S-Mart Aircraft

      S-Mart has made an extensive effort to interpret and utilize the ancient Aerospace technology of the former United States of America. Ace Ripley has taken this as a priority, given the lack of air power in North America, and the world over all - it not only provides an excellent market, but gives Desert Star the wildcard to keep the more powerful and versatile aircraft to themselves. Much of this technology is comparable to that of the Coalition States, however, S-Mart has the sole advantage of not having to fill in the blanks of technology lost, the records recovered in the complex below Desert Star were more than complete, as the records were gathered there with the sole intention of serving as a hall of records for survivors to rebuild the United States of America anew if there were ever a holocaust that destroyed society. As with other products S-Mart produces, there is a variety of vehicles they produce only for the Allied Nations, and then there are those they manufacture for sale and distribution.

The S-Mart Javelin Multi-Role Fighter - Aka Lockheed Aerospace F-33 Super Raptor.
The S-Mart Skyhawk Multi-Role Fighter - Aka *N.A.C. S-14 Sea Hawk.
The S-Mart Eagle Air Superiority Fighter - Aka Rockwell Collins F-53 Warhawk.
The S-Mart Stiletto Air Dominance Fighter - Aka *N.A.C. F-56 Lightning.
The S-Mart Assassin Close Air Support Aircraft - Aka Fairchild-Dornier A-100 Super Warthog.
The S-Mart Cicada Assault Aerodyne - Aka Boeing AV-26 Wasp.
The S-Mart Dragonfly Modular Multi-Purpose Aerodyne - Aka Sikorsky S-201.
The S-Mart Vulture Assault Aerodyne - Aka N/A (New Design).
The S-Mart Whirlwind Transport - Aka Boeing V-24 Osprey II.
The S-Mart Hermes Heavy Cargo Aircraft - Aka Boeing XC-60 Universe.
The S-Mart Skytruck Medium Cargo Aircraft - Aka N/A (New Design).
The S-Mart Bullfrog Amphibious Light Cargo Aircraft - Aka N/A (New Design).
The S-Mart Kitfox Transport Aerodyne - Aka N/A (New Design).
The S-Mart Arlis Light Recon Helicopter - Aka Bell OH-79.

* N.A.C. Stands for Northrop Aerospace Conglomerate.

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