Sato's Theater

Owner: This establishment is owned by Joseph Sato, a man born to a well to do family originally from Lazlo that relocated to Wa-Daisho back in 109PA. After his father's death in 115PA, this left control of the theater to young Joseph. Joseph is in his early 20s, and is a bit on the irresponsible side. He would rather go out and party with his boyfriend and their mutual friends, than have to deal with "real" work. He does truly love the theater, but he has not yet developed the good sense to prioritize the work enough to keep it running.
Reputation: Sato's Theater is a fair live theater but suffers great competition from the Wa-Daisho Civic Center, where the large acts usually go. Back in 112PA though, when Joseph's father Anton built the theater, the civic center had not even been built. Under Anton's management Sato's Theater flourished. The seats were always packed, and he had live acts at least once a week, with one large act about once a month. Since Anton's death, acts have fallen to about one every other week, and a major act seldom comes to this theater. It's fairly safe to assume that with Joseph's irresponsible approach to his family business, the squandering of his inheritance, and the incredible competition provided by the Civic Center that Joseph will have to close the doors of his father's theater. Only if some outside influence changes the course of events, will the Theater survive beyond 120PA.
Description of Establishment: A 160'x160' two story section of Level 4, with an exterior designed to look like an old fashioned 1950s theater, with the classic ticket booth outside of the main entrance, concessions immediately inside, with one main theater. Inside of the theater itself are rows upon rows of seats, with one main stage, complete with the red curtain, the orchestra pit, and the elaborate lighting system. There is, however, no balcony. A white backdrop is provided so that the theater CAN operate as a movie theater, or for brief videos to set the stage for a play.
Description of Services: This is a theater built to accommodate concerts, plays, operas, and similar live action entertainment. Acts once took place about once every week if not more frequently, with one big show about once a month. Under the management of the founder's son, however, the acts are less frequent, about once every couple of weeks - with large acts seldom choosing to go to Sato's Theater, instead choosing the Wa-Daisho Civic Center. Those acts that do take place are about 15 credits per adult and 5 credits for children. IF large acts ever did choose to return to Sato's Theater, the price would be double to triple that amount.

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