S-Mart RFFC-19 Rapid Fire Field Cannon

      In January of 117PA, Thron Ironbender, a technician at S-Mart, was experimenting with lightening an RFFC-17 by removing the heavy barrel cooling system, and installing an ISC-2 cooling system behind and above the barrel assembly instead. This gave more room to install a full second row of electromagnetic accelerators - while still keeping the weight well below that of the RFFC-17! He had much trouble in gaining assistance from the corporate heads, but still soldiered on and developed a new, MUCH improved RFFC.

      The new hybrid weapon was still classified as an RFFC, although highly boosted in performance. It's ammunition is a specially developed armor piercing 20 mm cannon shell, with metal rings around the tip, mid section, and aft end of the shell itself. It fires a pair of these shells, one a microsecond after the first, using conventional propellants in a shell casing, and then further accelerates them through the barrel via electromagnetic accelerators - dramatically increasing damage and range capabilities from a standard cannon. The new design of RFFC was superior to it's predecessor the RFFC-17 on almost all counts. It had a better range, more penetration value, and most importantly a drastically reduced weight from the replacement of the heavy barrel cooling system

      The corporate department of S-Mart was shocked by this incredible increase in performance, for a sacrifice of nothing at all, in the design - and so immediate testing, and plans were made to put the RFFC-19 into production. The first RFFC-19s entered service with the N.O.M.A.D. Military of Desert Star in October of 117PA, and by February of 118PA had completely replaced the RFFC-17 in the N.O.M.A.D. Arsenal.

      When the news of the RFFC-19 broke out, Wa-Daisho made plans to purchase this weapon in numbers to replace their own RFFC-17s and the modified version of the RFFC-17 they have produced locally. Shockingly, King Ace Ripley himself made the declaration that the new RFFC-19 would NOT be shared with any of the Allied Nations, and would be retained exclusively for the defense of Desert Star, in the service of the N.O.M.A.D. Military.

Weight: 82 Lb.
Mega-Damage: 2D6x10 M.D. per rapid fire dual shells.
Rate of Fire: Dual shell bursts.
Maximum Effective Range: 2,000'
Payload: 20 Armor Piercing, 20 mm cannon shells per clip. (10 dual shell bursts.) The clip is actually a twin box configuration, that attaches in the middle at the bottom of the weapon.
User Requirements: A PS of 22 is required to wield and fire this weapon. It's kick is not quite as bad as the RFFC-17, thanks to the recoil suppression systems. Despite this, it is still quite massive equal to both barrels of a 10 gauge being fired at once. Earplugs are a necessity for the user of this weapon as well, because it has a report comparable to a howitzer!
Market Cost: Black Market Only!! A crate of 50 of these weapons was 'discovered' in the wreckage of an aircraft that was transporting these weapons to N.O.M.A.D. units stationed in Wa-Daisho, and were subsequently sold to the Black Market. These weapons are considered EXTREMELY rare, and should go for anywhere from 175,000 to 300,000 credits. A collector could pay upwards and around of 200,000 credits to 600,000 credits for such a weapon - and several have found their places in such collections already. See S-Mart's Munitions for details on the cost of 20 mm cannon shells, and clip costs.

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