S-Mart IM-1 75 mm Infantry Mortar

      This weapon is essentially an infantry portable 75 mm mortar, that is team manned. Typically two soldiers carry the ammunition, each carrying a pair of clips, another carries the rifle, another carries the bipod, and finally the last team member carries the base plate and a pair of energy clips. (In the alternative this may be mounted in the open bed of a truck, transport vehicle, or even in the back of a jeep or open topped Hummer.) At first glance, seeing the rifleman, it might appear that he is carrying a missile launcher of some sort. Careful observation would reveal the hinges at the aft end of the weapon and under the mid section of the barrel. To the rear hinge a base plate is slid into place and then the two hinge clasps are put over top of the hitching points, and the wheel screws secure it into place. To the front hinge section a heavy duty bipod is affixed, that adjusts the elevation of this mortar. The aiming is conducted through the use of the 2 mile range laser distancer on the side which is mounted on a swivel mount. The sophisticated gyroscopic mechanism built into this mortar allows for the mortar to function as an indirect fire weapon as well, to strike out at targets that are obscured from the mortar crew. A spotter or team of spotters gives coordinates and direction from the launcher. At which point the crew merely redirects the mortar to the appropriate heading, punches in the distance, and the integral computer will indicate the elevation necessary. All the crew must do is use the wheel at the side of the bipod until the mortar's angle of fire readout indicates the appropriate angle of fire, then adjusts the charge setting of the mortar shell, by selecting charges from one to four strength. It's ammunition feed is by clip. To jack a shell into the chamber, the charging lever must be pulled at the back of the mortar, and the shell automatically slides into place. The rifleman/gunner then checks the angle, heading, and charge setting - then pulls the trigger to fire. In the field this weapon is commonly thought of as a form of "pocket artillery", meaning that it is man portable, and can get into places that traditional artillery wouldn't stand a chance of approaching. A common theatre of battle would be in the mountains, in urban environments, and the like. Besides these examples they are used also by covert teams who do not have large scale artillery that can support them near at hand. Why use a mortar rather than a mini-missile launcher? Simple! Their rounds are cheaper, you don't have to see your' enemy before you shoot if you have a forward observer, and it has a longer effective range. The drawback is that if you do not have a forward observer, skilled in Navigation, and the main gunner is not well skilled in Navigation, the weapon is very inaccurate.

Weight: 62 Lb. for the rifle, 15 Lb. for the bipod bipod, 30 Lb. for the base, plus 50 Lb. per 6 shot clip.
Mega-Damage: Varies - See S-Mart's Munitions for details on 75 mm mortar shells.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the users combined hand to hand attacks.
Maximum Effective Range: 16,000', lobbing shells in at specific coordinates indirectly. Two miles (10,560') when firing at a visible target.
Payload: 6 75 mm Mortar shells per clip.
Market Cost: 185,000 credits for the complete package - PLUS the cost of each unloaded 10 M.D.C. clips is 750 credits. (Cost of the shells are found on the S-Mart Munitions page.)

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