S-Mart RR-1A 75 mm Recoilless Rifle

      This weapon is essentially an infantry portable artillery piece, that is team manned. Typically two men carry the ammunition - one each bearing a clip of six shells. Another man carries the rifle itself. Finally one other man carries the heavy duty tripod mount. (In the alternative this may be mounted on a sturdy pintle mount on top of a Hummer, Jeep, etc.) In appearance it looks like a very insignificant tube structure slightly flared towards the end. On top of the weapon is a box like structure that resembles a largely oversized clip. At the side is a targeting scope for direct line of sight fire. On the tripod mount there is a slot for an energy clip, along with readouts that indicates direction and elevation of the barrel. At the push of a button the user can opt to enter distance, and it will indicate what elevation to adjust the rifle to. It's ammunition is the same used by S-Mart's conventional 75 mm cannons. These are sabboted rounds that actually fling the shell casing along with the shell out the end of the barrel, at which time the shell casing falls away from the actual shell. Any of the varieties of ammunition presently available for this caliber may be used by the recoilless rifle - though the most commonly used are high explosive and fragmentation. The RR-1 is also durable capable of withstanding up to 100 M.D.C. worth of punishment before failing.

Weight: 150 Lb. empty, plus 92 Lb. per 6 shot clip. The tripod weighs an additional 24 Lb.
Mega-Damage: Varies - See S-Mart's Munitions for details on 75 mm cannon shells.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the users combined hand to hand attacks.
Maximum Effective Range: 18,000', lobbing shells in at specific coordinates indirectly. Approximately 6,000' when firing at a visible target.
Payload: The RR-1 may be loaded with individual shells or with a huge 92 Lb. 6 shot clip.
Market Cost: 150,000 credits, plus the cost of the tripod is 5,000 credits, and the cost of each unloaded 20 M.D.C. clips is 1,000 credits. (Cost of the shells are found on the S-Mart Munitions page.

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