S-Mart SG-1 19.5 mm Break Action Double Barrel Scatter-Gun

      When Northern Gun began production of the NG-11S in 109PA, it quickly made a major splash in the North American arms market. Few had pursued the idea of producing a versatile weapon like this that could fire either high explosive mega-damage shells or conventional shot-gun shells up to this point. S-Mart's response to this was to produce a series of shot-guns of their own, coined the "Scatter-Gun" series. Instead of the comparatively wimpy 21 gauge the NG-11S utilized (At 60 caliber, attempting to fire the 72.9 caliber shells of a 12 gauge, as the popular Northern Gun advertisements propose, would be disasterous.) the S-Mart series would use a potent 19.5 mm shot-gun shell type - essentially a 10 gauge.

      The first in the series of scatter-guns is the SG-1, an over and under break action double barrel shotgun. While many bandits are fond of the side-by-side appearance of older fashioned shotguns in this category, long before the cataclysm, hunters had changed to the over and under type for the purpose of achieving a more accurate aim. Unlike many over-and-under types, the SG-1 bears a safety switch as locking the barrel into position cocks the firing pins. Also inclusive to this new weapon, is a recoil suppression break, similar to those found on S-Mart's rapid fire field cannons and infantry support cannons. This recoil suppression break reduces the kick of the weapon to around the same kick as a 410 shotgun. A sawed off variety of this weapon is also available, however, buyers are warned that it is not recommended that this weapon be fired by any ordinary man - as the user stands a good chance of being injured by the weapon!

Weight: 9 Lb. - approximately 41 inches overall length for the full size version, and 4.4 Lb. - approximately 20.5 inches for the sawed off variety.
Mega-Damage: 10 gauge buckshot inflicts 5D6 S.D.C., 10 gauge slugs inflict 6D6 S.D.C., 10 gauge flechette shells inflict 1D4x10 S.D.C., and the high explosive shells inflict 4D6 M.D. - each per shot. A double barrel shot naturally does twice this amount of damage.
Rate of Fire: 1 or 2. The shells automatically jack out when the lever at the side of the weapon is pulled and the barrel falls forward. A speed-loader is sold for 15 credits, for the SG-1, that allows for both shells to be reloaded in one action. Otherwise it takes three actions to reload.
Maximum Effective Range: For the full length version the range is 140' using buckshot, 300' using flechettes, rifled slugs or explosive shells. For the sawed off version the range is greatly reduced at 80' for buckshot, and 170' for the flechettes, rifled slugs and explosive shells.
Payload: 2 shells.
User Requirements: Most anyone can handle the full length version with practice, the sawed off version is a completely different story however. A P.S. of 20 to 27 is required to fire a single shell, two handed. If a person with a P.S. of 20 to 27 attempts to fire both shells at once, however, they will suffer 1D4 S.D.C. to their wrist. A P.S. of 28-35 will allow the individual to fire both shells simultaniously without sustaining damage, if using it two handed. Firing a single barrel, one handed, is also safe for a person with this kind of strength, but firing both barrels will inflict 1D4 S.D.C. to the weilder's wrist. Anything over a 35 is safe to fire the weapon single handed, one or both barrels, without risk of damage. Anyone with a P.S. of less than 20 attempting to fire the weapon will sustain 2D6 S.D.C. with a cumulative 01-20% chance of breaking their wrist per barrel fired!
Market Cost: 4,400 credits for the full sized version and 3,200 credits for the sawed off variety. Buckshot costs about 2 credits per shell, flechettes costs 4 credits per shell, and slugs cost a credit apiece. Explosive shells cost 200 credits apiece.

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