S-Mart Assassin-C

      Never one to leave it's military behind, Desert Star has made plans to upgrade the Assassin-A aircraft in NOMAD service to a new classification of Assassin-C. Although classified as a totally different type, there is relatively little that has been changed - except for the integral main gun. The SM-333 of the Assassin-A being replaced with the SM-433 of the Assassin-B.

Class: Close Air Support/Attack Aircraft.
Model Type: Assassin-C.
Crew: 1; 2 seat trainer versions are produced. Roughly 1 out of every 10 produced is a 2 seat aircraft.
M.D.C. by Location:
Same as per the Assassin-A.

Same as per the Assassin-A.

Statistical Data:
Same as per the Assassin-A.

Weapon Systems:

1. 30 mm SM-433 Rapid Fire Assault Cannon: This weapon was developed originally to outfit the S-Mart SMF-4 "Stiletto" with an integral weapon system. It combined the heavy hitting firepower of a 30 mm cannon, with the use of electromagnetics to 'fling' the explosive shells to a higher velocity than conventional propellants, a concept pioneered by rail guns and RFFCs. The result was a longer ranged, heavier hitting, and more efficient 30 mm cannon! Once this design was completed, and tested to good results - even before it was fitted on the first operational Stilettos, it was already on the drawing board to be fitted to the new Assassin-B aircraft, of the Allied Naval Fleet.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Armor.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Personnel.
Mega-Damage: 2D6x10+10 MD per 10 shell burst.
Blast Radius: A combined burst of explosive shells has about a 5' blast radius.
Rate of Fire: 10 shell bursts only.
Maximum Effective Range: 10,000'.
Payload: The aircraft carries a massive 1,000 round drum capable of supplying then 100 bursts.
Reload Cost: Each 30 mm cannon shell costs 650 credits from S-Mart. (NOTE: Damage increase is a result of the EM propelled impact, not the explosive power.)

2. Pod Spaces: Generally the same as the Assassin-A - a variety of Pod Weaponry, being able to be selected to outfit the 40 pod spaces available to this attack bomber.

3. Systems of Note: Generally the same as the Assassin-A.

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