Talis & Merril Law Offices

Owner: Roy Talis and Shawn Merril, two human lawyers from Lazlo have made this business for themselves. They are both human, and both relatively kind - as far as lawyers go. They aren't in the business for charity however, so their consultant fees can be rather high.
Reputation: The stigma of lawyers mostly died with the cataclysm. As such, lawyers are again seen as a valued addition to any community that structured laws have been built within.
Description of Establishment: An 80'x80' two story section of Level 2, left in the color of the concrete it is built of. The sign on the front is black, with a white stylized border, and the name of the establishment in the middle written in bold and italic white letters. Inside is a lobby, with an assortment of soothing plants, and a main desk. Behind that is a number of offices and conference rooms. The upper floor is entirely open, and is available for rent as office space.
Description of Services: Talis & Merril provide assistance as legal consultants. In Wa-Daisho people who are required in court must provide their own defense, and their own council - but they may seek legal advice prior to a court case. This prevents "skilled liars" from becoming the keys to court cases. Prices vary, but usually amount to about 100 credits per hour of consultation.

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