Underground City Fire Prevention/Control Authority Station

Owner: Government owned & operated.
Reputation: A VERY good reputation has been earned by this equivalent of a Fire Department. Any time a fire is reported in the underground city, or one is suspected, it takes less than three minutes for UCFP/C personnel to be on site anywhere in the underground city.
Description of Establishment: A 160'x120' two story section of Level 3 North, with it's exterior painted white with a red stripe along the top of the face. The singular entrance is centrally located, and a series of windows are installed in the face to the left of the entrance, spaced out like an office building. To the right of the entrance are two garage type doors concealing a garage occupied by two S-Mart Vlaad Riot Control Vehicles, refitted for fire fighting duties. Below the red stripe at the top of the structure, in big bold black letters it reads the name of this establishment. Upon entering the main entrance one is met with a hallway leading to the offices of the UCFP/C staff. Beyond these offices is a main conference room for briefings and debriefings of the fire fighters themselves, and a lounge for each the office staff and for the fire fighters when off duty. The stairs at the end of the hall lead to the second floor where the quarters for on duty firefighters may be found. Each of the 24 firefighters has his/her own studio apartment, a PC-2020 computer with complete WaNet access, a telephone, a television, a nice stereo system, a private bathroom, a comfortable twin bed, a dresser, and a closet. Between these 24 rooms are a kitchen, dining area, and a large recreation room containing an assortment of comfortable couches and chairs and a fitness center.
Description of Services: These twenty-four individuals keep the people of the underground city safe from the threat of fire. In such enclosed conditions fire is deadly for more than one reason - even if a fire does not directly effect everyone on the level, the smoke contamination will effect everyone. As such the UCFP/C Authority must be doubly vigilant in fighting fires and teaching fire prevention tips to the people of the underground city. At any one time there are 12 individuals on duty for a 48-hour shift, rotated with a second crew of 12 individuals. Each member of the 24 fire fighting crew has his/her own apartment, and may live there as often as they would like - even when off duty. In the event of an emergency, the reserve crew may be called up at any time. The UCFP/C Authority is equipped with the following fire fighting equipment; 2 S-Mart Vlaad Riot Control Vehicles outfitted for fire fighting duties, 4 S-Mart Firedrake Fire Fighting Power Armor Units, and 24 suits of Urban Warrior Environmental Body Armor.

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