Kamiyoroi Cyborg O.C.C.

By Edward A. May

      The Kamiyoroi or "Divine Armored Spirit", are the Cyborg troopers of Wa-Daisho, modified through bionics and cybernetics to optimize their abilities, to make them extremely useful weapons of war.

      Traditionally Kamiyoroi are Samurai Troopers who have been disabled in combat - however there are exceptions. Cyborgs from other lands that wish to become part of Wa-Daisho's military may subject themselves to conversion, provided that their psychological profile and ME are acceptable. Wa-Daisho's Republican Council doesn't take the walking, talking tank concept lightly.

      The only other allowance for the Kamiyoroi is if a human(oid) volunteer is mentally capable of handling the conversion, but his/her body is not strong or agile enough for military service - then conversion is made. The Kamiyoroi body does not look too dissimilar from a normal human really. It has two arms, two legs, and a humanoid body appearance to it. There are two different stylized bodies available, one that is the male body shape that has the appearance and balance centers of a male body, and then there is the female body shape, that has the addition of breast like protuberances at the chest (roughly B cup for those sticklers for detail), and a more slender waist, leading to slightly widened hips to simulate the normal female center of balance. (Note: Although either male or female brains can be installed in either body, it would take several weeks to months to get used to the unusual center of balance - similar to growing used to an unnaturally shaped body - thus this is only rarely done.)

      Training is difficult to describe as a normal O.C.C. because of the variety of backgrounds these Cyborgs can come from. Considering that most are in fact derived from Samurai Troopers however, just consider the standard training to be equivalent to that occupation. The only exception to this training however, is that the Kamiyoroi automatically receive the W.P. Heavy and W.P. Heavy Energy, where the Samurai Trooper does not automatically get them. After all, they HAD to be doing something during the period the other Cadets were running laps during! For a slave 'borg, or labor 'borg being converted, they would also be instituted into the standard training program for the Samurai Troopers as well, including the two W.P. all other Kamiyoroi receive. Combat 'borgs from foreign lands on the other hand are treated very differently. Their skills and training are evaluated, during the normal (for the Samurai Trooper) training period of 24 weeks, and what skills they are lacking from the standard O.C.C. skills of the Samurai Trooper, they will be educated in, plus an additional 2 Related skills. See the Samurai Trooper O.C.C. for further details of training given.

      The Kamiyoroi to the public are awe inspiring creatures - equally impressive as a Dragon, if not a little more. They have sacrificed so much to the cause that Wa-Daisho has become, that when one walks into a store during a leave, he/she is watched in awe, and greeted warmly - oftentimes he/she is given preferential treatment, and often receive free foods, discounts, and other gifts just because of what he/she is. In the bar setting, they are asked of their experiences, and why they would do such a thing - rounds are consistently purchased for the Kamiyoroi, and because of their limited intake capabilities, many establishment owners provide their drink to them for free. To the Kamiyoroi - the amount of attention they are paid by the public is taken all in stride, they stand a bit taller, and are oftentimes all smiles. Their ethics training, and screening, generally makes them good hearted people who appreciate all that Wa-Daisho has to offer - and thus makes them all the more fanatical when it comes to fighting for Wa-Daisho or her Allies.

Alignment Restrictions: Good Only! Periodic psychological check ups are conducted to be certain of the Kamiyoroi's mental health. If he/she begins to display signs of callousness, or cruelty either in combat or on leave, they are offered free counseling. If they refuse, or are unchanged by these efforts, then they will receive an honorable discharge, and will be presented with a light civilian conversion body.
Attribute Requirements: IQ: 10 & ME: 14, or better is required.
Starting Rank: Cadet. (After 3 months, they qualify for a review to become a Soldier.) For details on rank see; Wa-Daisho's Military Structure.

Kamiyoroi Cyborg
Model Type: Kamiyoroi Type 15.
Class: Full Conversion Infantry Cyborg.
MDC by Location:
    Hands(2)-15 each.
    Arms(2)-60 each.
    Legs(2)-80 each.
    Main Body-200.


Running Speed: 100 mph.
Leaping: The bionic legs are powerful, and well suited to leaping, capable of propelling the Kamiyoroi 15 feet high or lengthwise. Running adds an additional 25 feet.
Flying Speed: Not applicable; via Jet Pack Only.

Statistical Data:
Height: 6'8".
Width: 3'9".
Length: 2'6".
Weight: 430 Lbs.
Physical Attributes: Equal to a PS: 26, PP: 24, & Spd: 154.
Power System: Average Energy Life of 20 years.

Standard Bionic Features

1. Bionic Lung with Gas Filter & Oxygen Storage Cell.
2. Built in Language Translator.
3. Built in Loudspeaker.
4. Built in Radio Receiver/Transmitter.
5. Climb Cord.
6. Clock Calendar.
7. Concealed Garrote Wrist Wire.
8. Gyro Compass.
9. Modulating Voice Synthesiser.
10. Molecular Analyzer.
11. Multi Optic Eyes.
12. Electromagnetic Psionic Dampeners.
13. Universal Headjack with Amplified Hearing & Sound Filtration.
14. 2 Leg Ion Rods - See page 241 of the Main RIFTS Book.
15. 2; 3 bladed Forearm Vibro Claws 3D6 M.D.

Special Combat Bonuses: +1 attack, +2 to pull punch, +8 initiative, +5 to strike, +6 to parry, & +7 to dodge - this includes the bonuses from attributes, and from Amplified Hearing.

Combat Damage:
    Restrained Punch - 1D6 + 11 S.D.C.
    Full Strength Punch - 3D6 + 11 S.D.C.
    Power Punch - 1D4 M.D.
    Head Butt - 2D6 S.D.C.
    Kick - 4D6 + 11 S.D.C.
    Jump Kick/Leap Attack - 1D6 M.D.
    Judo Throw/Flip - 2D6 S.D.C.

Equipment Changes: Equipment is essentially the same as that issued to the Samurai Trooper O.C.C., with the standard rifle being replaced with the Type 13 RFFC Rapid Fire Field Cannon, and the armor being changed to a suit of heavy Samurai styled Cyborg Armor, that is very similar in appearance to the standard Samurai Body Armor of Wa-Daisho, but is actually a suit classified as the standard LI-B2 Light Infantry Body Armor. (See page 243 of the RIFTS Main Book.)
Note: Under most circumstances, the body armor, side arm, & Vibro Daisho (Katana & Wakizashi) are allowed to be kept by the Kamiyoroi after his/her service is complete. They are considered symbols of their noble service to the Republic of Wa-Daisho. In regards to these items, most former Kamiyoroi, if Wa-Daisho were ever endangered, would again don their weapons and armor and would report to the Republican Guard Division for assignment. These 'borgs would likely be used in support of operational field units, rather than in direct combat - but if time and resources are available, they may be reconverted to Kamiyoroi bodies, and reinstituted to their former rank as an active combat Kamiyoroi.

Money: Same as the Samurai Trooper.

Kamiyoroi Cyborg Experience Points Table: Same as the Wa-Daisho Samurai Trooper Table.

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