Anti Personnel Weapons

      Anti-Personnel weapons are an absolute necessity for many different types of powered armor, especially those meant to take out heavy targets. A man in body armor is an annoyance to most heavy power armor units, that needs to be taken out of the equasion quickly, and cost effectively, I mean come on, what pilot in his right mind would want to waste 900 credits on the lowly infantryman by firing his RFFC at him when he could have fired a burst or two from an Anti-Personnel weapon which would have sent the annoyance scurrying, and he could have continued on his merry way, while only costing himself or employers 100 or so credits from those two bursts?!

S-Mart RMC-1 12.7 mm Ramjet Machine Cannon: This weapon system was designed mainly to defend against lightly armored opponents or for suppression fire. As a conventional weapon it fires caseless ramjet rounds in bursts to approximate the effects of a light rail gun, but at less cost. It is most often mounted in the forearm of power armor, but can be mounted most anywhere. The drawback to the weapon is the cost of ramjet rounds.

S-Mart RMC-2 12.7 mm Ramjet Machine Cannon: This is a trimmed down RMC-1 designed to permit use in lighter power armor types. The only draw back to this new design is that areas of the feed mechanism were reduced a little too far in an effort to save space, making it prone to jamming. (On a natural roll of 1 to strike, there is a 01-45% chance that the weapon will jam.) Despite this draw back the RMC-2 has all but replaced the RMC-1 in the marketplace.

S-Marg SG-4 19.5 mm Scatter-Gun: This is stripped down automatic 19.5 mm shotgun, designed for installation in suits of power armor. Weapons such as this offer a versatility to power armor users, of being capable of operating using S.D.C. projectiles or mega-damage explosive shells. Unlike the Ramjet Machine Cannons, this weapon does not use ramjet rounds, and requires a shell casing ejection port to be built into the exterior of the power armor.

S-Mart RG-7 10 mm Rail Gun: This rail gun is designed small so that it may be installed into almost any portion of a power armor unit. It's range is not very great, nor are it's damage capabilities, but for it's function it is ideal. Despite it's high price, the prime advantage the RG-7 has over the RMC designs is it's low reload costs. With even moderate combat experience the weapon will pay for itself over and above the RMCs in no time.

Name Damage R.O.F./Attack Range S.R. Cost Weight M.D.C. Drum/Clip Payload
RMC-1 4D6 M.D. 10 1,200' 10 21,000 22 Lb. 25 600/20
RMC-2 4D6 M.D. 10 1,200' 5 30,000 15 Lb. 20 600/20
SG-4 5D6 S.D.C. 10 Gauge Buckshot
6D6 S.D.C. 10 Gauge Slug
1D4x10 S.D.C. 10 Gauge Flechettes
4D6 M.D. Explosive Shells
Standard; Aimed, Burst, or Wild 70' Buckshot
150' All Others
20 2,400 3.5 Lb. 10 10 per clip
RG-7 4D6 M.D. 20 2,000' 10 75,000 35 Lb. 25 1,800/60

Ammunition & Utility Costs
Name Reload S.R. Cost Per Round Cost Per Empty Container Loaded Container Weight Container M.D.C.
12.7 mm Ramjet Rounds 2.5 per clip; 10 per drum 10 per round 2,000 per drum/20 per clip 1 Lb. per clip; 110 Lb. per drum 50
19.5 mm (10 Gauge) Buckshot 2.5 per clip 2 per round 20 per clip 0.5 Lb. per clip Nil
19.5 mm (10 Gauge) Slug 2.5 per clip 1 per round 20 per clip 0.5 Lb. per clip Nil
19.5 mm (10 Gauge) Flechettes 2.5 per clip 4 per round 20 per clip 0.5 Lb. per clip Nil
19.5 mm (10 Gauge) High Explosive Shells 2.5 per clip 200 per round 20 per clip 0.5 Lb. per clip Nil
10 mm Rail Gun Rounds 2.5 per clip; 10 per drum 2 per round 1,500 per drum/10 per clip 5 Lb. per clip; 177 Lb. per drum 25

      Note: The drums for the Ramjet Machine Cannons are more heavily armored than that of the RG-7 because of the threat of a secondary explosion from the ramjet rounds. If the M.D.C. of an RMC's drum is depleted, for every 10 rounds remaining in the drum 2D6 M.D. is inflicted to a 1' radius per 10 rounds. (Thus if a full drum is destroyed, 2D6x60 M.D. is inflicted to a 60' radius!) Fortunately these drums may be mounted internally, thereby being protected by the unit's armor. If the armor in that area is destroyed, however, then begin subtracting damage from the drum.

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