S-Mart Assassin-B

      The Assassin-B is a navalized version of the Assassin-A, with a few other improvements to assist in it's role as a carrier based, attack aircraft. A total of 104 of these aircraft have been produced, including 4 two seater trainer aircraft, for service aboard the A.N.F. Dalmir & the A.N.F. Yellow Submarine.

Class: Close Air Support/Attack Aircraft.
Model Type: Assassin-B.
Crew: 1; 2 for the trainer versions.
M.D.C. by Location:
Same as per the Assassin-A Aircraft.

Same as per the Assassin-A.

Statistical Data:
Same as per the Assassin-A - with the following exceptions...

Height: 15' 2".
Weight: 42,206 Lbs.
Market Cost: This aircraft is not available for sale on the open market! It is not currently used by NOMAD Air Forces, but is used exclusively by the Allied Naval Fleet. Each aircraft costs the Allied Naval Fleet 22.3 million credits.

Weapon Systems:

1. 30 mm SM-433 Rapid Fire Assault Cannon: This weapon was developed originally to outfit the S-Mart SMF-4 "Stiletto" with an integral weapon system. It combined the heavy hitting firepower of a 30 mm cannon, with the use of electromagnetics to 'fling' the explosive shells to a higher velocity than conventional propellants, a concept pioneered by rail guns and RFFCs. The result was a longer ranged, heavier hitting, and more efficient 30 mm cannon! Once this design was completed, and tested to good results - even before it was fitted on the first operational Stilettos, it was already on the drawing board to be fitted to the new Assassin-B aircraft, of the Allied Naval Fleet.
Primary Purpose: Anti-Warship/Anti-Armor.
Secondary Purpose: Anti-Sea Monster/Anti-Personnel.
Mega-Damage: 2D6x10+10 MD per 10 shell burst.
Blast Radius: A combined burst of explosive shells has about a 5' blast radius.
Rate of Fire: 10 shell bursts only.
Maximum Effective Range: 10,000'.
Payload: The aircraft carries a massive 1,000 round drum capable of supplying then 100 bursts.
Reload Cost: Each 30 mm cannon shell costs 650 credits from S-Mart. (NOTE: Damage increase is a result of the EM propelled impact, not the explosive power.)

2. Pod Spaces:
Generally the same as the Assassin-A - a variety of Pod Weaponry, being able to be selected to outfit this naval attack bomber.

3. Systems of Note:
In addition to the standard systems of the Assassin-A, the Assassin-B has a few unique features that assist it in it's role as a Naval Attack Bomber.
-Folding Wings: To assist in storage of the 3 squadrons of Assassin-Bs on board each of the Dalmir Class Carriers, it was deemed necessary to design the Assassin-B's new wing to be able to fold. They fold in two joints each, once at an elbow, and the wingtips fold over onto themselvs to make it short enough to assist in fitting below decks, into the work shops, and other small spaces.
-Carrier Arrestor & Catapult Gear: Since the Assassin is not a VTOL aircraft, and it's STOL capabilities are still a bit further than that of a carrier deck, it was seen as necessary to outfit this aircraft with special gear to allow it to function normally on a carrier deck, thus it can make use of the electromagnetic catapults, and the arrester wire.
-Extended Ultra-Strength Landing Gear: Since carrier landings are typically rougher, slower speed landings, than those encountered elsewhere, it was seen as necessary for safety reasons to design a new set of landing gear for the Assassin-B, to provide it with more cushion upon landing. The new gear gives the Assassin-B a 'nose up' look to it.

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