties to strike depend largely on the speed the vehicle in question is traveling at, providing a -5 to strike at all angles except from underneath, with an additional -2 to strike for each 25 mph of speed over 25 mph. The successful destruction of a thrust vectoring nozzle will reduce the maneuverability and stability of the LeBaron significantly requiring all control rolls thereafter to be rolled at a Pilot: Hovercraft skill penalty of -25%. All but the most skilled will immediately attempt a landing after such a target is struck. If two of the nozzles are destroyed the hover sedan WILL crash as it can no longer be kept stable.
*** Depleting the Main Body M.D.C. will shut the vehicle down completely, making it useless.

Maximum Effective Speed: A; 245 mph. B; 263 mph.
Maximum Altitude: 350'.
Maximum Effective Range: 300 miles for electric or multi-fuel LeBaron-As, 250 miles for electric or multi-fuel LeBaron-Bs. Effectively unlimited for all nuclear powered LeBarons.

Statistical Data:
Height: 4'2".
Width: 7'.
Length: A; 18' B; 24'.
Weight: A; 4,670 Lb. B; 6,645 Lb.
Cargo Capacity: 2,200 Lb. for the LeBaron-A, 3,600 Lb. for the LeBaron-B.
Power System: Electric, Multi-Fuel, or Nuclear.
Market Cost: 125,000 for electric or multi-fuel varieties of the LeBaron-A, 225,000 for electric or multi-fuel varieties of the LeBaron-B. For a nuclear powered LeBaron-A the cost is 500,000 and for a similarly powered LeBaron-B the cost is 600,000.

Systems of Note:
    1. Short Range Radio: 20 mile broadcast range - standard for all models.
    2. Cell Phone: A cell phone is built into the console of the LeBaron, complete with speaker phone, caller identification, and an answering machine - standard for all models. The LeBaron-B has a second cellular phone in the rear passenger compartment complete with it's own phone number, and all the same features described previously.
    3. Civilian I.F.F. Transmitter & Receiver: This is essentially a system that broadcasts the location, speed, altitude, registry, destination, and course of the LeBaron at all times to law enforcement, regional government authorities, and other aircraft so equipped. It can also read similar signals from other civilian aircraft - thereby allowing the pilot to avoid midair collisions. Military aircraft equipped with military I.F.F. Transmitters & Receivers can also read the signals from these transmitters - BUT the only thing the Civilian I.F.F. Transmitter & Receiver can read about them is MILITARY, Course, Location, and Altitude. Standard for all models.
    4. Inertial Navigation Computer: This system is displayed on the center of the dash, next to the pilot controls, indicating a map of the area - if available, displays the present location of the vehicle, heading, and similar - down to a very precise measurement. All navigational rolls made using this system are at +20% when a map is available. Standard on all models.
    5. Mini-Bar & Mini-Fridge: This is a special two part chest/cabinette with secure clamps that can hold onto bottles, cans, and glasses in either room temperature conditions or in a chilled environment. This does not come fully stocked. Standard only on the LeBaron-B.
    6. Vid Screen & Disc Player with Surround Sound: This is a fold down roof mounted 26" video screen and disc player that can play either local television or radio broadcasts detected, a display from one of the view cameras, or play video and audio disks in complete surround sound. Standard only on the LeBaron-B.

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