Underground City Maintenance & Utilities Building

Owner: Government owned & operated.
Reputation: None per se. This facility provides such reliable service, it is one people oftentimes take for granted.
Description of Establishment: A large concrete, white painted section of level 3, without any form of sign outside. At the top of the structure are four large metal grates that continuously pump air into the level. There is only one main entrance, guarded by a 75 M.D.C. security door. A pair of exterior cameras, monitored at the 7th Wa-Daisho City Police Precinct, observes this door. The west wall is composed of water siphon machines that draw water directly from the water table, purifies it, and pipes it to the homes on this level, as well as the businesses on 2nd Level. Approximately 20,000 gallons of water is retained on hand at any one time, so that the water siphon machines are not perpetually in operation. The power and telephone grid is contained here on the south wall, for all of level 3 save for 3 East, which has it's own grid. The north wall is entirely for sanitation, namely the "Pulper" device that cycles all solid waste into a manageable "pulp" before it along with all other waste is pumped out by the sewage pumps through pipes that are barely 6" in diameter. This system is far more efficient and compact than the bulky and smelly systems of the 20th century. The waste product is then sent to a contained cycling facility to the north of the city. The methane byproduct of the waste is bottled, and sold as a basic fuel for multi-fuel vehicles. The remaining solid waste, rich in nutrients, is treated for certain bacteria by briefly irradiating it during its trek through the pipe system. This prepares it for use as a fertilizer.
Description of Services: Provides basic sanitation, water, and is the grid board for providing power and phone service to most of the underground city.

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