Current Campaigns of the RRVGG

      The RRVGG now primarily operates in two Halstad Minnesota locations or one Crookston Minnesota location.

1. Flashpoint: Two nations have come to blows over a misunderstanding, and mercenaries are called in to fill the void with one of the two nations. The question remains however, whether these brave adventurers can stop this war from spreading to ignite a much larger war!
Game System: RIFTS Phase World Setting.
Current Stage of Development: Active.
Primary Game Master: Edward A. May.
Campaign Level: This is a low level mercenary campaign intended to be run with low level Phase World based characters.
Players: Angelina D. May, Jan E. Knoell, Levi Fugleseth, Sue A. Kramer, Dennis D. Gillette, Anthony V. May, Patricia R. May, Pamela D. Kreis, Nate ????, and Chris Muhm.
Location of Game: Halstad South, Minnesota.
Day of Game (4 Month Schedule): September 3rd & 17th, October 1st, 15th & 29th, November 12th & 26th, December 10th & 24th.
Time of Game: 9 AM to 5 PM.
Comments: While started briefly in the winter of 2004, this campaign fell by the wayside in favor of "Of Blood & Gargoyles" and "The Secrets of Dark Heart". Interest was recently renewed in the setting with comments to its favor made by Chris Muhm and Dennis Gillette, and it seems that at the conclusion of "The Rescue", that this campaign may be the primary meet game.

2. SpecOps: Unit - Anti-Terrorism Task Force: A diverse group of former military operatives are enlisted in the ongoing war against terrorism abroad, set in the world of Ninjas & Superspies.
Game System: Ninjas & Superspies.
Current Stage of Development: Active.
Primary Game Master: Jan E. Knoell.
Campaign Level: This is a low level Ninjas & Superspies campaign, though a high level character would fit in just fine.
Players: Chris & Krista Muhm.
Location of Game: Halstad North, Minnesota.
Day of Game (4 Month Schedule): September 10th, October 8th, November 5th, December 3rd & 31st.
Time of Game: 9 AM to 5-6 PM.
Comments: This campaign is largely based off of the television series called "The Unit", and while the scenarios in that show often work well for their group, for our own it can get really hairy. On our most recent session we lost several player characters as a result.

3. The Mighty Typhoon: Unrest and differences between the Allied Nations is threatening to cause its destruction, unwilling to be left defenseless, Wa-Daisho begins to develop it's new navy with the secret launching of it's Tritonian built warship - the submersible carrier called "Typhoon". Join our squadron in their exciting travels through the seven seas of Earth, facing pirates, meeting emmissaries, and meeting all who would threaten the Republic of Wa-Daisho, head on!
Game System: RIFTS.
Current Stage of Development: Active.
Primary Game Master: Edward A. May.
Campaign Level: This is a medium to low level campaign intended for pilot characters who are using the skill advancement rules presented in Rifter 33.
Players: Angelina D. May, Anthony V. May, Patricia R. May, and Pamela D. Kreis.
Location of Game: Halstad South, Minnesota.
Day & Time of Game: Sporadic days and times.
Comments: This campaign is a sequal/spinoff campaign of our classic and legendary Skies Over Tolkeen campaign, with several veterans returning to the skies this time to fight for the Republic of Wa-Daisho. We are still in the early phases of the campaign involving some flight training of new recruits, a couple of which never partook in the SoT campaign.

4. MMI: SpecOps: The Mystic Military Intelligence of Tolkeen has hired on some new muscle to accomplish certain sensitive SpecOps missions they require - the player group. Join them in their bloody missions against the deadly CS Army.
Game System: RIFTS, with Phase World Characters.
Current Stage of Development: Active.
Primary Game Master: Jan E. Knoell.
Campaign Level: This is a medium to low level campaign using UWW's Warlock Marines as the player characters.
Players: Chris & Krista Muhm.
Location of Game: Crookston, Minnesota.
Day of Game (4 Month Schedule): September 24th, October 22nd, November 19th, December 17th.
Time of Game: 9 AM to 5 PM.
Comments: Since this author has not personally partaken in this campaign I cannot speak terribly intelligently in regards to it, but from what I have been told, it is loosely a spinoff campaign of the Skies Over Tolkeen campaign, similarly to The Mighty Typhoon. Only this game is set with the player group being involved with the Special Forces branch of MMI.

