The Virtual Palace

Owner: This VR Arcade is owned by Brr'l Tal'ab'ak a Danaus dimensional traveler that arrived in Wa-Daisho from the planet Nors nearly ten years ago. Initially Brr'l (Pronounced "Brill", with a briefly rolled R.) came to Earth as an adventurer. After a brief stay in Wa-Daisho initially, he lit out of the city to go explore this bizarre world. He didn't make it far however, before he was nearly killed by a Lorica Wraith somewhere between Silverstone and Wa-Daisho City. It was only a matter of luck that brought a party of adventurers to his rescue. After his brush with death he decided that perhaps it wasn't wise to explore this world first hand - and decided to settle down in Wa-Daisho, at least long enough to gather information remotely before trying to find his way home. A year later he decided to open up the Virtual Palace.
Reputation: Much like your' classic arcade, this place is a virtual magnet for teenagers, children, and thrill seeking young adults.
Description of Establishment: : An 80'x120' two story section of level 4, with an exterior painted light gray over a dark gray base. A solid bank of windows lines the top and bottom floors of this establishment. The sign out front is unique in that it is actually a laser attached to a support on the roof of Level 4's cavernous interior that paints the name of the establishment on the front of the business. There are two doors at the front of this establishment, one an entrance, one an exit. At the entrance tokens are sold for the games found beyond. The remainder of this two story building is covered with dozens of different VR games with topics that vary from combat battle scenes to racing simulators, to even "time portal" machines that offer digital recreations of important events in history.
Description of Services: Provides quality Virtual Reality Entertainment to people of all ages in Wa-Daisho, although it primarily caters to younger people. Each game costs 1-5 credits.

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