Desert Star Places of Interest

1.)Shaquela Castle: This is the home of the King and Queen of Desert Star, Ace Ripley and Mahelian Shaquela. It is styled much like a European Castle but the walls, towers, and keep, are all plated in the chrome metal! It's stats will be covered in full in a totally separate page. Very few people are ever allowed into the palace accept for a few trusted NOMADs that guard the palace grounds from intruders.
2.)Ripley's Museum: This Museum contains seven floors of history. Among it's collection is weaponry and armor from all over the world from all different ages, art works, and all sorts of pre rift artifacts, that make Desert Star one of the foremost experts on Pre-Rift history in North America.
3.)Tolkeen Embassy: This is the new Tolkeen Embassy. After NG and Manistique broke trade with Tolkeen they needed supplies from somewhere. They chose this time to turn to the new blossoming western communities of Desert Star and Wa-Daisho. Ace Ripley was delighted when they approached his Kingdom for help, and gladly gave them support. (Note: This was once the Northern Gun Embassy, but under the new CS/NG trade deal all trade must be broken off from Tolkeen, Desert Star, and any other D-Bee supporting nations.
4.)Lazlo Embassy: The Embassy dedicated to Lazlo.
5.)Great Library: A great place of learning. Every day at 12 noon classes are available for anyone to join to learn to read American, for free. There is also a great variety of books available, both pre rift and post rift., and fifty computer terminals with an amazing amount of Pre Rift information on them.
6.)Desert Star Bank: One of the best and trust worthy banks in North America. They have yet to make any errors and rates are very fair. Credit cards from this bank are recognized in Wa-Daisho, Kyatashiro, Save Haven, Lazlo, New Lazlo, Northern Gun, and the Manistique Imperium.
7.)Cockitrice Pen: This is a pen where three large tame bird like lizards are cared for and stored. It is the closest thing to a zoo in Desert Star.
8.)Free Quebec Embassy: The Free Quebec Embassy was located in Desert Star long before it succeeded from the CS. Here is where they make trade deals and exchange information.
9.)City Hall: The city senate organizes themselves here to decide on city issues such as laws and taxes. Although this gives the people of Desert Star some measure of power, all decisions can be overturned by either the King or the Queen.
10.)Former Manistique Imperium Embassy: Much in the same way as Northern Gun, this was the Embassy dedicated to the Manistique Imperium before Desert Star's ruler Ace Ripley learned of the recent agreements and trade embargoes against another ally, Free Quebec.
11.)Avalon Hotel: This is a large hotel with many rooms, although it is on the expensive side, it is a popular place to stay. Standard rooms go for 75 credits a night while the penthouses can go for up to 1,500 credits a night! The owner is originally from Tolkeen, but has since moved to the boomtown to make a new place of business.
12.)NOMAD Headquarters Barracks: These five buildings hold the vast majority of Desert Star's troops.
13.)The Valhalla Inn: This large Inn is for the rougher type of person. The lower floor is a massive bar, the largest in the city, with live bands playing there nightly. Although it usually caters to mercenaries and the likes thereof, the citizens of Desert Star are readily accepted into the inn. Rooms usually cost between 30 credits a night and 150 credits. It is secretly owned by Ace Ripley.
14.)Colossus of Rhodes: This replica was made by a team of artists and engineers from Lazlo using a piece of information found in the archive that was originally found in a hidden chamber underneath the Sphinx located in the Phoenix Empire.
15.)Desert Star's Paymasters Office: This is the place where any serious Bounty Hunter can find his next hit, or a professional Mercenary may find his next employer. All information is gathered through messengers from all across North America.
16.)John's Garage: John's Garage is a professional garage where automobiles of both electric and combustion can be repaired or modified. Hovercraft, trucks, and some small vehicles (like jet packs), can be repaired.
17.)Kittani Sales: This shop is owned by three Kittani who are in Desert Star to watch over things. Ace is well aware of this and made a deal with the High Lord in control of this operation, that led to the Kittani hospital being established, in exchange he would ignore the Kittani spies presence. The shop sells their services by modifying weapons and vehicles, and sales include that of most Kittani weapons and vehicles normally available in the Atlantis Open Market.
18.)Empty Buisness: This shop was once the Northern Gun Outlet in town. However after Northern Gun's Ambassador was forcibly removed from Desert Star, they closed shop and moved back home. It is now for sale by private owner asking 120,000 credits for the building.
19.)The Strip: The Strip is a strip of buildings that covers both sides of a city street that includes small bars, shops, and licensed houses of ill repute.
20.)Wilks Outlet: This shop offers the weapons and equipment normally produced by Wilks Industries.
21.)The Blood Bowl Arena: This government owned arena shows fights, races, and all manner of gladiatorial battles every day. It's name is not considering that at least three quarters of the fights are to the death. It is one of the largest buildings in the city.
22.)Glittering Field: This is also a government owned business. It is where all the major football games are held, and much of the city addresses are held.
23.)School: This school is the school for all ages. All ages are taught there from kindergarten to college.
24.)School for the Gifted: All advanced learning is done here. It's specialty though is the training of Mages and Psychics. Early on in the childrens' teachings they are screened for magic and psychic potential, if and when it is found the parents are consulted as to whether or not they wish for their child to be trained in these ways.
25.)Court House: The court house is where all the judgements are made against criminals of Desert Star. As with the city decisions they can be overthrown by the King or Queen.
26.)Temple of the Tenzan: Advice on warfare, Demon Slaying, and the martial arts are made here by 2 priests of the Tenzan and occasionally him, himself.
