S-Mart SRML-3 Short-Range Missile Launcher

      The SRML-3 Short-Range Missile Launcher was designed to provide infantrymen with a ranged anti-aircraft defensive weapon and an extremely long range anti-armor weapon. Mounting two separate short-range missiles in a side by side configuration, it is surprisingly lightweight. In the field of operations, typically a three man team operates an SRML-3. One weapon bearer/gunner, plus two loaders outfitted with four missiles each. Loading is simple and straight forward. Snap the launcher back into it's carriage configuration, and slide the missiles down the barrels of the launcher until they snap into the loading clasps. In action, it takes each crewman about two attacks to reload, with the gunner stabilizing the weapon, while each of the loaders carefully slide a missile into position. Then the gunner snaps the aft of the weapon back into arming position, and is ready to fire again.

Weight: 55 Lb. plus the weight of the two short-range missiles, which are about 10 Lb. each.
Mega-Damage: Varies with missile type. Typically AP or Plasma are the preferred missile types.
Rate of Fire: One or both may be fired in a single attack. Preparing the launcher for action takes about two actions.
Maximum Effective Range: Varies with missile type.
Payload: Two short range missiles.
Market Cost: 45,000 plus the cost of the two missiles, for the cost of short range missiles please view S-Mart's Munitions page.

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