General Systems

      These are systems that permit further versatility in powered armor both in civilian fields as well as in the military utility role.

Electro-Magnetic Pads: These pads allows the operator to electrify special electro-magnets built into portions of the body of the power armor, in an effort to cling to metallic surfaces. This is especially useful for types produced for construction, ship construction, and for espionage types. The weight capacity for each is about 250 Lb. per pad. Thus a small suit is liable to be able to get away with only a couple of pads, but heavier types will need more.

Multi-Tool: This device is a far cry from the high tech nano-technology multi-tools of the Three Galaxies, but this one has it's applications. This is a rotating trundle with flip out tools around the radius of the device including a screwdriver chuck that can accomodate a wide assortment of heads, a utility knife blade chuck that can accomodate an assortment of blades, an adjustable drill chuck for fine drill bits, up to 1/4 inch in diameter, a saw blade chuck that can accomodate an assortment of saw blades, a small blower vent that can be used to 'puff' away metal shavings, dust, sawdust, etc., a plier/bolt cutter/wire cutter/tin snip chuck can adapt to a wide variety of sizes and types of jaws, and finally a wrench chuck that can accomodate a variety of lengths and sizes of universal wrench adapters. These universal wrenches have a number of needle like protrusions inside of the heads that conform to the shape of various bolts and nuts, as it is pushed over their' heads, thereby providing a snug fit to any shape or size. When each type of tool is to be used, the trundle swivels it into the topmost position on the gattling looking device, and swings the tool forward into position - this connects the gearwork to the servo motor at the back of the device and provides it with the necessary ambulation necessary to operate it. Then the power armor operator must fit the appropriate accessory into position, if applicable. Before folding it away, the accessory must be removed. For a reasonable assortment of the various components used with the Multi-Tool, cost is 5,000 credits, and needs at least 10 S.R. of storage to carry.

Grapnel Launcher & Winch: This is a pneumatic system that can propel a grapnel attached to 300' of high tensile strength cable to it's full distance. A powerful and compact winch, also included in the system, can then lift the powered armor (and cargo) amounting up to 1.5 tons. In the alternative a suit of powered armor may lower the line without the pneumatics, below it, to haul cargo or personnel up to it's position. Military and civilian applications for such a system are fairly limitless. Some Tolkeenite powered armor suits were fitted with this system, and were known to use the system to trip up large robot vehicles, and to bring flying powered armor/rocket cycles down rather abruptly by anchoring the powered armor.

Fire Extinguisher: This is simply a CO2 foam dispenser that allows the unit to extinguish flaming material within a 6' area. It may extinguish a 24' area before requiring a refill. This is again a versatile system with both military and civilian applications. Some military utility suits are equipped with one or two of these in case of a fire breaking out in sensitive areas such as aircraft maintenance hangars/revetments, ammunition depots, etc. Civilian construction equipment occasionally utilize these for the same reasons. The S-Mart Firedrake, a purpose built civilian firefighting model of powered armor, utilizes a pair of these - stock off of the shelf.

Searchlight: This is a powerful halogen lamp that may be mounted flush into the surface of the shoulders, chest, head, or forearm of the powered armor. It may also be mounted on a flexible mount on the shoulders or forehead of the powered armor if so desired. Many combat types of powered armor produced on Earth presently use variations of this same system.

Heavy Tool Bin: This is essentially a large tool bin capable of being mounted on the exterior of the chest, hips, or legs of a powered armor suit. It can be outfitted with a wide variety of tools intended for military or civilian applications. It provides up to 30 S.R. of storage space for a variety of tools. In power armor using modular arms, this tool bin can be used to store up to six modular lower arms. This bin may also be used to carry objects other than tools, such as ammunition, energy clips, travel supplies, and similar. A small refrigeration unit may also be added to this bin at a cost of 250 credits, permitting the heavy tool bin to be used as a refrigeration unit. This can be used for carrying perishables over long distance trails or for the more macrabre task of bringing evidence of a hired killing - such as what a bounty hunter might need.

Delicate Tools Bin: This is very similiar to the heavy tool bin, but is instead it is outfitted with a variety of padding and insulating measures to protect sensitive calibration equipment, electronics, etc. It provides up to 15 S.R. of storage space for a variety of sensitive electronics. In military types this bin is handy for carrying sensitive cameras, laser sighting equipment, and similar.

