Utility Systems

      This category covers a broad range of systems that may be installed in power armor suits. Most of them, of course, are suited best for military or civil protection styled types. Some, however, are intended for utility type suits suited better to various non-combatant civil field applications.

Reality Interface Systems; These are the systems that allow the power armor pilot to react with the world surrounding their suit. Whether this is through a couple of slits in a helmet protected by mega-damage glass or whether this is a high tech virtual reality interface system, they are all reality interface systems. It is required that one of these be selected for any suit of power armor.

Reflex Control Systems; These systems control how well the suit reacts to the actions of the power armor pilot. It is required that one of these be selected for any suit of power armor.

Safety Systems; This section includes advanced life support systems primarily.

Sensory Systems; This section includes a wide array of sensors and optics.

Communication & Specialized Computer Systems; This section includes an array of communications equipment available, plus a number of computer systems that appear from time to time in power armor.

Movement Systems; This section includes jet systems of various types, underwater propulsion packs and a specially designed set of climbing claws.

General Systems; This section includes a variety of accessories that do not fit under other categories such as a winch & grapnel, built in tool bins and a few other odds and ends.

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