The Silver Platter

Owner: The owner of this establishment is Sessiton Zastary a native of Laramy (Missouri) who settled in Wa-Daisho in 108PA. After immigrating to Wa-Daisho he became a construction worker and worked a great deal on the city walls. By the time the underground city's construction was well under way, Sessiton was getting quite tired of construction work, and longed to just sit back and relax. As a result, he filed for a loan through the Alliance Bank to build "The Silver Platter". Sessiton is a fairly honest businessman, who claims MOST of everything he earns. He has no real connections with Midnight Blue (Black Market) but if he happens to come across information that might be of great value, he is liable to look for a contact to sell it to.
Reputation: A nice "blue collar" establishment that is of fairly good quality as far as faux fancy restaurants go. Blue bloods and white-collar types wouldn't be caught dead there however - it is simply beneath their status.
Description of Establishment: A 120'x120' two story section of level 4, with an entirely mirrored front face. The main entrance has a set of double mirrored doors with ultra modern looking handles. Directly above the door in chromed metal bold letters is the name of the establishment. Inside the décor is a cross between ultra-modern and Greek design, with white "marble" statues complete with metallic looking "bionics/cybernetics", a decorative fountain at the entrance with stainless steel fittings, glass tables with glossy chromed legs and framing, etc. This motif goes beyond these items right down to the tableware.
Description of Services: This entire establishment is intended to pass itself off as a high class restaurant, but to accomplish the appearance, certain other things suffer. Service is not terribly good, as the waiters are underpaid and understaffed at almost all times. Food is of fair quality, but on occasion it will be received somewhat dried out from sitting under heat lamps, or will taste blandly. Prices are not cheap but they are not terribly expensive either, typically at 15-20 credits a meal. Still it is popular, as it is a nice place for the working class to go outside of the norm where the surroundings at least resemble a higher class of establishment.

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