The Underground City of Wa-Daisho

      During the conceptional stage of developing Wa-Daisho, Nyan was advised to create an underground portion of the city with its own residential district, its own commerce, and its own industry. The idea was kicked around for quite a while, even after the construction of the city began - but finally in 109PA construction began. It would be layed out in five levels, the first would be a military level - intended as a military base during times of siege. The second, would be a commercial level. The third would be the largest, a residential district of gargantuan proportions. The fourth would be the powerful commercial level catering to both the residential district as well as those from the final level. Level five would be the industrial district, one large factory, that produces vital military goods. Construction was completed in 112PA, and since then it has grown to be a city in it's own right. A full fifth of the population of the City of Wa-Daisho resides within its confines, which if counted as a separate city, would make it the third largest city in the Republic.

Level 1 - Wa-Daisho Homeland Security Rendezvous

      Intended as an underground military base in times of war, the Army Rendezvous level serves as an emergency shelter for refugees during peace time, or as a bomb/storm shelter for above ground city dwellers. During times of war, it would have a standard contingent of troops, with facilities to house up to 5,760. An additional 4,120 civilians or troops can also be crammed into the corridors between the "buildings", but this restricts vehicular movement on the level. There are two entrances to the level, the first being a stairway and elevator leading up to Nobunaga Palace. The second is a ramp that leads down to level two. During times of peace, only 16 troops are kept on this level for security purposes. (This number includes at least one Kamiyoroi Cyborg, one psychic sensitive, and at least one mid level Ley Line Walker.) At all times four of these individuals remain at the guard posts flanking the ramp.

1. Missile Battery: These rooms each contain the missile payloads of the missile launchers in the courtyard of Nobunaga Palace. Each battery contains 36 Plasma Medium Range Missiles, 24 Proton Torpedoes, and 8 Anti-Matter Cruise Missiles. (See Nobunaga Palace Weapon Systems for details on these Missile Launchers.)
2. Armory: This armory includes a stockpile of military equipment necessary to support a protracted siege of the underground city, and also as a reserve for use by military forces defending Wa-Daisho during times of war. It contains the following items; 850 suits of GPM Environmental Body Armor, 2,000 RI Type 7 VSPL Rifles, 4,200 RI Type 9 Heavy Laser Pistols, 10,000 Standard E-Clips, 5,000 Grenades (Even mix of Plasma and High Explosive.), 300 RI Type 13 Rapid Fire Field Cannons, 20,000 20 mm RFFC Shells, 1,100 Mini-Missiles (Even mix of Plasma, High Explosive, and Fragmentation.), 200 Vibro-Daisho Sets, 8,200 Vibro Survival Knives, and 52 Kamiken Power Armor Units.
3. Motorpool: This contains a pool of military/government related vehicles, including; 20 S-Mart Dustfish, 8 Type 17 Masakari, 20 S-Mart Hummers, 10 S-Mart Quincy Vans, 5 S-Mart Deuce & Halves, & 2 S-Mart Shiva. (All are electric or nuclear powered.)
4. Dry Storage & Water Stores: Contains food, water, and the basic living needs for 25,000 people for up to 6 months. (Rationed within reason, of course...)
5. Nuclear Reactor: This reactor provides power to Nobunaga Palace and the Underground City. It is a large facility, with a 50 year nuclear life. Hidden in the back is a Dalmirian Teleportation Device for emergency evacuations. (Installed in 111PA.)
6. Kitchen & Cafeteria: Has all of the equipment and room to keep up to 12,000 people fed.
7. Barracks/Refugee Quarters: Each of these buildings are two stories high, and has enough cots to bed down up to 1,440 troops or refugees each. During times of war, it is reserved for troops, during times of relative peace - ie. when the Homeland Security Army Rendezvous is not required for military use, it's used for refugees. (During the 119PA evacuation of Tolkeenite refugees, these facilities will be in use for six months or more.)
8. Restroom & Shower Facilities: A unisex arrangement that has enough restroom facilities and showers for up to 12,000.
9. Hospital Facilities: A fair range hospital that contains all of the equipment necessary to house, care for, and treat anything from minor cuts and illnesses to near full body repair and deadly illness. Contains beds for 150, four operating rooms, and a full range of medications capable of keeping a field hospital operational for up to 6 months. (Note that this hospital contains facilities to transfer an already converted Cyborg from one body to another, but lacks the ability to do it from scratch. They DO however have a fair stock of prosthetic limbs and organs on hand, and can install these.)

