Order of the Red Cross Clinic

Owner: This establishment is owned and operated by a dozen doctors who came to Wa-Daisho together, and decided to put in their services together. They were supposedly originally from the Kingsdale area, and are skilled in conventional medical skills, and maintenance/installment of prosthetics. In reality the twelve of them are refugee doctors, who were formerly employed in none other than Lone Star! They left the service of Dr. Bradford, in response to the disturbing surgeries that were required of them to perform on live D-Bees and Humans alike. Although each of them was raised with prejudices against D-Bees and Magic Users, they have grown to "tolerate" being around such people. Most of them still, however, feel uncomfortable in their presence.
Reputation: A good quality clinic that amounts to more than just a body chop shop, as it is government financed, and is staffed by a dozen excellent medical doctors. It's one possible shortcoming is it's lack of mystical assistance. No psychic healers or magic users are employed here - a seemingly unintentional omission, but likely a result of their residual prejudices.
Description of Establishment: An 80'x80' two story section of Level 2, left in it's natural concrete color. The sign out front, directly above the entrance, is a large illuminated red cross. Inside it is much like modern clinics, with a modestly outfitted lobby, and a series of rooms in the back for seeing patients. The top floor is entirely composed of offices and storage.
Description of Services: Provides medical care to those in the underground city. They are capable of installing prosthetic limbs, but lack the equipment to perform full bionic conversions. They treat various injuries, illnesses, and dental problems. They do not charge money to any of the residents, but rather compose a bill, and send it to the government for compensation for their services. By law, they must price their services at the same level that is required of the Woundhealer Clinic. In response to this they take a tax break on the clinic.

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