The Swordsman Palace

Owner: The Swordsman Palace is owned by ... well ... the Swordsman! The Swordsman, as he's called, is a full conversion, Gold Type Cyborg from the New German Republic, who only goes by the name Swordsman. It is unknown who he was as a human, but for as long as anyone knows he's gone by this name - ever since he joined Tal's Elite, when it was still in Europe fighting the inhuman hordes after the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were defeated. Swordsman is still a member of the Tenzan Elite, so he is oftentimes not in his shop - in fact oftentimes not even in Wa-Daisho. As of February of 118PA, he is in Mexico fighting against the vampire threat. When he's not on assignment however, although he may not reveal much about his history, he is a friendly sort who will talk at length about various topics. At least once or twice a year, when on leave, he makes a trip to Desert Star to compete in the Blood Bowl Arena against other Cyborgs. Thus far he is undefeated!
Reputation: Although the Swordsman is quite a ... swordsman, his shop is a little less than what it would seem. The weapons here are all S.D.C. items, and not all, but most are of pretty poor quality. Still, the items here are cheap, and you can buy a "good" survival knife for a mere 30 credits, rather than the 300 credits you'd spend on a truly good quality survival knife. Most men at arms would look here first, for good deals on quality bladed weapons, but will leave the garbage alone. Meanwhile "would be" gang members think that this is the best place in town to find a good knife!
Description of Establishment: A 120'x80' section 2 story section of Level 2, the face of which is painted a light gray, with a gold checker across the top and bottom. Along the entire face is a bank of windows looking into this gargantuan shop, with one main double door entrance at the front. Beyond the door is the main counter that is an island in the middle of this shop. Beyond the island is row upon row of thin (About one foot thick.) M.D.C. glass cases, with swords, knives, pole arms, and odd bladed weapons on glass pegs inside of these glass cases. The top floor is nothing but storage, and a modest studio apartment with a bed, desk, and kitchenette the Swordsman uses when not on assignment.
Description of Services: Carries all sorts of bladed weapons for sale. Most of their stock is composed of el cheapo knives and swords produced by no name firms in Kingsdale & Lazlo. The rest of their stock is a hodgepodge of quality material purchased usually on clearance from L & N Vibro Blades (Their S.D.C. weapons line.), Capos Industries in Desert Star, and various other good brands of S.D.C. bladed weapons. Prices are always much lower than what they are available for elsewhere - usually by 30-50%!

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