Level 2 - Commercial District

      This was the primary commercial district of the Underground City, as intended originally by Garumpf Roughcut - the architect of the Underground City. At the time, it was thought that there would be ample need for this level to supply both the civilian populace of Level 3 and the thousands of troops stationed on Level 1. When Level One's purpose was suddenly changed from permanent military base to a rendezvous and supply point, that all went out the window. A large percentage of the business anticipated on this level was just not going to materialize. Unfortunately for the business owners of Level 2 - contracts had already been signed, and there was no turning back. This has come to be a nasty debate topic during State of the Republic Picnics for years since the opening of the Underground City. It has even resulted in a couple of votes to oust members of the Republican Council, but unfortunately for the Level 2 business owners, more civilians like the idea of their men being at home - than being stationed at a base under the city. The following businesses are found on Level 2;

10. Perkinji Pub: A dark motif bar frequented by social outcasts, thieves, assassins, and black marketeers. It is owned by a man named Ben of Perkinji.

11. Kenshi's Hotel: A cheap motel/flop house started by the late Tamasi Adu, now run by his surviving family members. Cost is 15 credits a night for a cot in a communal room or 30 credits a night in a private room with a private bathroom. Unlike the Merchantman Inn, at least here you are promised clean sheets.

12. 6th Wa-Daisho City Police Precinct: These two squads of police troops are stationed here to patrol the 2nd Level Commercial District, and to monitor/protect the entrance to 1st Level.

13. The Swordsman Palace: This shop is owned by a long time member of the Tenzan Elite, a Gold Type Cyborg known only by the name, "The Swordsman". It deals primarily in cheap SDC bladed weapons but the occasional quality item such as a vibro blade or high quality SDC blade may be found here at a goodly discount.

14. Raymon's: A fairly good quality department store, however it is outpriced and lacking in some of the variety of the government owned commodities stores. In its present guise this establishment is doomed to failure, however the owner, Raymon Zuker is contemplating plans to purchase the government owned shops and turn them all into Raymon's!

15. Motor Pros: This shop is owned and operated by a quartet of operators originally out of Free Quebec, who supposedly left after their 'dishonorable' government retracted their membership in the Alliance, to go live with the nation that they call their people's saviors. Although this sounds noble - it is far from the truth. In reality they are Quebecois agents that were sent to Wa-Daisho to keep watch to make sure that the Alliance isn't planning some nasty retribution for Free Quebec. Meanwhile, their shop carries a wide variety of automobile, hover car, truck, and similar civilian/non-combat vehicle types. Naturally some parts from foreign makes of vehicles will be tough to come by, BUT in response to this difficulty they CAN fabricate parts on the scene of the shop but it will cost 40-80% ABOVE retail cost of the part.

16. Sub Level 2 Commodities Store: This is a government owned and operated store that supplies food, alcohol, drugs, hardware, survival equipment, and most anything else one would expect to find in a Super Walmart/Kmart. Prices are generally cheap as most household goods are exempt from taxes.

17. Rachel's: This shop was once owned by the late Rachel Corrinth, a woman who made a name for herself as a great designer of fashionable clothes. After her passing in 117PA however, her shop and holdings were bought up by a corporate entity located in the Hope Barony, that soon there after took up her well respected name as the name of their corporation. This shop is now one of many of their outlets that supplies good to high quality apparel at high costs. One of the traditions begun by Rachel that has continued is the semi-regular importation of Plain Clothes Armor from the NGR, for installation into clothing. Costs for this are high at 65% above retail, plus the cost of the original article of clothing and tailoring fees!

18. Arcade & Casino Lounge: This establishment is owned by a man who calls himself Sir Thartas, who is in fact a former Knight Hospitaler from Wormwood who came to Earth seeking a great hero. After failing to locate the hero, an Apok from his world, he decided to settle down on Earth and open a business. This dual business separates it's two very different sets of clientele fairly well. Video games and virtual reality games on the bottom floor cost a half a credit a piece to play. The top floor is the casino portion, requiring a cover charge of 50 credits, PLUS a gambler must decide on how much he/she wants to spend right at the main desk. Whenever the person leaves, regardless of whether they won or not - their 50 credit cover fee is returned to them.

19. Dragon's Hoard Tavern & Inn: This popular watering hole is owned by a latent psychic named Lynette Cole. The decor matches it's name with the dragon motif found in pictures on the walls, replica weapons with dragons heads molded into them, and a pair of dress suits of armor with defined dragon motifs in their designs. Finally, the bar itself is inlaid with a silver dragon who's wings are outstretched leading from one side of the bar to the other, with the torso and open mouth at the very center of the bar. Drinks are average in cost, meals are typically a "common" meal such as a soup or stew sold at 3-5 credits a bowl. Snacks such as Chips, Pretzels, etc. are free with the purchase of drinks. A handful of plain rooms are available for 35 credits a night as well.