5. Of Blood & Gargoyles: A group of adventurers set in the backwater reaches of RIFTS France wind up, unwittingly, in the midst of a chaotic Blood Druid plot to undermine the stability of the region. Having thwarted this plot, the characters embark on an epic quest, to ferret out and defeat the dreaded Blood Druids and their unfortunate followers. If successful in their plans to eliminate the Blood Druid's influence throughout the free Kingdoms of France though, what new evil will rise in it's place? Only time will tell...
Game System: RIFTS using materials developed during the RIFTS France campaign of 2001.
Current Stage of Development: Active.
Primary Game Master: Edward A. May.
Campaign Level: This is a straight low level campaign using less tech-savvy characters than one would usually encounter in the RIFTS setting.
Players: Angelina D. May, Dennis D. Gillette, and Sue A. Kramer.
Location of Game: Halstad South, Minnesota.
Day & Time of Game: Fridays 5 PM to 12 AM.
Comments: This is a continuation of the old RIFTS France campaign that ran for several months in 2001, but largely sat unused for the past several years. Now with new life breathed into the campaign, the player characters among new allies are again out in their quest to combat the Blood Druids of France - among new horrors yet to have appeared.

6. Maurita's Marauders: A new day is dawning as Major Maurita has finally secured the finances to start his own mercenary company, but who would finance a no-name like Maurita into building a large mercenary company, and to what ends do they intend to use it? Only time will tell, and the crew to Armored Point Gamma are just along for the ride...
Game System: RIFTS with revised combat rules.
Current Stage of Development: On Hold - possibly indefinitely.
Primary Game Master: Edward A. May.
Campaign Level: This is a low level mercenary campaign.
Players: TBD.
Location of Game: Halstad South, Minnesota.
Day & Time of Game: TBD.
Comments: This campaign was intended to play-test the new combat rules developed by Edward A. May, but with other more exceptional campaigns running at this current stage, this campaign has fallen by the wayside for quite some time. As such this campaign and the rules it was intended to test may be scrapped entirely.

7. In the Shadow of Chi-Town: The Burbs have long been a den if iniquity plagued by gangs, assassins, mercenaries, and secrets. Now, a new element has arrived in the Burbs that may change the landscape of the underworld dramatically.
Game System: RIFTS, with a home made burb setting.
Current Stage of Development: On hold.
Primary Game Master: Edward A. May.
Campaign Level: This is a low level campaign involving streetwise characters who are on the shady side of the underworld.
Players: Dan J. Beaton, Pamela D. Kreis, and Angelina D. May.
Location of Game: Halstad South, Minnesota.
Day & Time of Game: On hold; sporadic when it was active.
Comments: This campaign turned out to be a fun way to get into the underworld style of society involving gang members, black market contacts, crime lords, and corrupt CS officials. As the character group excells in levels I hope to get far more in depth into things - from the petty secrets and infiltrations that are currently being conducted - to full out infiltration of various organizations that have a hold in the Burbs. Information, infiltration, assassination, intimidation, and blackmail are all elements of this shady campaign - and it's a blast! I look forward to continuing with it.

Past Campaigns

      The Red River Valley Gaming Group has had literally hundreds of campaigns in the past. Many of which were offshoots or side campaigns to a larger campaign, but outside of a few exceptions, all were a riot to play in or to game master for.

      This was the VERY first campaign run using the RIFTS system by the RRVGG. It was a pretty stock mercenary/bounty hunter campaign. It first started with a skirmish played out between Kingsdale and the Coalition States, in which Kingsdale emerged victorious, and the CS State of Missouri wound up with a black eye. Immediately after that mini-campaign, was when Edward A. May was introduced to the gaming world. We adventured, searched out ruins for profitable salvage goods - including some far fetched finds like a Vietnam War era AC-47 and an authentic Richard Petty stock car, but it was all in good fun. The biggest thing we did, however, was go after the worst scum of North America, from smugglers, to murderers, to profiteers, to rapists. As mercenaries we helped Kingdoms to rise, and aided others in coming to their knees. This campaign ran from 1991 to 1993, when it culminated in an anti-CS campaign led by a power known as The Colony, composed of twins with a unique mystical bond, and amazing super powers. By that point, our game world was kinda goofy, it contradicted the books in so many places, that we decided it was time to move on to a new game world. This made Wanted - Dead or Alive, the first and last campaign of our very first game world. Among the player characters in regular play today, only one remains from this campaign - Maddigan Morgan, a classic Headhunter. (After the change over to the new game world, we eventually had some of the classic characters come through a RIFT to this other game world, as an alternate dimension.)

