S-Mart Watercraft

      The idea of Desert Star's industrial giant, S-Mart, even having a watercraft line would surprise most, and even cause a laugh or two in a few circles - but in fact they do indeed have such a line. The line of watercraft produced by S-mart over the past years, have been almost entirely for export or commercial value - save for a few vessels designed to ferry raw ores and goods from various parts of the Great Salt Lake to the city of Desert Star. Those designs listed below will go into further detail, as to who the vessels were designed for, and how many were produced and/or sold.

S-Mart Katana-A Gun Boat
S-Mart Clipper-A Fast Transport Vessel
S-Mart Sportsman-A Private Fishing Boat
S-Mart Guardian-A Light Patrol Vessel
S-Mart Superion-A Luxury Yacht
S-Mart Watersport-A Jet Ski
S-Mart Prowler-A Mini-Sub
S-Mart Anglerfish-A Assault/Patrol Mini-Sub

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