20. Hydroponics Garden: A government owned and operated facility that grows and sells hydroponically grown vegetables and fruit. During times of siege this is intended as a vital source of fresh produce. Prices are VERY cheap with only a very narrow profit margin.

21. Recruitment Office: A classic recruitment office that recruits young individuals for service in the Red Devil's, the standard military, of Wa-Daisho. It is intended to draw in a large number of recruits, and weed out as many of those who do not fit the profile as possible.

22. Talis & Merril Law Offices: These offices are the home offices to the two most noteworthy legal consultants in Wa-Daisho, Roy Talis and Shawn Merril. Although in Wa-Daisho, lawyers are not permitted to provide a defense for suspects/clients, they are permitted to provide legal consultation. Cost is about 100 credits per hour of consultation.

23. Order of the Red Cross Clinic: A clinic that employs twelve doctors that alegedly are from Kingsdale, but are actually refugees from the Lone Star Complex! They are excellent doctors who run their clinic up to the excellent specifications laid down for it by the Republican Council. They are a little uncomfortable with treating D-Bee patients, but they will not turn them away. The only other shortcomings of this establishment is that there is no Mystic Rejuvenation department, nor do they have capabilities to conduct a full bionic conversion.

24. Alliance Bank & Post Office: This bank is the Wa-Daisho branch of a bank that spans the entire Alliance. They provide Credit Accounts, which are valid in all the Allied Nations, for a cost of 150 credits. Savings accounts are provided that cost only 20 credits to activate, which they then provide a 7% interest rate for any money left in the account for over 6 months. Lock boxes are also provided and are 20 credits for small ones (1'x2'), 50 credits for medium ones (3'x3'), and 100 credits for large ones (5'x3'x5'). Loans are only made to citizens of Wa-Daisho, with a 12% interest rate a year. There is an absolute limit of 250,000 credits to any loan made by Alliance Bank. A small post office rounds out this establishment, providing all of the businesses with close proximity postal service.

Level 3 - Residential Level

      Level 3 is the largest of the five levels, having the same sized central portion as level 2, BUT also having an equally large branch to the North and South, and one much larger portion to the West! The western most portion also leads to the Ramp Road, which is the ramp that leads to the main entrance and exit of the Underground City. As it's name suggests it is the home to the multitudes that reside in the Underground City - even still, it is not 100% full, a lot of people have an aversion to living underground and prefer to live above ground, regardless of how cramped, old, or expensive the prices may be. All told, nearly 11,000 people live on this level, but it could easily accomodate 4-9 thousand more, not counting the refugee/troop capacity of Level 1. (Note that following the fall of Tolkeen, MANY families and individuals on this level opened their homes to homeless Tolkeenites looking for a place to stay to get their feet back on the ground.) There are a handful of facilities of interest on this level, they are;

25. Underground City Maintenance & Utilities Building: A government facility that provides air filtration, sanitation, water, power, and telephone service to all of 2nd level and most of 3rd level.

26. Wa-Daisho High School 2nd District: A government owned and staffed school designed for children between the ages of 12-18 years of age. It can accomodate up to 1,500 students at a time. Students are taught advanced mathematics, biology, writing, computer operations, and one language/literacy skill of choice. The skills also attained in Elementary school are reinforced and brushed up upon, as is the dedication to discipline honor, and similar concepts. Leadership qualities are also explored, as is responsibility. Characters fresh out of this school are Vagabond or City Rats, and all skills given must be selected under the O.C.C..

27. Wa-Daisho Elementary School 2nd District: A government owned and staffed school designed for children between the ages of 5-12 years of age. It can accomodate up to 1,500 students at a time. Students are taught to speak and read American, basic mathematics, rudimentary history of North America since the cataclysm and a tad about Pre-RIFTS Earth, as well as basic understanding for the RIFTS, magic, various races, but more over discipline, honor, tolerance, and respect.

28. 7th Wa-Daisho City Police Precinct: Same as #12, but are a bit more fanatical in their task of protecting the residents of level 3.

29. Underground City Fire Prevention/Control Authority Station: Essentially a fire station that specializes in educating people on fire prevention, but if the need does arise they can deal with the fire in the custom fashion. Two engines and a quartet of fire fighting suits of power armor are typically more than adequate for dealing with fires in the underground city.