      This was a supplementary game put together by Jan Knoell, to play on when Edward A. May was not available. Essentially - it was an assassins group for hire, out of Kingsdale. They went on several jobs, assassinated spies, world leaders, and even made an attempt on Joseph Prosek while playing in a Universal Football League. (He survived, but as a partial conversion cyborg!) One Shot, One Hit, One Kill ran from 1992 until 1993. Among the player characters in regular play today, only one remains from this campaign - Silk, a Ninja Assassin. (After the change over to the new game world, we eventually had some of the classic characters come through a RIFT to this other game world, as an alternate dimension.)

      This was the very first established campaign of the new game world, an anti-vampire campaign that centered around Reid's Rangers. We had a riot playing in this, slaying vampires, saving towns, and eventually even going after and defeating a couple of vampire intelligences. While with the Rangers we made trips to the Burbs of Chi-Town to acquire weapons for the Rangers, and even tangled with the Mechanoids a time or two. (We were sent there by Doc Reid, because he thought the devouring swarm mentioned in prophesies pertaining to the Mechanoids, might be a new group of vampires.) Reid's Rangers ran from 1993 to early 1994, when our characters started to see just how messed up the core Rangers were, and so we left. That aside, it was a campaign of heroes that only a few survived the duration of. Among those who survived and became larger than life was the heroic character Nyan Tamya.

      Many of the characters active in the Reid's Rangers campaign became dimensional travelers. We quested for mystical artifacts and weapons, tracked down villainous scum through the megaverse, made combat with tyrants and madmen, and in a few cases - saved entire worlds from destruction, including Earth, when we joined the Gathering of Heroes in Mexico. Those who already had a name from heroic exploits in Mexico, reached the status of living legend during this campaign. While this campaign, "Infinite Realities, One Group of Heroes", has a name - it is actually the name of an overall dimension hopping quasi-campaign that has no real central focus or purpose. Amidst the middle of this quasi-campaign, a couple of player characters decided to build cities with their vast resources gained through dimension hopping, and used their name - among those who knew about what they had done, to populate these new civilizations. Desert Star and Wa-Daisho were spawned out of this period of play. All in all this quasi-campaign ran from 1994 until 2004.

      This campaign was a riot! Back in Black was obviously our CS Campaign. It didn't start out that way though. It started out with everyone just making up a few characters and deciding to adventure. Jan, Clint, Elpedio and Dan each made up mercs - Edward had to be an odd ball, and make up a SAMAS RPA Elite! After adventuring together, and saving each other's lives, the others were sworn into the Coalition States Military. Thus began the Back in Black campaign. We were sent to Oddessa, a far flung outpost of the CS Empire, and were told to clean it up - because it was rife with corruption and sloth. We did so well, that the Oddessa troops within a span of two years, became crack soldiers and became the core of the new Coalition States Special Forces! (Strangely, our stories of the campaign were mirrored in the later book RIFTS Mercenaries, under Larsen's Brigade's background!) Running from 1994-1996 and one brief return to it in 1998, our characters reached high levels, and became fairly high ranking officers in the CS military.