27.)Public Library: This library is smaller and more education related than the Great Library. Very little in computer tech can be found here though, and all info here is reproductions of original books instead of the expensive copies found in the Great Library.
28.)Temple of Silk: Shelter is given here to warriors of every kind, several explicit entertainments are also presented here in honor of the god of chaos.
29.)South Gate Barracks: These barracks are dedicated to the soldiers who guard the southern gate.
30.)L & N Vibro Blades: This store is the second one of it's kind to be opened across the continent. It's prices are fair, and it's weapons are of great quality, and variety. It is owned by the close friend of Ace's, Nyan Tamya.
31.)West Gate Barracks: These barracks are dedicated to the soldiers who guard the western gate.
32.)Statue of Liberty: This replica of the Statue of Liberty was made after Ace decided that the city looked a little off center and that there was little in the way to commemorate the ancient American Empire that once ruled much of North America.
33.)Plaza: This is a place of entertainment. There is two different movie theaters, a stage for concerts and plays, and several small arcades and virtual arcades. There is also plenty of vendors that frequent the Plaza with their wares all through the Plaza halls.
34.)Kittani Hospital: One of the most advanced hospitals on the continental North America can be found here. Much of the wonders of Atlantis are brought to life here in this building.
35.)Showmans Sportsclub: This is the club where many of the showmen in Desert Star hang out with fans and groupies. Gladiators, Football players, Murderthon stars, Juicer Football stars, Deadball veterans, and Race Drivers all attend the Sportsman Club.
36.)East Street Vehicle/Weapon Storage Sight: This is the place where the vehicles entering from the Eastern Gate may Store their weapons and vehicles. (Room for 150 automobile.)
37.)South Street Vehicle/Weapon Storage Sight: This is the place where the vehicles entering from the Southern Gate may Store their weapons and vehicles. (Room for 300 automobiles.)
38.)Nyan's Street Vehicle/Weapon Storage Sight: This is the place where the vehicles entering from the Western Gate may Store their weapons and vehicles. (Room for 250 automobiles.)
39.)Thom's Convenience Store: This store contains foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages, and household items one may need in day to day life.
40.)Aaron's House of Rest: The only flop house in Desert Star is here. A cot to lay down on and a trunk 4'x2'x3' for belongings costs 12 credits a night. These cots are located in large community rooms with 150 cots per floor (3 floor building.)
41.)Grocery/Department Store: This is where the citizens of Desert Star go to pick up groceries and textiles such as clothing and bedclothes.
42.)Archie's Subs, Spagetti, and Pizza: This shop is one of the most popular places in Desert Star. Their food is great and they do deliver! Costs; 15 credits per large pizza, 4 credits per foot long submarine sandwich, 4 credits per plate of spaghetti, and their is a 2 credit charge per item delivered.
43.)Sand Surfer's Bar and Grill: A great place for a traveler to go to get a cold drink or for a bite to eat. It is also a popular family hangout as the big screen TV plays a family movie every Tuesday night. Prices are fair to low, and the food is decent.
44.)Tristan's Exotic Spices: This is an import sight for spices from all over. Some spices are even imported from overseas! Actually this place is the second cover for the Black Market. They are involved with the import of exotic drugs with the additional finances from the spices. Ace is not aware of this sight.
45.)Budweiser Brewery: This is a small time brewery that produces descent beer! (Almost identical to pre rift Budwieser.)
46.)The Double I Magic Emporium: This shop is run by a Techno Wizard named, Eric Hartmann, who creates much in the way of scrolls and magical items. Many of these can be found in my page called Techno Wizard Items.
47.)S-Mart Corporate Offices: The Corporate offices is where all of the important business deals, and special decisions are made.
48.)Commercial Airport: This is where all the flights and aircraft used by Desert Star are stored and flown into.
49.)Military Airbace: The Military Airbace is where all the NOMAD aircraft are kept, and flown from.
50.)Capos Incorporated (Plant): This is where the wares of this large business are created. As the mother corporation for S-mart it produces basic items like rations, household items, and other things of this nature.
51.)S-Mart (Plant): These two buildings are the production sights for the high tech items produced in Desert Star. Power Armor, Tanks, VR systems, Communications Systems, Ordinance, and any other manner of high tech items are produced in these two huge buildings.
52.)Packaging and Storage Facility: This is the place where small items produced in S-mart and all items produced by Capos Inc. are packaged and stored.
53.)S-Mart Showcase: This is where the masterpieces of Desert Star are presented to interested customers such as mercenaries or related nations.
54.)NOMAD Headquarters & Armory: The headquarters to the famous military force of Desert Star. It also contains weapons and vehicles that are used by this powerful force.
55.)Convienience Hall: This is a string of businesses in the middle of a residential section of town. It contains a laundry mat, video store, and convenience store.
56.)Capos Incorporated: The place where all business deals are made for this company.
57.)NOMAD Police Headquarters: Self Explanitory.
58.)Military Hangar: This is where the Military Aircraft are stored.
59.)Metalurgy and Technology Reserch Facility: Some of the top scientists do their work and research here.
60.)Monument of War: Several statues and artists renditions of the battle between the Liberation Army and the Coalition.
61.)Peoples' Savings Center: This is the second bank in Desert Star. Their rates are almost identical to that of the bank of Desert Star, accept their credit cards are only good in Desert Star.
62.)Caylek Emporium: This is a standard run of the mill magic shop. All Spells from levels 1-5 are available, in scroll form. Classes can also be purchased for 2,000 credits per level of spell desired. These are taught in the School for the Gifted.
63.)Heavy Metal: This is a cyber shop. They are capable of everything short of a bionic conversion. Prices are average, and quality is fair.

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