S-Mart GL-4 Low Velocity 40 mm Grenade Launcher

      The GL-4 Grenade Launcher is an accessory package for the S-Mart LPL-7A Light Pulse Laser. Fitted with this weapon, the LPL-7A becomes something of S-Mart's answer to the Northern Gun NG-LG6's Grenade Launcher. The main difference between these is that the GL-4 is a single shot breach loaded weapon. While to some this is a step back, in terms of technology, since these competetor weapons have always carried oodles of grenades, the designers of the GL-4 took one important factor into account when designing the GL-4 - weight. The average infantryman has to carry his or her weapon over great distances. Over time a heavy weight weapon becomes a significant hinderance - and carrying large quantities of grenades in your' rifle, while providing significant destructive qualities, makes it unnecessarily heavy. Not everyone is a juicer or a cyborg after all. The ammunition of the GL-4 is of the low velocity type, the same employed by Northern Gun and the Coalition States in their lower caliber rifle grenade launchers - and is capable of comparable performance to these types.

Weight: 4 Lb.
Mega-Damage: Varies with low velocity grenade type, please view S-Mart's Munitions page.
Rate of Fire: This is a single shot weapon - and requires two actions to reload.
Maximum Effective Range: 1,100'.
Payload: 1 grenade.
Market Cost: 6,000 credits plus the cost of the grenades. For the price of the grenades available please view S-Mart's Munitions page.

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