Wa-Daisho's Armored Units

      Wa-Daisho first truly began to develop Armored Units in 113PA when the Mukade and Battlewagon came into service. These vehicles were ideally designed for Wa-Daisho's surroundings, and worked perfectly in their roles of fast interception, and island protection since they could ride over flat land and water alike. HOWEVER, they were considerally poor in regards to armament and armor strength. In 114PA Wa-Daisho added the Gauntlets and Monsters as the heavy weapons and armor of the armored units, thinking that perhaps this could aleviate the problems. Although these figures all look good on paper so to speak, they didn't work out too well in practice. Their heavy weights, and reliance on tracked propulsion prevented them from traversing better than 90% of the island! This prevented them from providing the armored support they were supposed to provide to the lighter armored units. What Wa-Daisho needed was a vehicle that combined the advantages of all of these vehicles mentioned - but was far from coming into being. The main reason was that there was only one such tank on the market, the heavy Naruni hover tank marketed in the Eastern Americas. Wa-Daisho could not purchase these however because of her strict anti-Naruni policy. No other vehicles of this versatility and quality were available during this time.

      Almost immediately after the CS Invasion of New Kenkora in September of 116PA S-Mart unvieled it's new S-Mart Stonewall, a heavy hover tank that exceeded even the Coalition's proud Linebacker in performance, armament, and armor strength. It was quickly made clear that this vehicle would soon be the standard Main Battle Tank of Desert Star's N.O.M.A.D. Military, but would also equip the Marine units of the A.N.F.! Pleased over this development, the Republican Council wasted no time in making an order of 60 such vehicles for Wa-Daisho's own armored units. They were absolutely outraged when S-Mart flatly refused to fill this order. By decree of King Ripley himself, S-Mart was forbidden to sell the Stonewall to any but the NOMADs and the Allied Naval Fleet. Even negotiations between Nyan Tamya and Ace Ripley failed to result in a deal of any sort. Wa-Daisho's armored units seemed to be doomed to impotence in having any active role in the action to the East.

      Reviewing again, the national policy regarding Naruni equipment and vehicles, met with a three week long stonewall disagreement. The Supreme Commander of the Military Arm, and the Councilman of National Trade, both agreed that the purchase of the Naruni Hover Tanks would be in the best interest of the Alliance - despite their original position regarding this manufacturer. The remainder were either stuck in a neutral position, or were vehenomously against the idea. The public was at an impass as well, half wanted the CS to burn for what they had done to New Kenkora and so relished the idea of upgrading the military to a point of being able to hit them where it hurts. The other half remained uncertain - they realize that many of the mainlander Allied Nations needed Wa-Daisho to be in tip top shape - but if there was no means, then how could Wa-Daisho be there for them? In the end it would be a suggestion from Ambassador Arlianna Seesponika of Lazlo, that would direct Wa-Daisho towards the idea of procuring a handful of UWW Great Axe tanks, and knocking them off for their own production and use!

      Development of the type now dubbed the Masakari after the Japanese battle axe, went smoothly from here. The production ready frenzy, and the united effort of the people allowed production to be well underway by June of 117PA. Wa-Daisho's ability to conduct Allied Intervention measures suddenly was a reality. In the process of their production, as their numbers increase, more and more older vehicles were being been phased out. By July of 117PA the Mukade APC was a thing of the past, having been retired and handed over to the Republic Transport Services. On February 3rd of 118PA, 45 of Wa-Daisho's Battlewagons, 46 of Wa-Daisho's Gauntlets, and all 22 of their Monsters were lend leased to Tolkeen - having been replaced fully by the Masakari in those units.

      Wa-Daisho's armored unit's role then by February of 118PA had been completely revised. First and foremost was the defense and protection of Wa-Daisho's claimed territories. Second, was also to support and transport the infantry into combat if the need for Allied Intervention were to arrise.

Troop Numbers - 118PA: 526. (Supreme General Hef Williams)

Troop Allocation

Red Armored Company: 202. (Major Iat Likomum)
Black Armored Company: 122. (Major Izak Reed)
Green Armored Company: 202. (Major Ethan Riatha)


Republican Industries Type 6 GPMEBA General Purpose Military Environmental Body Armor

Republican Industries Type 7 VSPLR Variable Spectrum Pulse Laser Rifle

Republican Industries Type 9 HLP Heavy Laser Pistol

S-Mart/Republican Industries Type 13 RFFC Rapid Fire Field Cannon

Armored Vehicles
S-Mart Type 13 Battlewagon- The S-Mart Zipper in Tenzan Elite & Wa-Daisho service.
Number in Use: Originally 98, 50 used by the Green Armored Company, and 40 used by the Tenzan Elite Armored Corps, with eight being retained as spares. Since the beginning of Masakari production, Battlewagons have been gradually phased out of service. The last Battlewagons in service with the Green Armored Company were mothballed in February of 118PA, having traded them in for Masakari. A day later Wa-Daisho agreed to lend lease 45 of these mothballed Battlewagons to Tolkeen, leaving the Tenzan Elite Armored Corps to be the only Wa-Daisho based unit issued the Battlewagon, with 40 such vehicles, and five spare. (NOTE A full compliment of Masakari will replace these 40 Battlewagons by May if hostilities do not see the destruction of any existing Masakari before then.)

S-Mart S-Mart Type 14 Gauntlet Main Battle Tank- The S-Mart Harvey-A Main Battle Tank in Wa-Daisho service.
Number in Use: Originally 68, 40 used by the Red Armored Company, and 28 retained as spares. In February of 118PA 44 of the remaining 66 Gauntlets are lend leased to Tolkeen. The remaining 22 machines are issued to the Republican Guard Division of the Infantry, for use as mobile gun platforms in city defense.

S-Mart Type 14 Monster- The S-Mart Atlas-B Heavy Tank in Wa-Daisho service.
Number in Use: Originally 22, 20 used by the Black Armored Company, and 2 retained as spares. In February of 118PA all 22 machines are lend leased to Tolkeen.

S-Mart Type 13 Mukade- The S-Mart Hovertruck-B in Wa-Daisho Service.
Number in Use: Originally 20, 15 used by the Black Armored Company, and 5 retained as spares. In September of 117PA all 20 are handed over to the Republic Transport Services for use in the civil field.

Republican Industries Type 17 Masakari Hover Tank/IFV
Number in Use: 105 by the end of 117PA, and 135 by February of 118PA in service with Red, Green, and Black Armored Companies.

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