S-Mart Automobiles & Land Rovers

      S-Mart produces a variety of wheeled personal transportation vehicles, some for use on paved and maintained roads, others for use in offroad environments. They are generally cheap and easy to come by. S-Mart produces a slightly altered variety of each every couple of years, mostly for cosmetic appeal. All of S-Mart's vehicles in this class come standard with power windows, AM/FM Radio, air conditioning, heaters, and a short range radio. (Note that the short range radio may be swapped out for a cellular phone installation in the vehicle.

S-Mart Jeep Land Rover

S-Mart Hummer Land Rover

S-Mart Odin Compact Car

S-Mart Dagda Sedan

S-Mart Shiva Limousine

S-Mart Osiris Pickup

S-Mart Quetzalcoatle "Quincy" Van

S-Mart Balder RV

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