S-Mart SG-3 19.5 mm Automatic Scatter-Gun

      The third and final weapon in the series of scatter-guns by S-Mart is the SG-3, an automatic shotgun of conventional layout that looks more like an assault rifle than like a shotgun. It's one common feature with the previous two types is the recoil suppression break in the stock that absorbs most of this weapon's recoil, reducing it to around the same kick as a 410 shotgun. Unlike the previous two types, there are no sawed off models available for the SG-3.

      The SG-3 has an additional distinction, above the other varieties offered, in that it is counted among the N.O.M.A.D. Military arsenal. It's purpose, however, is largely for vampire related combat - using silver flechettes. (Although rare in Desert Star, the occasional band of wild vampires will appear even as far North as the capital city.) In other instances where close combat is to be expected, or against foes who are not vulnerable to energy weapons, the SG-3 will be issued with explosive shells. The SG-3 is also the weapon of choice when dealing with feral animals, using buckshot or slugs, whichever is most appropriate.

Weight: 8 Lb. 6 oz. - approximately 36.2 inches overall length.
Mega-Damage: 10 gauge buckshot inflicts 5D6 S.D.C., 10 gauge slugs inflict 6D6 S.D.C., 10 gauge flechette shells inflict 1D4x10 S.D.C., and the high explosive shells inflict 4D6 M.D.
Rate of Fire: The SG-3 is capable of single shot, semi-automatic fire, selective burst fire - that is to say the rapid firing of 3 shells, and then of course fully automatic fire in which short bursts, long bursts, and full clip drains are fired.
Maximum Effective Range: 115' using buckshot, 246' using flechettes, rifled slugs or explosive shells.
Payload: 10 shells per magazine. A vibro-bayonet, if fitted has an energy cell that provides it with enough power for 5 minutes/20 melees of use.
User Requirements: Most anyone can handle the SG-3 with practice, on single shots, and even selective burst fire, but to handle the weapon in fully automatic mode the user must possess a P.S. of 25 or better to control it.
Market Cost: 5,600 credits. Buckshot costs about 2 credits per shell, flechettes costs 4 credits per shell, and slugs cost a credit apiece. Explosive shells cost 200 credits apiece. Silver flechette rounds cost 10 credits apiece. The vibro-bayonet for this weapon is mass marketed at 10,000 credits. (Energy Cells for the vibro-bayonet cost 200 credits each.) In the alternative a socket may be installed on the front that accomodates a silver plated blade. If the scatter-gun is twisted, while the blade is in an opponent, the blade will come loose from the socket. Cost for this weapon is 500 credits for the socket, and 150 credits per blade.

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