by Edward A. May

      Most people in Wa-Daisho never encounter Thetians - then again most are glad that they do not. For although seldom encountered, it's reputation is well known. For centuries sporadic reports of attacks by strange amphibian-like humanoids have plagued Vancouver Island. While the details change slightly from time to time, they've almost always included details that the creature is covered in tough silvery scales, sometimes has a razor sharp fin or crest projecting from the top of it's skull, has webbed clawed hands and feet. The eyes most notably are described as dark, fish-like, bulbous orbs - something that separates the Thetian from the numerous other similar looking amphibians throughout the seas of RIFTS Earth.

      During pre-cataclysm times the most recent reports placed it around the area of old Thetis Lake - a now dry lake-bed, giving it the name "Thetis Lake Monster". At some point its name was shortened simply to Thetian.

      Whenever it is encountered, however rarely, the encounter almost invariably goes the same way - the creature attempts to attack and kill any living creature it can get it's clawed hands into. While speculation states that the creature does this to feed - this remains to be pure speculation. Despite all of the Thetian's bad reputation - they couldn't be more misunderstood even if they themselves tried to be. The Thetians are among the last remaining members of an ancient race - a race of creatures of magic. The reason that Thetians are seldom encountered is because they have little need or reason to come to shore. They do not hate surface dwellers, nor do they hate any living or dead thing. They simply are too alien to even understand the concept of hate. While this may be so they do know the meaning of vengeance - in a tit for tat sort of understanding. The only time that Thetians are known to come to shore and begin attacking surface dwellers is when someone has unknowingly and carelessly killed their mate. In response they surface and kill any sentient creature they can find on the surface - this is their way of dealing with grief before moving on. It is as simple as that.

Alignment: Selfish.
Attributes: IQ: 2D6, ME: 2D6+2, MA: 1D6, PS: 3D6+6, PP: 3D6, PE: 2D6, PB: 1D6, Spd: 2D6+2 on land; 1D4x10+10 in water. Strength and endurance is considered supernatural.
Size: 5'. (1.52m.)
Weight: 100 Lb. (45.36kg.)
Mega-Damage: PE+4D6.
Horror Factor: 12; 16 if they are familiar with the Thetians reputation.
P.P.E.: 6D6.
Natural Abilities: Swim: 98% & Nightvision: 1,200', and Bio-Regenerate 1D6 M.D.C. per hour.
    Depth Tolerance: Maximum depth is limited to about 250'.
    Sense Magnetic North: Same as a dolphin.
    Breathing: This creature is aquatic, it cannot survive out of water for an extended duration - meaning not longer than 2D4 hours.
    Turn Invisible at Will: This aquatic creature of magic can turn itself invisible at will any time it is under the water.
Attacks Per Melee: Six.
Bonuses: +2 to initiative, +2 to strike, +3 to parry, and +3 to dodge.
Average Life Span: 250 years.
Vulnerabilities: It is especially vulnerable to heat and cold taking double damage from any fire or ice based attacks.
Market Value: None per se.
Appearance: A humanoid creature with webbed spines along its upper arms, lower legs, behind it's lower back, and in males - along the crest of their skull. Their bodies are covered in silvery scales, their hands and feet are webbed and tipped with claws. Their eyes are bulbous, black, and fishlike. For a good representation of the Thetian see pg.94 of RIFTS World Book 7: Underseas.
Prey: Thetians typically prey upon freshwater fish, amphibians, and the occasional mollusk.
Social Behavior: The Thetians typically choose a mate and remain monogamous so long as this mate lives. Since they do live more or less in obscurity - invisible for 95% of their lives - they are infrequently accidentally killed through fishing nets, boat accidents, and pollution. Females bear a single live young once every 25 years which the male and female raise to adulthood - 4 years of age. Beyond that they have no spoken language and they do not have a truly structured society. They are non-territorial and more or less live an anarchic life.
Habitat: Although described for Wa-Daisho, this race of creatures has inhabited every continent of Earth, save for Antarctica, for eons. The largest grouping of this race still living, however, resides on the island of Wa-Daisho. This includes some 35 members of this long declining race. They commonly inhabit lakes and rivers only occasionally venturing down creeks and streams.

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