The Red Phoenix

Owner: The owner is an immigrant from Kyatashiro named Yukio Osa, a native to the deific realm of Hachiman the War God of the Shinto Pantheon. His tale is one that Wa-Daisho would just as soon not know about their long time ally. The fact remains however, that his image of Kyatashiro and the one that the diplomatic entity that Kyatashiro portrays itself as are two very different things. His tale begins on his native world. On Hachiman's deific realm the exploits of many an Earth bound hero were told. Among these stories that were told, numerous outlandish stories became revealed. Some stated that merchants in some places were more powerful than the warrior classes! He fell in love with the idea of stepping into a realm where the class you were born into made absolutely no difference in how you were treated on the street. Seduced by these mental images, when given the chance to move to this new world to build a new Empire for Hachiman - he leaped at the chance. When he arrived he was horrified with what he was met with. The merchant and laborer classes were relegated nearly to the status of slaves and pushed to the limits. Driven by the warrior classes they labored to build an Empire in a matter of barely more than a decade, including fortifications, homes for 500,000 of Hachiman's chosen, shipyards, even whole cities were erected by this slave/laborer army. Many of his friends from childhood and throughout his life died during this bitter time, in the jagged rocky land that Hachiman had chosen as his new home Kyatashiro. When he was sent to Wa-Daisho to assist in the labor of building the Kyatashiro Embassy, he fell and broke his left hip. Kyatashiro refused to pay the toll for magical healing, so he was forced to sit in a hospital for eight months while he waited to heal. When he was fully healed, he signed up to have his citizenship transferred to Wa-Daisho. Given Kyatashiro's signature to the terms of the Alliance that indicates that ALL citizens are free to come and go, as they'd please, Kyatashiro signed off on him very quickly. Although Osa is a modest 42 years of age he looks more like 70 years old. His back is bowed from heavy labor, his right eye is missing from when a vengeful Samurai stabbed him in the eye for staring at him as he walked by, and he walks with a pronounced limp from a leg break that did not heal correctly. What's more is that his back is covered in the scars of whipping punishments for failing to meet quotas laid out before him. Fifteen years after coming to Earth, it is no wonder that he has become an Atheist in the extreme. After immigrating, he determined that he had passed from the bowels of hell, right into an euphoric utopia. All the stories he had heard were true. No longer was he forced into the role of laborer, and he could once again open up a restaurant like the one he once ran on his home world. With what modest savings that he had racked up on his Allied Credit account, and with a subsequent loan through the bank, he established the Red Phoenix. Osa today considers himself a free man, and greets each day with renewed vigor for life. He is very friendly to his customers - but does not care much for men at arms. He will treat them courteously, but with crisp responses to any questions asked of him. He is also one of the few in Wa-Daisho who does not look at the founder of the city as a saint, considering him to be cut from the same molds as the man who took his eye.
Reputation: The Red Phoenix is a very popular restaurant in Wa-Daisho that has excellent food, at moderately high prices. Catering is one of Osa's specialties - and he can oftentimes be seen at all different types of weddings and formal receptions with a grin on his weathered face that only seems to broaden with each compliment received. Take out is also very popular with the Red Phoenix.
Description of Establishment: A 120'x120' two story section of level 4, painted a white color with a solid bank of windows along its East wall, with one main entrance centered on the same wall. The sign is written in both American and Japanese, in large red characters at the very top of the establishment. Inside the place it is very modern in appearance, with the occasional oriental painting, a handful of bonsai trees, and rice paper dividers between booths. Canned Japanese music is piped in during all hours. The upstairs is a storage room and a spartanly furnished apartment for Osa.
Description of Services: A dedicated Japanese cuisine restaurant that serves food during all hours of the day for a moderately high price. The specialty of the Red Phoenix, however, is take out food and the catering service that the Red Phoenix provides.

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