Tunnel Rat Convenience Store

Owner: The owner of this establishment is the kind hearted and friendly Gwedeth Taliborf - a gnome originally from a bizarre alternate dimension in which Earth was populated entirely by gnomish equivalents to their human counterparts! On the other world he was a rather well to do businessman owning an entire chain of underground convenience stores best known as the equivalent to the pre-cataclysm American Empire stand by of 7/11, but were called "Tunnel Rat One Stop Shops". Unfortunately for him when the Big One of 2098 occurred, some bizarre dimensional anomaly caused by tectonic distortions landed him on our world. His new goal is to find his way home by studying this bizarre science of "Magic" to find what happened to his homeland. To finance his pathway to this goal, he has decided to open the RIFTS Earth equivalent to the "Tunnel Rat". He seldom is actually at the Tunnel Rat, but occasionally he can be found, somewhere behind the desk pouring over some mystical tome, with wide, crazy looking bloodshot eyes. Despite his appearance and his goals he is perfectly amenable to putting his work away for some friendly conversation.
Reputation: The Tunnel Rat has a fairly good reputation, but the fact that some of Gwedeth's home brewed drinks and foods tend to appear on the shelves makes it a little less appealing. Many of these traditional gnomish pickled and preserved dishes have a less than an appealing appearance, taste, or smell! Even still the prices of "normal" wares are not high, and his shelves are usually very well stocked.
Description of Establishment: The Tunnel Rat occupies an 80'x80', one story section of level 3 North. The face of it is painted a mauve color, with a textured surface. At the top of the single story business, is a light gray strip made up to look like a tunnel wall, with a skulking black and dark gray rat at the far left hand side of the gray strip. Below the strip in italicized letters it reads the name of the establishment directly above the main entrance. The entrance is composed of a double glass door, with glass windows all the way across the front face of the structure. At the back of the establishment is an entrance to an office, a utility closet, a unisex bathroom, and a door that is always locked that leads to Gwedeth's private residence. A set of steps also leads up out of the room. Above the establishment on the second floor, and to the north of the business are apartments.
Description of Services: The Tunnel Rat gives people on level 3 the ability to simply go to a store on this level and buy a couple of things without having to go to either of the commercial levels. Many of his customers are children who come here for candy, video game rentals, and similar. Goods such as dairy products, frozen foods, canned goods, and some auto maintenance goods are also available. This makes it "convenient" for a person who doesn't want to have to run all the way to a full sized store to get something. Although fossil fuels are NOT sold here, "flash" recharges for electric vehicle batteries are provided. These recharges take 20-40 minutes to complete and cost 15-30 credits.

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