S-Mart Hummer A & B

      The S-Mart Hummer land rover is a bolt for bolt reproduction of the US Army's famous HMMWV, that saw such widespread service from the late 20th century, all the way to the end of the 21st. After the fall of civilization many Humvees continued to serve mankind through the dark ages, lasting for many long years, some still running in 118PA! Since the rebirth of civilization, and the shift of communities dedicated to pure survival to productive societies, many manufacturers have opted to produce new Humvees or similar models thereof due to their popularity and reputation for ruggedness. Among those in North America that produce the type are the Coalition States, Manistique Imperium, Golden Age Weaponsmiths, and of course now S-Mart.

      S-Mart's model differs from these manufacturers in a couple of different points. The first, though technically speaking a copy, is that the entire structure from the frame up are made of extremely endurant composites and armor plating. Second S-Mart offers two slightly different models to the populace, a civilian Hummer-A model, and a military Hummer-B model. The difference between them being only the mounting of a pintle mount and a hatch over the passenger side seat in the front of the vehicle. Each of these versions are available with the option of electric or multi-fuel propulsion systems. S-Mart annually releases new models of the Hummer, under the original designation of Hummer-A or Hummer-B, distinguished by the year and various modifications. An instance of this a Hummer-A & Hummer-B model manufactured in 115PA was in a pickup truck layout.

Model Type: Hummer-A (Civilian model) & Hummer-B (Military model).
Class: General Purpose Land Rover.
Crew: 1; Can carry up to 5 passengers comfortably.
M.D.C. by Location:
    Wheels (4) - 5 each.
    Windows (6) - 10 each.
    Doors (4) - 40 each.
    *Main Body - 130.

* Depleting the M.D.C. of the Main Body will shut the vehicle down completely, making it useless.

Maximum Speed: 80 mph.
Maximum Range: 400 miles; A full 70% of these vehicles are electric.

Statistical Data:
Height: 6'2".
Width: 7'2".
Length: 16'.
Weight: 4,500 Lb. for the base civilian model, 4,550 Lb. for the military model.
Cargo: Can carry up to 5,000 Lb. without bogging down, losing 10 mph of speed for every 100 Lb. carried over this amount, down to a minimum speed of 20 mph. Anything over this amount will kill the motor. In the alternative the Hummer can pull a load twice this weight.
Power System: Electric or Multi-Fuel.
Market Cost: 32,000 for the civilian model, 45,000 credits for the military model.

1. Systems of Note:
    1. Pintle Mount: The military version has a pintle mount accessable via a hatch directly above the front, passenger side seat. Common weapons available for such a mount are the RFFC-17 Rapid Fire Field Cannon, ISC-2 Infantry Support Cannon, RG-5 Rail Gun, and the RR-1 75 mm Recoilless Rifle. (For details on all of these weapons please view the Heavy Weapons page, from the custom power armor creation tables.)
    2. Short Range Radio: This is a basic short range radio with a 10 mile transmission range.

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