Republican Industries Subterranian Assembly Plant

Owner: Government owned & operated, any profits turned over by this state run industrial firm would be divided up among the people of Wa-Daisho.
Reputation: Very little produced by Republican Industries has been marketed for retail sale. Instead 95% of everything produced has gone to serve the military arms of Wa-Daisho. What little that has been sold at retail, has been used to recover some lost money for those items purchased for Wa-Daisho's own military.
Description of Establishment: Dwarfed by such Pre-Cataclysm facilities as Project Archive and the Lone Star Complex, at 1,400' in length at it's widest point, and 760' at its widest, with a ceiling 40' above the factory floor, it is no slouch when it comes to sheer size. However, when Desert Star's S-Mart plants are taken into consideration, it is quite small by comparison. For its purpose it is adequate however. With a totally independent power system, separate ventilation from the main underground city, and with it's own security detachment it is for all practical applications - independent! It has a number of separate departments divided up for their individual purposes, as they apply to production. Materials, refined metals, armor plates, and various imported components are shipped in through the entrance, and are brought to a series of docks set aside specifically for that purpose. There they are divided up, cataloged, and placed in a pair of adjacent warehouse where they may be stored until they are needed. From there materials may be taken down a corridor or directly out onto the production floor, on their way to their own specialized departments. Metalworking has it's own section, as does Molding, Electro-Magnetics, Explosives, Rocket Propulsion, Micro-Electronics, Wire Harness Production/Assembly. Subassembly is conducted in a number of different departments. In addition to these, the main production floor is arranged in two primary lines, and two secondary lines. After assembly, the finished product passes through a quality control department, before being moved to packaging/packing, and then being moved into a finished wares warehouse prior to being loaded up and shipped out. At the south end of the plant, over top of the electronics departments is an office, a pair of locker rooms, a gargantuan break room/café, and an observation deck that watches over the main lines.
Description of Services: Unlike S-Mart this plant has not been required to pump out dozens of different designs simultaneously for both retail sale and the use of the military, this plant has only been required to focus on a handful of designs. Also, this plant tends to produce sub-components that are subsequently shipped to another facility and assembled for a finished product. (This is NOT always the case, as some Masakari have been assembled in their entirety here, but they are the exception to the rule.) S-Mart is a bit different as raw materials are shipped to one end, and finished products roll out the other end. This plant does not even mill its own ore into metals. Refineries and subcontractors are relied heavily upon. Some components for major designs are even purchased abroad - for instance Wa-Daisho does not produce nuclear reactors OR nuclear weapons. Instead S-Mart has been the supplier thus far of such items. For a list of Republican Industries products please see above - or see the section on the Weapons & Equipment of Wa-Daisho's Armed Forces.

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