N.O.M.A.D. Environmental Body Armor

      During the early 100s PA, stories of an assassin known only by the alias of Silk became quite popular. At least a hundred different assassinations on record are believed to have been conducted by this enigmatic figure, and at least an equal number that are rumored to be the work of Silk. During many of these assassinations, Silk would appear, seemingly out of no where in a custom armor suit that was similar to crusader armor, with some definite Japanese inspiration in it's design elements. In 113PA, when Desert Star's industry blossomed, in wake of the CS Invasion, as S-Mart, it was decided that a standard armor would be designed for the military of Desert Star. Since Silk had become so feared by the Coalition states, it was decided to use a few blurry photos of Silk in action, in an effort to copy the layout of the armor - in an effort to inspire fear into the Coalition States.

      The large portion of the body is covered in a thick, double layer of chain mail formulated from composite Mercsten (Mercury & Tungsten alloy created by vaporizing the two separate substances, and forcing them together in a vacuum, into a mold forcing it to create an alloy, thus bonding them on a molecular level.) mail, backed by a layer of heat and radiation resistant, black flexible plastic which essentially seals the armor. Thin, but ultra tough ceramic and dolomite composite plates coated in a thin layer of Mercsten, further augment this double layer of armored mesh on the thighs, shins, forearms, and feet. The shoulders are further protected by overlapping plates of the material. The feet and ankles are also protected and supported by a full plate structure of this material around the feet. The helmet is very similar to Wa-Daisho's standard armor design, in that it has a removable mouth guard, has a large main visor, and a large neck guard. Aside from these generalities however, the similarities end there. The helmet design is streamlined, as where Wa-Daisho's helmet is boxy and rigidly shaped. The neck guard is a few inches smaller than Wa-Daisho's. The throat plates, of Wa-Daisho's are also superseded by a mesh throat, permitting a full range of motion. On the top of the head, as where Wa-Daisho's armor has five VERY sharp blades, Desert Star's armor takes on three bulging rounded 'blades' that are strictly cosmetic.

      Since it's design in 113PA, it has always been found only in one color - Desert Khaki. Although this does not generally match the region, it was thought that the armor would have more of a chance of blending in just about anywhere, than green, or even a type of camouflage would.

Armor Type: Environmental Composite; Ceremite composite plates, coated in Mercsten, and a heavy double layer of Mercsten mesh.
Mega-Damage Protection:
    Head - 55.
    Arms (2) - 35 each.
    Legs (2) - 45 each.
    Main Body - 90.

Restriction Modifications: -5% to prowl. NO penalty for acrobatics or gymnastics.
Mobility: Excellent.
Weight: 18 Lbs.
Environmental Capabilities:
    Depth tolerance of 500'.
    5 hour oxygen supply linked with an air filtration system, and a toximeter.
    Radiation and Heat Shielded.
    Polarized Light/Flash Lense Filters.

Other System Notes: Short Range Radio: 10 mile range.
Market Availability: Black Market Only! King Ripley occasionally allows a shipment of these suits to 'fall' into the Black Market's hands, in exchange for information and services. When available they are typically 65,000 - 80,000 credits a suit.

N.O.M.A.D. Heavy Armor Supplement

      Early in 115PA, S-Mart unveiled a line of laser resistant supplementary body armor for use with the N.O.M.A.D. EBA! This armor was composed of a highly polished Mercsten, with a special heat resistant varnish coat that prevents the armor from taking much damage from lasers at all. It is composed of a two piece molded torso, with a set of adjustable straps at the centerline similar to Juicer plate armor, but it is closed at the sides, with only openings for the head, waist, and arms rather than the entire sides being opened. A groin plate is suspended from both plates via two thin sections of mercsten chain mail. Two shoulder plates also add some protection to the arms as well. This armor has come to be extremely popular among the heavy weapon specialists in Desert Star, despite it's weight.

      It is typically painted over with a thin coat of khaki paint during the summer months, but painted a khaki/white camo during the winter months - thus when the armor is struck, it simply burns off a portion of the paint, and still strikes the laser resistant, highly polished metal below.

Armor Type: Laser Resistant, Supplementary N.O.M.A.D. Armor.
Mega-Damage Protection:
    Main Body - 40. (Totals to 130 with the N.O.M.A.D. EBA, but only 40 of which is Laser Resistant.)

Restriction Modifications: -15% to prowl; (Total of -20%), plus -10% to acrobatics and gymnastics.
Mobility: Reduces Mobility of the N.O.M.A.D. EBA to fair.
Weight: 25 Lbs - for a total combined weight of 43 Lbs!
Environmental Capabilities: N/A. See the N.O.M.A.D. EBA Above for details on the Environmental Capabilities of the base suit.
Other System Notes: N/A. See the N.O.M.A.D. EBA Above for details on the other systems in the base suit.
Market Availability: Black Market Only! King Ripley has only allowed a handful of these supplementary suits to slip through. Those that have, have gone for top dollar by many purchasers wanting to be a mini-glitterboys! Black Marketeers usually start right around 110,000 credits, but can be worked down to 65,000 credits as the minimum price.

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