Backfire Packs

      These devices were an ingenious development devised during the Golden Age for a variety of purposes, from rear guard defense, to sabbatoge, to crowd control. These weapons are lightweight, but the kick of most limits their use to power armor and vehicle mounts. Backfire Packs are semi-disposable systems, once they are used up, they must be returned to S-Mart for rearming. Trading the pack into S-Mart provides the user with a 30% off discount on the purchase of their next backfire pack.

S-Mart BCCP-1 Backfire Crowd Control Pack: This backfire pack was designed for use by police power armor units, against large riots. It has a pair of angled fans with 10 separate barrels each that fire rubber pellets at medium velocity over a 120 cone of attack. While not designed to inflict permanent injury, it does inflict some damage, and can kill children, frail adults or even healthy adults by accidentally striking a vital area of the body. (eg. a natural 20 to strike)

S-Mart BCCP-2 Backfire Crowd Control Pack: Another of the law enforcement backfire packs, is this smoke or tear gas grenade deployment pack. This pack is based on the highly successful BFP-1, but instead of 25 mm flechette rounds fired at lethal velocity, this pack only fires low velocity 25 mm smoke or tear gas grenades.

S-Mart BCCP-3 Backfire Crowd Control Pack: This system is based on the same platform as the BCCP-1 with a pair of angled fans with ten separate barrels each. Instead of firing rubber pellets however it fires paint pellets, similar to paint balls, to mark an individual or a specific place. Some enterprising users have chosen to open these packs and swap out the harmless paint pellets with pellets filled with a flammable substance, with one or two of the pellets being filled with white phosphorus to ignite it upon contact. The damage from such an altered device is a nasty 3D4x10 S.D.C. per melee - and will continue to burn at this rate for 1D4 minutes. Men inside of environmental body armor are not damaged by such a system, but it can obscure vision and burn equipment not so well protected.

S-Mart BCCP-4 Backfire Crowd Control Pack: This is another system based on the BCCP-1, and while it can hardly be called a 'crowd control' model, it is more of an anti-infantry or general incindiary device. Instead of rubber pellets this type fires pellets composed of white phosphorus! While only slightly dangerous to mega-damage structures, this stuff will tear into S.D.C. structures like a hot knife through butter. It's effect on S.D.C. creatures bears a legendary legacy of being quite horrific. White Phosphorus will continue burning in oxygen for 1D6 minutes, and cannot be doused by water.

S-Mart BFP-1 Backfire Flechette Pack: Backfire Flechette Packs are like a man portable, instantly deployable, claymore mine. This pack is composed of five tubes facing at different angles away from the pack, that upon activation fire off a salvo of 25 mm flechettes creating a 60 cone of death and destruction. It is used frequently as a rear guard defense mechanism and for clearing a wide area of debris or opponents. It is also a useful infantry missile defense.

S-Mart BFP-2 Backfire Flechette Pack: This device is similar to the BFP-1 in that it utilizes 25 mm flechettes, to mow down targets in a wide area. However this particular pack has been redesigned to cover a greater area than the BFP-1. This increase in area of coverage is at the saccrifice of knock-down power. It's increased blast cone of 120 is an excellent way to clear a path or room full of debris or lightly armored opponents. It's wider degree of coverage makes it an even more effective defense against missiles than the BFP-1.

S-Mart BFP-3 Backfire Flechette Pack: The third flechette pack in the series of four is also the most powerful. It is built on the same platform as the BFP-2 with the 120 cone of attack, but the feed mechanism inside has been altered to fire two 25 mm flechette rounds in rapid fire, from each barrel. The result is the greater damage - matching some heavy weapons. The rub to it however is that it cannot be mounted on any power armor with a strength of less than 35, or the unit WILL be knocked down.

S-Mart BMP-1 Backfire Minilet Pack: This backfire pack essentially is an instant minefield capable of being dropped just about anywhere by power armor units. It functions by firing from one to fifty pressure sensitive half dollar sized transparent disks, filled with a high explosive gel that will explode with contact with the air, over a set spread area. The pilot can determine not only how many he wishes to deploy, from 1-50, but also what amount of area to cover, and the suit will deploy them as necessary through a pneumatic mechanism. If the disks are layed out in a pattern to where they are all within 5' of at least one other disk, and a single disk is detonated, this will result in a dazzling chain reaction of explosions. If a large number of disks are placed within a very small area the amount of damage can potentially even be capable of destroying heavy robot vehicles! (The blast radius of a minilet is 2.5' BUT the pressure wave from one detonation at 5' distance will rupture the next disk in line.)

S-Mart BMP-2 Backfire Minilet Pack: This is essentially a modified BMP-1 that deploys minilets over an area in the same fashion as the BMP-1, but they always are deployed to where they are within 5' of one another. The difference is that a single timed or radio activated explosive charge is launched with them. The timed explosive charge looks like a small saucer of the same shape and size as the minilets, but OD green in color.

S-Mart BPP-1 Backfire Pyrotechnic Pack: This device was designed as a diversionary tactic or as a massive signal flare of sorts. It contains bright fireworks and loud firecrackers that pop out of the pack and create a dazzling display of light and sound. While not designed for these purposes, it has a couple of other useful applications as well. It can be used as a very short range weapon against unarmored opponents, inflicting 3D6x10 S.D.C./1 M.D., and subsequently blinding them with smoke, heat, dust and flash effect. It can also be used to overwhelm sensors by firing off the pack while under nightvision/thermal/infrared observation. The effect of this second collateral effect is overloading these optic systems for 1D4 melees - frying the cheapest varieties entirely. (Multi-Optics Bands for instance would be completely ruined.)

Name Damage Cone R.O.F./Attack Range S.R. Cost Weight M.D.C. Payload
BCCP-1 2D6 S.D.C. 120 20 150' 10 2,000 5 Lb. 40 200
BCCP-2 N/A 90 1-20 150' 10 2,000 5 Lb. 40 20
BCCP-3 N/A - 3D4x10 S.D.C./melee 120 5 150' 10 2,000 5 Lb. 40 20
BCCP-4 1D4 M.D./melee 120 5 150' 10 10,000 5 Lb. 40 20
BFP-1 6D6 M.D. 90 5 60' 10 4,000 5 Lb. 40 30
BFP-2 4D6 M.D. 120 5 60' 10 3,000 5 Lb. 40 30
BFP-3 1D4x10 M.D. 120 10 60' 10 7,000 5 Lb. 40 30
BMP-1 4D6 M.D. 60 1-50 150' 10 24,000 5 Lb. 40 50
BMP-2 4D6 M.D. 60 1-50 150' 10 34,000 5 Lb. 40 50
BPP-1 3D6x10 S.D.C./1 M.D. 60 50 25' 10 1,000 5 Lb. 40 50

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