Dedicated Storage Compartments: These are internal areas set aside for the storage of ammunition, energy clips, tools, and various other impliments. They can be any size, provided that the space is available, and are covered by a hinged door with a variety of different clasps, locks, and similar. The doors covering these compartments typically have 10% of the M.D.C. of the location the compartment is placed within. Thus if a storage compartment is placed on the main body of suit with 250 M.D.C., the door will be able to endure 25 M.D.C. worth of damage before it is blown off of it's hinges.

Laser Torch: This laser torch is identical to many types produced and used elsewhere in North America and abroad. A good example of this system's use is the mounting on the Triax T-30 Super Trooper, where it sees service as a precision close range weapon, sabbatoge device, and similiar. In the civilian field it's applications are numerous. It is commonly used for cutting through thin materials that do not require a whole lot of time to cut, it is also used for welding fine joint lines in metals and ceramics, this is good for detailed work, but poor for strength. A word of caution about using a laser torch on laser refractive armor - the laser beams tend to reflect back at the user at certain angles.

Plasma Torch: A plasma torch is similar in function to Laser Torches, but are far more hot, and necessary for cutting through extremely dense materials at a faster pace than laser torches. Such devices are necessary when dealing especially with laser refractive armor plate, mercury-titanium alloys, tungsten-uranium alloys, as well as certain types of rock and thick ceramics. Plasma torches are also useful for making thick and durable weld lines, between two pieces of metal or ceramic. The drawback to a plasma torch is that it should not be used on toxic materials where it may be breathed by unprotected individuals as a plasma torch vaporizes a lot more material than a laser torch. Damage settings are 1D6 M.D., 2D6 M.D., 4D6 M.D., and 1D4x10+8 M.D. - the nature of the system used prevents it from burning any cooler than this. Maximum range is 8'.

Rivet/Nail/Bolt Gun: This is a pneumatic device used in construction, maintenance, and other utility purposes primarily. Although it can be used for Rivets, Nails, and Bolts each type requires a specialized adaptor. Despite it's obvious applications, a number of power armor pilots who operate primarily as vampire hunters, have added this system to the forearms of their units. They have found great use for the 12" and 15" nail adaptors, using silver plated or solid silver nails for staking vampires at a range of 50'. Used with these adaptations the device has a six nail capacity for the 15" variety and an 8 nail capacity for the 12" variety. (Damage is 6D6 & 5D6 HP, respectively.)

Laser Drill: A laser drill is actually a specially calibrated wide barreled laser meant to focus a laser beam to burn a hole through material only to a certain depth, and only as wide as necessary. When installed, the operator can control how wide the beam is to be, via use of the dialating internal lense coverings up to a maximum of 3" in diameter. He can further control how deep the hole is meant to be drilled, by programming the laser to only fire in short blasts, or in one long blast as necessary. These items are commonly used in industrial applications and in construction throughout post-cataclysm Earth. In military applications the laser drill's best example are those mounted on the USA-G10 Glitterboy, mounted in the legs as reinforced anti-sway pylons. Adding the reinforcement support to the drill and the retracting mounting studs can also be done at an additional charge. In appearance, when mounted internally, a laser drill appears to be a telescoping tube with a lense at the end. Typical mounting points is in the arm of power armor - but for various other purposes it may be mounted just about anywhere. Damage for the laser drill at maximum setting is 4D6 M.D. per three seconds of exposure.

Sonic Pulse Cutter: This is a device that emits rapid sonic pulses to crack or cut through closely located objects. The spread of the sonic wave can be increased to up to 6" in length, but only effects about a half inch wide area. It's industrial applications are limited to being essentially a high tech jackhammer, used for the same purposes as that device. It is also an effective tool for miners. It's range is only 5', damage is 2D6 M.D. only.

Name Weight S.R. Cost M.D.C. Enclosed
Electro-Magnetic Pads 5 Lb./pad 2.5/pad 500 5 No
Multi-Tool 45 Lb. 20 10,000 15 Yes/No
Grapnel Launcher & Winch 20 Lb. 10 500 20 Yes
Fire Extinguisher 10 Lb. 10 500 20 Yes/No
Searchlight 5 Lb. N/A 300 5 No
Heavy Tool Bin 110 Lb. 20 8,500 40 No
Delicate Tools Bin 24 Lb. 10 560 N/A No
Dedicated Storage Compartments N/A Varies N/A N/A Yes
Laser Torch 10 Lb. 10 6,500 N/A Yes
Plasma Torch 18 Lb. 10 42,000 N/A Yes
Rivet/Nail/Bolt Gun 45 Lb. 20 750 30 Yes/No
Laser Drill 30 Lb. 10 22,000/75,000 10/50 Yes/No
Sonic Pulse Cutter 20 Lb. 10 25,000 20 Yes/No

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