Energy Weapons

      Energy weapons have their advantages and disadvantages, just like all other weapons. Energy weapons are precise and generally focus on one target - as opposed to an explosive slug thrower that can effect an entire area. Beam weapons are also typically shorter ranged than many larger slug throwers, owing to the fact that they require scandalous amounts of energy to reach out to great lengths. What they do possess, that slug throwers do not however, is convenience. Energy weapons may be patched into a power armor's existing energy supply, meaning that so long as the power armor is still ambulatory - the beam weapons will still function. This makes them an ideal primary weapon for light suits of power armor and a great choice as a secondary, backup weapon, if ammunition supplies on heavy suits run low.

S-Mart LPL-2 Light Pulse Laser: This is the lightest of the beam weapons currently employed by Desert Star for mounting on a Power Armor unit. It is meant to be used as a precision weapon, to strike at vulnerable sensors faceplates, hydraulics, etc. It can also be used as a backup weapon. It's major strongpoint is it's light weight, and small size.

S-Mart LPL-3 Light Pulse Laser: Yet another light weapon designed for precision or backup, is this pulse laser in the same class as the TX-30 or L-20. This weapon is typically mounted in the forearm or chest section of powered armor.

S-Mart LPL-3A Light Pulse Laser: A highly useful system, that is less a weapon system, than it is a defensive system. Essentially it is the same LPL-2, as described above, but coupled with a sophisticated beam-splitter device. When in use it creates a beautiful peacock like array of laser beams that covers a 120 degree area for three seconds, but then the system must be cooled for twelve seconds after. It's designed function is to destroy volleys of deadly anti-armor mini-missiles, but it seconds as a deadly close range anti-infantry weapon - inflicting 2D4x10+6 M.D. to anything that enters the radius of it's effect. Although it may be mounted on the front or back of power armor units, it is most often mounted on the back - as it is too easy to land a limb or weapon within the area of effect in the front.

S-Mart HPL-4 Heavy Pulse Laser: This heavy pulse laser was designed as a forearm mounted backup weapon for heavy power armor units employing RFFCs or ISCs. It is better than fair in it's own right, being in the same class as the Wilks 457 in capabilities.

S-Mart HPL-4A Heavy Pulse Laser: This is, simply put, the rifle variant of the HPL-4. It is intended to be the primary weapon system of a light power armor unit.

S-Mart HPL-4B Heavy Pulse Laser: This system is identical to the HPL-4A, but in lieu of the standard frequency laser frequency, this weapon operates on the Blue-Green Laser frequency found to be so effective in underwater environments. The development of this model was difficult, as it was S-Mart's first blue-green frequency laser, and required assistance from Republican Industries to perfect it.

S-Mart HPL-6A Heavy Pulse Laser: Originally designed by Capos Industries as the HPL-6, as an attempted knock-off of the HI-80 High Intensity Pulse Laser Rifle, commonly found in the Three Galaxies, this version was an utter failure in every regard. It failed to meet the damaging capacity of the HI-80, the weight was entirely too high, but most importantly it failed in terms of how much energy it consumes - unless a reactor was used to power it, it was completely useless. The design was modified heavily and eventually emerged from Capos Industries as the HPL-7, and later from S-Mart in it's various incarnations. The HPL-6 remained unknown however, until S-Mart resurrected it as the HPL-6A, turning it into a variable frequency heavy pulse laser as an alternative to the RFFCs presently employed by heavy power armor units. This system is designed to be housed in the forearm of a power armor unit.

S-Mart LC-1 Laser Cannon: Originally designed by the US Air Defense to be mounted on an orbital security power armor unit, unfortunately this design goal never reached it's full potential, and thus it never made it into space.

Republican Industries/S-Mart LC-1A Laser Cannon: This is essentially an S-Mart LC-1, modified to use gasses in the gas chamber to create a blue-green spectrum frequency laser. The precise art of creating a purified form of gas that creates blue-green laser beams has not been mastered by any in the Alliance, and as a result, the blue-green laser inflicts less damage than the standard LC-1. The advantage to this weapon, however, is that it has a full 1,800' range when underwater - as where all standard ruby spectrum frequency lasers see their ranges halved. This weapon was developed by S-Mart with the assistance of Republican Industries supplying the gasses necessary.

S-Mart PC-1 Plasma Cannon: The first plasma cannon produced by Desert Star, is this massive weapon. It is a large hulking weapon not unlike those of CS or Northern Gun design, with striking similarities to the NG-E12.

S-Mart SB-1 Stun Blaster: This is a sort of quasi-ion blaster that ionizes the air in a direct path from the weapon and then sends an electrical charge down the ionized path to short circuit the nervous system of the target. There are two settings, the first has the capacity to kill weak life forms, but more often injures them and knocks them out. The second has the capacity to kill most S.D.C. life forms, and injure supernatural creatures and short circuit their nervous systems. Saves against this weapon's effects are 16 or better, versus neural attacks. Supernatural creatures attacked with the high setting are only effected if they have less than 150 M.D.C.. If the save fails, the victim is knocked out for 1D4 minutes. In practice, when used, it resembles a lightning bolt flying from the weapon's tubular barrel to the target.

Name Damage R.O.F./Attack Range S.R. Cost Weight M.D.C.
LPL-2 1D6 M.D. per single pulse, 3D6 M.D. per triple pulse burst 1/3 1,200' 5 10,000 4 Lb. 10
LPL-3 2D6 M.D. per single pulse, 6D6 M.D. per triple pulse burst 1/3 1,600' 10 20,000 9 Lb. 15
LPL-3A 2D4x10+6 1/melee 60' 30 75,000 45 Lb. 20
HPL-4 3D6+2 M.D. per single pulse, 1D6x10 M.D. per triple pulse burst 1/3 2,000' 20 40,000 10 Lb. 25
HPL-4A " " " N/A 48,000 30 Lb. 75
HPL-4B " " " N/A 60,000 30 Lb. 75
HPL-6A 4D6+3 M.D. per single pulse, 2D4x10 M.D. per triple pulse burst 1/3 3,000' 30 95,000 50 Lb. 45
LC-1 1D6x10 M.D. 1 1,800' 20 80,000 25 Lb. 40
LC-1A 1D4x10 M.D. 1 1,800' 20 84,000 25 Lb. 50
PC-1 1D6x10 M.D. 1 2,000' 20 95,000 24 Lb. 45
SB-1 3D6 S.D.C./1D4 M.D. 1 50' 5 4,500 3 Lb. 15

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