30. Dry Storage & Water Stores: This is a storage facility for supplies, in case the underground city would ever have to be sealed in case of a siege.

31. Tunnel Rat Convenience Store: A classic 7/11 type convenience store with soft drinks, snacks, some automotive supplies, and the occasional gnomish food or drink (Neither of which are very popular!). It is owned by a friendly and talkative gnome, who is working on becoming a spell caster - so that he can learn the ways of magic to make his way back to his home world.

32. Level 3 West Utilities & Post Office: Provides the same services as #25, but to levels 3 West and Level 4; plus the additional service of the main Wa-Daisho Post Office!

33. 8th Wa-Daisho City Police Precinct: Same as #12.

Level 4 - Commercial District

      The second commercial district underground, is the 4th level. Unlike the 2nd level, 4th level gets ALL the business they could possibly want, both from the Residental level, AND from the industrial level on the 5th level!! Every day workers from the 5th level come up to level 4, shop, eat, drink, and play either on their way home from work, or on their breaks. This boom town success of 4th level has caused a significant advertising war between facilities on the 2nd level and the 4th level, on radio and television in Wa-Daisho. Here are the businesses and facilities on this level;

34. Mack's Burgers: A burger joint owned by a not-to-wise former member of the Chi-Town Black Market named Wesley Sorrest. This place is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and is not too bad of a place as far as fast food places go. It's become a popular hangout for teens and for the lunch crowd from the plant on level 5.

35. Flamberge Tavern: This is a high class tavern and restaurant owned by a Lord Magus named Damion Knight, who suffers from the same separation from humanity that most of his occupation do. It's a very nice place that caters to the elite of Wa-Daisho's high society. Damion doesn't pay too close of attention to it, he uses it's profit margins to pay for his membership in the Blue Water Mages Guild.

36. Bonita's Dance Hall: A dance hall, dance school, skating rink, and juice bar all rolled into one. Marthania Bonita, originally from Water Point Preserve, was on Vancouver Island when Nyan and the Tenzan Elite arrived initially back in 107PA. After her husband died of advanced stage liver cancer (It had spread too far to be healed by any magic or cybernetics.) as a result of alcoholism, she decided to open this dance hall - as an alcohol free establishment. It typically functions as a dance hall in the evenings, dance school during a handful of days, and after school leading up to the evening hours on some days it is open as a skating rink. This multi-natured business keeps her place of business quite busy.

37. Smithe's Subterranean Clinic & Augmentation Center: Another of Wa-Daisho's subterranean clinics, but this one is jointly owned by a half dozen different doctors. The founding member is Jason Smithe the estranged brother of Richard Smithe, the owner of Smithe Corp out of Silverstone, Wa-Daisho. Unlike the Red Cross, this clinic specializes in mechanical augmentation, including but not restricted to, full conversion cyborgs, partial conversion cyborgs, juicers, limb replacement, sensory augmentation, and similar. Cost, however is 25%-50% over and above book prices. They do receive a great deal of business in treating injuries - especially those that occur in the plant on Level 5.

38. The Silver Platter: A blue collar restaurant intended to simulate the finest things in life - in short, a faux fancy restaurant. This place is owned by a fairly honest man named Sessiton Zastary who immigrated to Wa-Daisho from Laramy located some miles from Kingsdale smack dab in the middle of Coalition territory. It looks great, but service suffers, and the food can be a bit dry, overcooked, or what not - cuts have to be made somewhere to simulate the high class environment without actually costing as much.

39. The Red Phoenix: This establishment is a traditional Japanese cuisine restaurant run by a native of the Diefic realm of Hachiman, named Yukio Osa. Although he was a cook and merchant in his home land, when he arrived on Earth to help build Kyatashiro he was relegated to little more than a laborous slave. Conditions were harsh, and many of his friends died. The first oportunity he got, he immigrated to Wa-Daisho. Still he isn't very crazy about the warrior classes, or about this "savior" of Wa-Daisho's community, Nyan Tamya. He feels that he's as bad as his brethren in Kyatashiro. (Even if he hasn't observed Nyan abusing, what are in Osa's mind, lower class citizens like himself.) Still if not a rude and condescending warrior type he is friendly. The food is good, and only moderately high priced. Take out and catering is his specialty, but it also is a nice sit down restaurant.

40. Ray's Pizza Parlor & Pool Hall: A huge pool hall that also specializes in their own special brand of pizzaria type pizza. It is owned by a native of Tritonia who immigrated to Wa-Daisho after his pizzaria on Tritonia was closed down by the authorities for not meeting health codes. Afterwards instead of paying the high fines Raylon Ensay simply left and opened a new shop in Wa-Daisho. The pizza is of fair quality, but it is by no means the best. A few people HAVE gotten sick from his food a time or two, but the food poisoning hasn't been wide spread enough to cause inspections - yet. It is inevitable that it will happen, however. The one upside to the place is a very good sound system hooked up to an old fashioned jukebox.

