S-Mart Hovertruck A & B

      The Hovertruck as it is blandly called, is not much for character, but is what it is. This vehicle has been mass marketed by S-Mart for both military and civilian applications since the first year of S-Mart's existence. In it's civilian role it is known as the Hovertruck-A and is a versatile vehicle that is extremely durable, can carry a significant amount of cargo fast and effectively - as long as it is level ground. In it's military role as an armored personnel carrier hovercraft it is known as the Hovertruck-B. In this role it is relatively cheap for an APC, faster than most battlefield transports available, and has the advantage of being amphibious - all again so long as the terrain is for the most part level.

      Several nations have purchased this solid vehicle for their own uses, some in it's civilian form, but most in the military variant. Kyatashiro is the largest employer of the type, using it in both forms - with 250 in service in various positions. Desert Star is next with 80 examples. At least a dozen small nations have purchased anywhere from one to thirty examples for their own use - among those is Wa-Daisho, with 20 having been purchased.

      It's military career has been well documented, and very decorated. The Hovertruck, although bland in name is an excellent asset to those which have employed it - being used in the roles of rescue, recon, troop transport, cargo transport, fast attack vehicle, field ambulance, communications vehicle, and countless other roles as well. Those in use in Kyatashiro are perfect for their service in the region, with the large bodies of water between islands, the ice flows, and similar areas that must be defeated to travel - those in their service will likely remain for fifteen to twenty years before being replaced with newer models, or with domestic knock offs of the Hovertruck. The vehicles in service with Desert Star have been seen with the same amount of appreciation. They can not only conduct quick transport to anywhere within the valley between the Wasatch Mountains and the Oquirrh Mountains, but they can also transport equipment across the Great Salt Lake and similar. They have transported troops to trouble areas, and transported much needed supplies or equipment to mining operations effectively and efficiently. Thus these will also be in service for a like amount of time. Those in service with Wa-Daisho have seen a great deal of action fighting against bandits and pirates alike. The versatility of the vehicle type allows it to operate as both a land and a sea vehicle without trouble. Unlike those in Kyatashiro and Desert Star, those in use with Wa-Daisho were used primarily as troop transports into combat zones - rather than as a glorified utility vehicle. Unfortunately, although the Hovertruck is tough - it is a step down even from the CS's antiquated APC V in armor strength. Thus in September of 117PA the vehicle type nicknamed "Mukade" by Wa-Daisho's Black Armored Company, were retired, in favor of the new, domestically produced Masakari - which is faster, more heavily armored, and armed than the Hovertruck, but can only carry up to eight troops. The twenty Mukades, which were in service with Wa-Daisho's Black Armored Company, were handed over to the Republic Transport Services.

Model Type: Hovertruck A (Civilian transport model) or B (Armored Personnel Carrier).
Class: Hover Transport/Armored Personnel Carrier.
Crew: 1 for the civilian model, 2 for the military model in addition to seating for up to 12 fully equipped troops.
Mega-Damage by Location:
    *Rear Thrusters (2) - 75 each.
    **Skirting (30 sections) - 25 per section.
    ***Crew Compartment - 150.
    GL-3 Automatic Grenade Launcher - 50.
    (Optional)Hardtop Cargo Area Cover - 75.
    ****Main Body - 220 (300 for the military variant.)

* If one of the two thrusters are destroyed, the maximum speed of the hovercraft is reduced by half, and the cargo capacity is reduced by 75%!
** If more than four sections of the skirt are depleted the hovercraft's belly will begin dragging on the ground. To continue moving will mean damaging the hovercraft beyond repair within 1D4 miles of dragging. Making the hovercraft worthless beyond being that of a parts donor.
*** The Crew Compartment protects only the driver and 1 passenger (Or gunner if the military variant.).
**** Once the M.D.C. of the Main Body is depleted the vehicle shuts completely down, and is useless.