      The next in our series of military campaigns was Orelian Command, a mercenary campaign based out of Center Phase World. Orelian Command was a strange unit though, composed of alien ships, nobody in Phase World were familiar with. As it turned out they were from a neighboring galaxy, in which could be found an alternate version of Earth, in a futuristic version of the Macross/Macross II saga. They were there trying to build a large mercenary unit, forge it into a strong power, and then to return to their own galaxy with these mercs in tow - to engage the Marduk threat to Earth. Our characters were based off of the OCS 17 Stella, a Corvette as described in one of the Macross II ship books. As part of Squadron 17, we were the Special Forces element that virtually did all of the ground operations, did a lot of EVA ops, and similar. We fought against the TGE, Smugglers, Vacuum Wasps, bandits, and of course Mardukians. The pinnacle of our campaign was when we managed to stop a TGE/Marduk alliance that would have spelled the end to not only Terra but likely to the CCW and UWW as well. The campaign ran from 1996 to 1998, but ended abruptly before the return to Terra, when two of the key players in the campaign Dan J. Beaton and Clinton E. Knoell left the group.

      This was without a doubt the most intense campaign of any of our experiences. The Skies Over Tolkeen game was set up after waiting YEARS to see the Siege on Tolkeen BOOK as it was originally supposed to be. Finally in 1998, Edward got tired of waiting, and made his own details up for Tolkeen based on materials already found within the books and the Adventure Guide that came with the game shields. (In retrospect, we are all thankful that he did this - because his details were far more true to the setting and previously published details, than the subsequent seven book series was.) The unique twist to the campaign though, was that we would be playing in the air war portion of the war, as volunteers in the 9th Royal Tolkeen Air Force Squadron, individuals from across North America, who would stand up to defend their neighboring Kingdom from the tyranny of the Coalition States. We battled the black aircraft of our enemies, defended the cities of this great kingdom with our lives, supported our troops on the ground, and did everything we could to stop the CS onslaught. In the process we made friends and lost them, the NPCs in this campaign somehow seemed more real than those in other campaigns. Maybe it was because we knew everything there was to know about them. Maybe we were all actually experiencing shell shock from the vivid setting. All we know is that this was the ONLY campaign in which there were tears around the table at the loss of friends in the game. Traumatic as it may have been though, I do not think a single one of us would ever give away our experiences in this game. This campaign ran from 1998 to 2004, the longest running established campaign in RRVGG history. It was rotated around with a couple of other campaigns, but the lure of the Tolkeenite war always drew us back, until the final fall of the once great Kingdom.

      This campaign began in the Spring of 2004 and ran until the summer of 2006. It was about a mysterious rune sword that fell into the hands of Alekesis Dromana, a Chiang-Ku Hatchling Dragon, literally in the bowels of Hades. Nothing was known about the blade for many years afterwards, though she carried it and used it frequently, until a freak accident during a guild ritual broke the mystical restraints placed upon this ancient rune weapon. She soon learned that this weapon was forged by the hand of the being it held in an attempt to end an ancient bloodfeud. The being was not content with simply demanding the blood of his arch-nemesis - but instead he wanted to show her why. Though a great many things, including a long drawn out dimension hopping series of adventures, were planned for this campaign it never quite got off-world, having been interrupted by "The Rescue". Though we planned to resume play after The Rescue, several key characters in this campaign were retired at the end of "The Rescue", leaving Dark Heart to have to wait until the next champion can come along and fulfill his destiny.

      This short campaign was run by Anthony V. May during the summer of 2006, in which Nyan's wife was brutally murdered, Nyan's daughter and the pregnant wife and daughter of the longest running player character in the campaign, Maddigan Morgan were kidnapped by unknown forces. We were soon led on a wild goose chase via clues left by the abductors that led us to a pocket dimension somehow linked to the RIFTS World. Afterwards we were dragged through all manner of supernatural horrors, enemy plots, and ultimately led us to our prize. We soon learned, through a bizarre set of circumstances, that the CS and Free Quebec had discovered this pocket dimension and chose to use it as an unlikely trapping point to draw us in and acquire of all things - genetic samples! It was an exciting campaign that kept us all guessing, but ultimately, ended the long-running high powered game group with the retirement of several key characters.

Game World Timeline

      In our twelve years of gaming on this current game world, we've gone through a lot, accomplished a lot, and changed more than a few things about our game world when compared to the stock version contained in the official RIFTS Books. For a complete rundown of our timeline please view this link, it is a zip file containing a single .doc file. I hope you enjoy reading over this very brief overview, and it gives you a better understanding of some of the materials found amidst our creations.

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