41. Lindy's Brothel: A house of ill repute run by Lindy Summerz, a veteran of the trade, out of the Charity Barony. The ladies employed here are clean, licensed, and receive weekly checks at the local clinic. Clients who are allowed in by security at the front door enter into a bar and may choose their company from any of the ladies who are lounging about in the bar in plush conditions. On the other hand the person may just sit around drinking, and feasting their eyes on some prime eye candy until they are prepared to make a choice.

42. The Virtual Palace: A virtual reality arcade full of various different simulation games that will simulate everything from racing, dancing, and singing - to all sorts of modern combat simulation games. Another popular VR simulation is the Virtual RIFTS devices that attempt to simulate other time frames and even alien worlds! (Of course these have to be pre-programmed selections.) It is owned by an extremely alien looking insectoid creature named Brr'l Tal'ab'ak who has shortened it to "Brill", with a briefly rolled R. Despite his monsterous appearance he is very intelligent, wise, and soft spoken. Given the wide variety of simulations it caters to individuals of all ages, but children and teens flock to this VR Arcade. Cost is 1-5 credits per simulation.

43. Sato's Theater: This theater carries live shows such as plays, operas, and concerts with the occasional film showing of a live performance in Lazlo, New Lazlo, or from Tolkeen. Although this theater once flourished, ever since the construction of the Civic Center, business has been lost by this establishment. Fewer and fewer big acts were willing to come here. After the passing of the original owner Anton Sato, it was left to Joseph Sato - who simply does not have the good sense to keep the business running. By 120PA given his poor judgement, the squandering of his inheritance, and his inability to prioritize his actions - this theater will be a thing of the past, unless some outside influence changes this course of events.

44. The Megaplex Auto Rental & Sales: This place rents and sells electrically powered motorcycles, automobiles, hover cars, trucks, and vans to the people of Wa-Daisho from all manner of manufacturers. It is owned and operated by Juan Menendez a native of El Paso. He was forced to move away from home after some ill comments he had made about King Halloway managed to get back to him. Abandoning his sales lot there wasn't even enough, he had to continue running even after arriving in Desert Star! What he doesn't realize is that there is a 22,000 credit bounty on his head issued by El Paso. Thankfully Wa-Daisho would never honor a bounty issued by El Paso, given that it is an ally of the Coalition States. He is very honest for a car salesman as well, he had a scare some time back with a government employed psychic sensitive. He has not forgotten it since, and has been VERY clear in disclosing all information about his wares.

45. 9th Wa-Daisho City Police Precinct: Same as #12, but it protects all of Level 4 and the entrance to Level 5.

46. Mass Transit Bus Garage: The home base of the public transportation in the city of Wa-Daisho. All of the electrically powered busses are maintained and stored in this facility. Riding a bus in Wa-Daisho City costs 1 credit, or 5 credits to ride the bus to one of it's out of city route stops.

47. Ready Wheels Taxi Service: A taxi company owned by a workaholic family man named Theodore West. This establishment maintains and stores the army of 20 taxi cabs (S-Mart Quincy Vans.) that service the entire city of Wa-Daisho. It also services and stores two Limousines that may be rented by private parties. (They are look-a-likes of Pre-Cataclysm Lincoln limos, from a No-Name brand in the Hope Barony. They're SDC structures with a 25 MDC passenger compartment and 15 MDC windows.) Cost is 10 credits to anywhere in Wa-Daisho City by Taxi, and 45 credits per hour of use of a Limo - plus the cost of phone calls and alcohol.)

Level 5 - Republican Industries (#48)

      Completed in 112PA, this plant moved numerous vital military supply productions from the small plant outside of the city to an underground facility completely immune to aerial assault. In its enclosure it employs 3,000-5,500 at any one time. Since its initial construction, it has seen several new projects come across its production lines. In 116PA it began producing components for the first aircraft to be produced in Wa-Daisho, the Type 16 Utility Aircraft. In 117PA it became the key factory for producing major components for the Type 17 Masakari, which it is presently producing parts for clear into February of 118PA. In addition to these a vast variety of other military supplies are manufactured here.

49. 10th Wa-Daisho City Police Precinct: Same as #12, but serves 100% as security for the Level 5 Republican Industries Manufacturing Facility.

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