Specialized Modifications

      This section will describe various modifications that might be sought for unique types of power armor.

Centauroid Body & Legs: This joins the torso of the power armor with a centaur like lower body. Like the track legs this allows for increased stability with handling heavy weapons, but it also allows for the fitting of several additional weapons, and does not sacrifice the mobility of legs like the tracks do. The real drawback though is it's incredible price.

Extra Arms: This modification adds an extra set of arms, two strength classes less than the main set, under the original set of arms. This allows for the power armor pilot to either slave them together to function as a single unit, or to operate them separately. Many who opt for this modification make these extra sets of arms weapon arms.

Heavy Duty Claw Hand: This modification changes the hands of the power armor from a conventional looking hand to a larger, heavy duty three fingered hand that allows for the power armor to handle large objects with ease. While excellent for loading duties such as logging, cargo lifting, and similar - they are poor at handling weapons.

Modular Arms: This allows for a limb be laid out as a modular system, allowing heavy tool arms, weapon arms, and the like to be fitted to the modular adapter at the users discression.

Telescoping Arm: This modification gives the arms of the power armor a sort of out of proportion look, with long arms. When desired, these arms may be extended further yet still to allow for gorilla-like running (increase speed by 1/2 the strength attribute in miles per hour), an extended reach, or a slightly stronger punch than other suits in the same strength class. (Increase the punch damage by one dice. Thus if it normally inflicts 1D6 M.D. on a punch, increase it to 2D4 M.D.)

Track Legs: A suit of power armor may be produced that has the legs of the pilot in a more or less sitting position. On either side of the center section are the tracks of the suit. The benefits of this sort of modification is stability above all. ANY weapon can be mounted on a power armor suit with this sort of modification, without risk of toppling it from the recoil experienced. The drawback to it is the weight, and lack of mobility, as compared to legs.

Weapon Arm: This modification essentially removes the workings for a hand on an arm providing more space for weaponry to be fitted to that arm.

Name Spd/P.S. Mod. Weight S.R. Mod. Cost M.D.C.
Centauroid Body & Legs +25% Spd +150% Layout Weight All 4 Legs have same S.R.
+75% Body S.R.
+200% Layout Cost, Armor costs twice the normal amount. Centauroid Body has 1.5 times the Torso's M.D.C.
Legs all have the same M.D.C.
Extra Arms (Sold per pair) 2 P.S. Classes lower than originals +30% Layout Weight 10% less than original arms +30% Layout Cost 10% less than original arms
Heavy Duty Claw Hand N/A +2.5% Layout Weight Unchanged +5% Layout Cost Unchanged
Modular Arms Unchanged No change to the layout weight if the hand is omitted, +2.5% Layout Weight otherwise Each modular arm, that omits the hand, has 50% more space than a typical arm of that strength class. Otherwise the S.R. remains unchanged from normal. +5% Layout Cost for the initial modification. Each additional arm costs 5% of layout cost+armor cost, plus the cost of whatever system(s) are installed into each of the arms purchased. Upper arms receive the full normal M.D.C., while the lower arms have 10% less.
Telescoping Arm Unchanged +5% Layout Weight NO Internal Arm Spaces +5% Layout Cost Increase Arm M.D.C. by 25%.
Track Legs -50% Speed +250% Layout Weight +50% Main Body S.R. Double the layout cost The lower body has 25% less M.D.C. than the main body, and the tracks each have 50 M.D.C.
Weapon Arm Unchanged -5% Layout Weight, plus the weight of the weapon(s). Double the arm's available space. -5% Layout Cost, plus the cost of the weapon(s). Unchanged

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