Hover Speed: 100 mph.
Maximum Altitude: 5'.
Handling: This vehicle is only slightly better at handling than the Dustfish. Yet it is still difficult to handle when making high speed maneuvers like dodges or sudden turns, so therefore these maneuvers are conducted with a penalty of a -5%. On a failed roll, reduce the vehicles current speed by 30%, or if appropriate the vehicle crashes/slides into something.
Accelerated Leaping: The HoverTruck can leap up to 15' into the air from an incline.
Maximum Effective Range: Electric & Multi-Fuel have a 400 mile range. Nuclear variations have no limit to the range.
A Note Towards Range: All vehicles need some degree of maintenance, and a hovercraft is no acception. The skirt along the bottom of the Hovertruck will tear and wear down from the constant friction of it's contact against the various surfaces it comes in contact with. Generally, they absolutely must be replaced or patched every two or three thousand miles, but it is recommended that the skirt be completely replaced every 50,000 miles.

Statistical Data:
Height: 9' (14' with the skirt inflated).
Width: 15' (19' with the skirt inflated).
Length: 25' (29' with the skirt inflated).
Weight: Approx. 10 tons.
Cargo Capacity: 5 tons; or 12 soldiers fully loaded; or 6 Power Armor Troopers fully equipped.
Power System: Electric, Multi-Fuel, or Nuclear with a 10 year average energy life.
Market Cost: 125,000 for Multi-Fuel or Electric; 755,000 for Nuclear. Increase these base costs by 220,000 credits for the military variant with the GL-3 Automatic Grenade Launcher, pintle mount, armor plating, & the smoke dispenser. The hard topped cargo cover costs an additional 25,000 credits, and may be removed and replaced as often as desired. Repair sections for the mega-damage capacity skirt cost 600 credits per section, bringing the M.D.C. back up to the full 25. Patches only cost 60 credits, but these are S.D.C. patches capable of being blasted away with even S.D.C. firearms. A complete replacement S.D.C. skirt may be purchased for the Hovertruck in place of the mega-damage capacity version, and these typically cost only 1,800 credits - but are only good for about 10,000 miles. A complete replacement M.D.C. skirt costs 18,000 credits.

Weapon Systems

1. S-Mart GL-3 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher: This is the standard weapon system on the military variant. It is mounted above the passenger side of the crew compartment, on a pintle mount, accessible via a hatch above the passenger side seat. It is almost identical in design to Wellington Industries Automatic Grenade Laucher, with a belt feed. The ammunition box is slung just above the passenger side seat, slightly offset towards the left side of the vehicle. With this placement, there is a warning outside of the left side door, to watch your' head, due to it's awkward placement. (There is no other place for it, because to put it ON the roof is virtual suicide if someone hits the box with an aimed shot, not allot would be left of the vehicles crew compartment!
Primary Purpose: Anti-Personnel.
Secondary Purpose: Defense.
Mega-Damage: See page 105 of RIFTS Mercenaries.
Blast Radius: See page 105 of RIFTS Mercenaries.
Rate of Fire: See page 105 of RIFTS Mercenaries.
Maximum Effective Range: See page 105 of RIFTS Mercenaries.
Payload: Typically carries one ammo magazine attached to the pintle mounted weapon, and an additional magazine can be carried below the dash of the passenger side seat, in the pilot's compartment, but this costs extra.

2. Systems of Note: A number of systems are standard for the Hovertruck. Some are only issued to one version or the other - and that will be noted under the system in question.
    1. Communications Systems: The military version has a high powered radio, with a broadcast range of 50 miles, with atmospheric bounce capabilities permitting a 500 mile directional radio range. The civilian version carries a civilian band radio with a broadcast range of about 20 miles.
    2. First Aid Kits: A pair of standard first aid kits are provided in two different compartments on board of both versions of the vehicle - one inside the pilots compartment, and the other in the back, cargo area.
    3. Fire Extinguisher: A large fire extinguisher unit is found inside the cargo area in the back, hidden in a special compartment for it - this is standard issue on both versions.

      The image above is reprinted, with permission, from R. Talsorian Games Inc. Cyberpunk 2020's Sourcebook Maximum Metal. In the sourcebook it is seen as the GMI Hovertruck, a common general utility vehicle. All rights remain reserved by R. Talsorian Games Inc., and SirTenzan's RIFTS Gallery acknowledges and respects these rights. This image is reprinted as a means of creating a wonderful new vehicle for RIFTS, using the spectacular artistry of R. Talsorian Games Inc. illustrators.

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