Control Systems

      If the interface systems control the brains of a power armor unit the control systems are the nervous system of the power armor unit. These systems determine exactly how the power armor suit is controlled and how sensitive it is to the reactions of the pilot.

Basic Control: This is the most basic control possible, allowing the power armor to be controlled through the use of levers and pedals - much in the same way a piece of heavy machinery or a fork lift are operated. It moves at a steady speed depending on how hard the pedal or lever in question is pushed or pulled. It receives no real advantages from the pilot's own reflexes. Primarily this type is outfitted upon civilian utility types such as heavy lift suits, construction suits and demolition suits.

Standard Control: This is the most frequently used control system. Power armor operations are made through the use of a pair of sophisticated joystick controls for the arms, located in the chest of the armor, and sensitive pressure sensors in the legs. With suits so equipped with Advanced Control the reflexes of the pilot become very important, as they aid the movement and maneuvering of such a system.

Low Boost Control: This system is similar to the Advanced Control, but it adds some brains to the operations as well, by monitoring voluntary and involuntary muscle reflexes and interpretting them into action. Through this means the system becomes very much a hands off operation. The result is that the suit actually privides additional speed to the reflexes carried out. This also serves the power armor pilot to lessen the amount of stress he or she puts into running while in the power armor suit, as it begins to react as soon as the nerve impulses hit the legs. The result is that it decreases the fatigue rate by 2%.

High Boost Control: This is the most advanced system of this type designed in the world at the present time. Before the cataclysm this system was still in the development phases, but since the opening of S-Mart it has become a very real and utilized system. Unlike the low boost system, the operations of such an equipped suit are facilitated through the use of a helmet that "reads" the muscle impulses even before the limbs begin to move. The use of this system is unnerving to some power armor pilots because it feels like the suit is moving in anticipation of the operators intentions! Like the low boost control, this further goes on to serve the user of the power armor by reducing his or her fatigue rate, when running, by 5%!

Cybernetic Control: This form of control makes the operations of the suit of power armor completely hands off. It involves the High Boost control system, joined with a headjack slot, and an optic nerve video implant slot. The senses of the power armor become like that of the user, automatic, and very real. Sound is exactly like amplified hearing, with all of it's benefits and abilities, very crisp, and very sensitive. Reflexes are advanced to the point where it is mere thought that controls the reactions of their suit - dodges become automatic at this level, (It takes no attacks to dodge while using this control system.) and two additional attacks are available per melee. Power armor pilots using this are so far advanced above their fellow brethren, that their actions seem almost supernatural. This advanced control system has such an effect on the user's performance that they often suffer from delusions of grandeur, obsessions with dangerous or seemingly hopeless situations, obsessions over the appearance or upkeep of their power armor, paranoia whenever they are outside of the suit - feeling very vulnerable, and similar. (Roll once on the insanity table, for every two months of operations.) Requirements: Only the E.C.H.U.D. or Virtual Reality Interface may be selected for use with this system.

Type Penalties/Bonuses Cost
Basic Control -4 to strike, parry and dodge 1,000
Standard Control Nil. 5,000
Low Boost Control +1 to strike, parry and dodge 30,000
High Boost Control +2 to strike, parry and dodge 90,000
Cybernetic Control +2 attacks, +3 to strike & initiative, +4 to parry, +5 to dodge, dodges require no attacks 300,000

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